“Maria Divine Mercy.” They say a photograph is better than a thousand words!

Here are some  photos to illustrate the article sent to you last week on “Maria Divine Mercy”.
The first, white shirt and tie, is Breffni Cully, retired dentist and co-owner of Trumpet Publishing, which does business as Coma Books, the publisher of the “Maria Divine Mercy” “visions.”  The photo was taken at a Chicago, Illinois, US, seminar last year where Cully claimed to be “Joseph Gabriel”.  That is the name he used at all the MDM seminars.
Breffni Cully
The second photo is Breffni in at an Ireland wedding, as posted at a relative’s Facebook page.  The two photos confirm that “Joseph Gabriel” is Breffni Cully, who profits from the sale of MDM books. Notice the identical ties!  Cully just closed a sale on his Ireland home and has been attempting to secure a temporary residence in Normandy, France.  Cully’s German business partner, Heinrich Martin Roth, went “ballistic” in February in a 30-page “rant” in German attempting to defend the charges made against “Maria Divine Mercy.” He admitted that Cully was “Joseph Gabriel” and claimed that “Joseph Gabriel” was Cully’s middle name!

photo2 breffni cully
We are able to place Mary McGovern-Carberry in the same room as the MDM-promoters/business owners Cully and Roth.  The third photo is a copy of a page from incorporation papers for Merdel, established in Ireland in December to sell MDM medals and other religious items. [Merdel was dissolved by Roth last month and replaced with a UK-based business called Unico [dba Salvido] outside the jurisdiction of  Ireland Revenue Department.]  Mary McGovern signs the document as a witness to the Cully and Roth signatures and identifies herself as a “Consultant PR.”
Signature page-2
We suspect that while the business of “vision-making” is not illegal, skirting tax laws IS.  Roth’s February “rant” is a revealing account. He [stupidly] admits his business involvement with MDM/Carberry, but says the money goes to Carberry, the real owner of the business, and that he, Roth, gains nothing financially.  He references Ireland’s non-profit tax laws.
This is a remarkable cult/con-game story.  In the beginning  of our research we were giving Mary Carberry credit for believing her own lies; now we know this was a scam from the beginning.  Our research is on-going and is posted at MidwayStreet.
There has been no media exposure to this story,outside of a Catholic US weekly [The Wanderer, May 29, 2014] that connected Mary Carberry to Maria Divine Mercy using information our team provided.
Fourth picture: Mary Carberry at her daughter Sarah’s wedding in May 2014. Now 59.

Mary at wedding May 31 2014

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  1. Everyone knows that this information is false and manipulated. No one knows who and where this valid prophet is. By posting these incorrect facts you illegitimate the credibility of your entire website and the notions you provide.
    Please be careful to what you divulge and make sure that it is the TRUTH, for it automatically becomes slandering and deceitful as in this case.

    God Bless.


  2. 2 nutcases or is it a proxy


  3. I agree completly with Jim's answere.  

    Gesendet: Samstag, 21. Februar 2015 um 01:33 Uhr Von: "Dialogue Ireland" <comment-reply@wordpress.com> An: martinius@gmx.at Betreff: [New comment] "Maria Divine Mercy." They say a photograph is better than a thousand words!

    james eves commented: "Yes I am certainly a follower of the messages received by MDM. Would appreciate you not forwarding further unsolicited Emails. Thanks. Jim. Sent from my iPad >"



    Thanks, but this is a mother who tries to defend her familiy of false accusations.

    Please think clearly if you would be on the front page? This is not christian not even normal.

    Nothing what you say and write can change my way to Jesus Christ.

    Gesendet: Samstag, 21. Februar 2015 um 02:05 Uhr Von: "Dialogue Ireland" <comment-reply@wordpress.com> An: martinius@gmx.at Betreff: [New comment] "Maria Divine Mercy." They say a photograph is better than a thousand words!

    dialogueireland commented: "jim could you clarify what you are talking about. Why are you putting a comment about your private emails on our blog?"


  5. Joseph Gabriel did nothing wrong here. What is the problem? How shall you sell a singel book than founding a company? I think this site is nore christian or fair. Please stop following people and destroy people names by posting false accusations. This is a conspirasy like the pharisee did. Beware of attacking a prophet!


  6. jim could you clarify what you are talking about. Why are you putting a comment about your private emails on our blog?


  7. Yes I am certainly a follower of the messages received by MDM. Would appreciate you not forwarding further unsolicited Emails. Thanks. Jim.

    Sent from my iPad



  8. J Eves & Mat

    You both sound like you are in cahoots with MDM.


  9. You shall not adjudge. A prophet shall be heard and we all can check out if it is true or not. There is no right for us to convict those people. If she is a prophet that we would have a big problem. So let them be because if it is from God he will anyway prevail and if not so God will show the truth and reveal himself and his opponents like he always does. But beware! God ALWAYS sent a prophet and warned his people like the bible tells us, always! Why should he change? He does not. BTW nothing in this text above is really a problem! They opened a shop.. so what.. how shall they do it?! This is denunciation and not very christian.God bless.


