Accounts for the entity known as Scientology which has a wish to be known as a Church?

ger r

Gerard Ryan one of the Directors

These are the most recent accounts for the Scientology Organisation masquerading as a Church. The SO has been in Ireland since 1956 and even though asked on the Late Late Show in 1995 whether they had charitable status they still have not got it. Why because they do not have a charitable bone in their body.

See the complete CRO document recently filed by the Mission (accounts to 30 April 2011).

It looks like somebody wrote off their debt for the Mary Johnson case, €326,875 (see page 8 of accounts).

So there is “forgiveness” in Scientology after all, debt forgiveness to preserve Scientology.

Note high lighted points:

Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin Limited
(A company limited by guarantee, not having a share capital)
DIRECTORS’ REPORT for the year ended 30 April 2011
The directors present their report and the audited financial statements for the year ended 30 April 2011.
Principal Activity

The principal activity of the company is the carrying on of the activities and operations of a church

to the Members of Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin Limited (A company limited by guarantee, not having a share capital)
In our opinion the information given in the Directors’ Report is consistent with the financial statements.
Emphasis of Matter – Change in Accounting Policy
Income is now credited in the year it is received rather than when the service is provided. As a result €93,745 was
credited in 2010 and €200,105 in prior years.

Adverse Opinion
The financial statements, which are prepared on the going concern basis, show a deficit of €110,029 together with a continuing lack of working capital at balance sheet date. This situation indicates a material uncertainty on the company’s ability to realise its assets and discharge its liabilities in the normal course of business. These matters are of such significance, we are of the opinion there is no basis for concluding the company is a going concern and
the going concern basis of accounting is not appropriate.

We were unable to attend the stock take at year end and unable to vouch the quantities on hand.
Because of the significance of these matters, in our opinion the financial statements do not give a true and fair view,
in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in Ireland, of the state of the company’s affairs at 30 April 2011 and of its surplus for the year then ended.
In all other respects in our opinion the financial statements have been properly prepared in accordance with the Companies Acts 1963 to 2012.
We have obtained all the information and explanations that we consider necessary for the purposes of our audit. In our opinion proper books of account have been kept by the company. The financial statements are in agreement with the books of account O’Gorman & Co. Accountants (Donnybrook) Limited.
26 A, The Mews
Mount Eden Road
Dublin 4.

Tel: 01 260 7777
01 260 7773
Fax: 01 2607780
6 June 2013


















4 Responses

  1. Very interesting – clearly they wont be getting rich in Ireland, which I thought was the original reason for L Ron Hubbard to set up a “church”


  2. You know what they are doing with people’s cash building tunnels into Irish people’s homes to attack and disable them?


    was I I saw Elba


  3. Amazing how the “most ethical group on the planet” cannot practice what they preach. They won’t audit (counsel) you if your tax affairs are not in order. Hypocrites!


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