  10. Jim E

    You say: “considering the central tenant of our Church

    Christ has died
    Christ is risen
    Christ will come again”

    How convenient that you borrow the above from the Catholic mass. Their message is very clear; you are not accepted and never will be. What part of this commend do you not understand?


  11. Jim E after a lot of padding you have actually said nothing


  12. I’ve investigated Maria Divine Mercy fully over last 3 years and find no one under any duress to follow anything on website .Unlike other movements this one is left completely in free will of person who reads message and decides to say Crusade Prayers .There seemingly has been many people brought back to Roman Catholic Church through these messages and Crusade Prayers .Fruits from what I have gathered show me everyone who has genuinely taken on whats said in messages become a fervent follower of Holy sacraments in Roman Catholic Church .Unlike other movements and dialogue ireland there is no money making exercise through donations all proceeds go back into sale of Books Of Truth and and Medals of Salvation .All people who work for Maria around world give their time freely because they wish not because they are forced to do it by any mind controlled techniques or anything else .Maybe you all may learn something by reading messages yourselves ! God bless



    Many so called Catholic sites Are setting out to discredit Maria Divine Mercy, have read the blogs carefully. They are certainly doing a job on Maria

    A family / Nation divided against itself cannot prosper that was the answer Jesus gave to those accusing him of taking his power from the devil . Those reading the BOOK of Truth are asked to Pray regularly 6 litany Prayers The Rosary The Divine Mercy Chaplet Part or all of the 149 Prayers of Salvation Our Jesus To Mankind Prayer groups are working prayer groups, mostly meeting weekly Praying on behalf of others/ourselves & families.

    Gods enemies would not ask this of us. Send us in any direction but that. This woman Maria is on a very lonely road with the might of sections of our Church and its supporters against her. As a prophet her name and family and those associated with her are being pilloried systematically , what ever money she is accused of making would not be enough to keep going in the face of the apposition to-date & ridicule and denigration to come.

    For my part I must decide is this Jesus The Farther Mary the Mother of God Speaking to us guiding us through these times, I must decide for myself , I am solely responsible and will answer for my beliefs and actions, when the time comes. So be it.

    My belief is that Maria Divine Mercy is a prophet conveying the word of God Not because of anything she has said. I believe she has said nothing, but has conveyed The Word Of God. The truth. A thankless and near impossible task in today’s world, I understand that our GOD has all power, and that nothing can stand before the might of THE HOLY SPIRIT, plainly at work in this mission. We are fortunate and have been blessed that we are here to see these events and witness GODS will unfold. Amen Fiat

    Great effort has been spent denigrating MDM and the book of Truth
    I look forward to the day, when as much effort is spent considering the central tenant of our Church .

    Christ has died
    Christ is risen
    Christ will come again

    Jim E


  14. Be careful not to hang yourself with the same tie!


  15. Interesting, what are the chances that you’d be wearing the same necktie for a couple of photos that would land on the internet? Lesson: invest on many neckties. or Never wear the same necktie twice.


  16. Mike …I shall look forward to hearing from you re. comments on this latest subject…Mick


  17. Mick this a new one and has been condemned by the Archbishop of Dublin. but we are are awaiting comments from people who have experienced the effects of this.


  18. Hi Mike Who is this lady Maria of Divine of Mercy…..I see where she is linked to this lady in Dublin….I dont understand ….Is she the author of these divine messages and is this a replica of Christina Gallaghers nonsencial messages from above……I suppose it is interesting that they have so much in common…..Predictions of The Great Warning the destruction of mankind and then the great chastisement ….wars in the middle east….the Catholic church taken over by masons and the centre of the Anti Christ right in the centre of the Vatican….Wow this is the stuff of great conspiracy theorists and movie makers….We even have Christins favourite topic that of the mark of the beast and the seal 0f the living God as per.the book of revelation…Again I see there is an incitement to fear which is so common amongst these so called visionaries and their dreadful predictions ….portraying The Heavenly Father as this vindictive person and that they ….CG Maria divine mercy have the solution to appease the wrath of his displeasure by promoting their money making machine and telling all these poor vulnerable people ……mostly elderly that they to are granted the promise of eternal life…..by contributing their money and indeed as with CG …their life savings and assets …..As I have proved in my recent blogs …….See the Morrissey couple who gave of their life savings having been persuaded by McGinnity that this the request of Our Blessed Mother was to save so many souls and that they be rewarded in the next life…..I shall conclude ….as are my thoughts and logistic assessment of this latest so called visionary who calls herself Mara of Divine Mercy…..I need only to look onto her site on the web and see once and for all that this is another money making machine preying on the most gullible and vulnerable people of our society….Everything in this web site spelt money down to the sale of religious artefacts even prayer cards holy pictures rosary beads etc….The similarity with CG and her HOP is uncanny…Maybe they are twins……The only reason I am writing all of this down is to warn people out there….Please beware and always use your god given power of discernment…..At the end of the day only the truth will prevail……God Bless ….Mick


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