Maria Divine Mercy: secret identify of ‘anonymous’ internet visionary revealed to be Dublin PR woman by Mark Saseen

Dialogue Ireland has been approached for some months about this new group and we are happy to publish testimonies to assist families who have lost contact with people in this group.

Mary at wedding May 31 2014

Since her first claimed visit by the Virgin Mary and Jesus in November 2010, a woman who only identifies herself as “Maria Divine Mercy,” a “European business woman with children,” has gathered a following claimed to be in the millions. She may be the first totally unknown and totally internet ‘visionary’ to find her way into the minds and hearts of followers worldwide.

Her supporters claim her website that went online in March 2011 has exceeded 1.3 billion visits. A Swiss priest claims more than half German-speaking Swiss ‘have had some contact’ with her. A Nigerian pleads in Facebook postings for someone to address Maria’s millions of followers in her country, and rogue priests in the Philippines write in her defense. She is dividing families as she gathers her lot into a fragment church that is trained to dismiss the authority of the Catholic Church ‘Maria’ claims to be part of.

Five Catholic bishops have condemned her writings as heretical to church teaching. In April the Archdiocese of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, put a stop to any notion that the ‘seer’ had any church standing. And that was the condemnation that matters. The archbishop was aware that the anonymous ‘seer’ was a resident of his diocese in the parish of St. Sylvester in the town of Malahide.

In November 2011 the website Catholic Planet claimed the seer was Mary McGovern, a public relations/marketing business owner in Dublin. A week later published a lengthy article on Mary McGovern as the secret behind Maria Divine Mercy. The site continues to publish new discoveries of her business and background.

The MidwayStreet article is the work of a team on international researchers who worked for nearly a year to discover the ‘seer’s’ identity. While previous online discussion focused on the theology of the seer’s messages, MidwayStreet believed revelations of her identity were a key to her authenticity.

Conclusion: fraud. Motivation: unknown. But surely there was money to be made through the sale of “religious” trinkets associated with the claimed visions.

Although researchers had enough information to identify Mary McGovern – married name Carberry – as the ‘seer’s’ identity, a surprise February document by McGovern-Carberry’s German business associate Heinrich Martin Roth closed the case.

Written in German and posted on his website Herzmariens, Roth went on a 30-page tirade defending Mary Carberry against the charges made against her. Ironically, he provided researchers further confirmation of their claims. Roth and retired Irish dentist Breffni Cully are business partners of two Ireland-based companies associated with the visionary. Roth claimed that he did not benefit from income from the businesses that published four books related to Carberry’s ‘visions’ and “Mother of Salvation” medals. He said “Mary” was the “real owner.”

Defending Carberry as a true visionary incapable of faking the ‘messages,’ Roth wrote of German friends who visited Mary at her home. In the manner of automatic writing, Mary was able to write out answers to questions posed by the visitors that only the visitors would know.

An early indicator of the fraud was the identity of the ‘visionary’s’ spokesperson who has traveled to Australia, Canada, US and Europeon countries promoting “Maria Divine Mercy.” Though using the name Joseph Gabriel, a photo of the speaker taken at a Chicago seminar was matched to that of Carberry’s business partner Breffni Cully taken at an Ireland wedding. In both he’s wearing the same tie!

Mary Carberry made a tactical error in late 2011, about a year after her claimed first visits by Jesus and his mother Mary. She gave an interview to a US radio station that was posted online. A transcript was made and posted by the administrator at Within months of the broadcast “Maria,” through her Facebook agents, was encouraging followers to ignore the interview and not reference or link to it.

The story goes on and is detailed on a near-weekly basis at MidwayStreet. There was the claim of the miraculous cancer cure – that never was. The claim of having visited 12 priests – that don’t exist. The claim that her anonymity is important to protect her children – who are all adults. It is a bizarre collection of vision-stuff gathered from many other sources and mixed with current events and end-time fears. And the who-would-believe-it connection with the convicted Australian pedophile William Kamm.

Good people have been scammed and hurt, and more good people continue to follow the visionary-du-jour, separating themselves from family and friends who remain unbelievers in the “last prophet of all time.”

Although a weekly US Catholic newspaper has connected Mary Carberry with Maria Divine Mercy, no major media has exposed her. It’s a time bomb. The Carberry moment of glory will end soon.

Almost forgot to mention: Many readers may be familiar with a neighbor of Mary Carberry’s in the small community of Malahide. Christina Gallagher.

Mark Saseen
July 2014


18 Responses

  1. i know why masons and so many priests and bishops …………..moved to for sock puppetry


  2. Ok, thanks!


  3. I got it but have not acted on it yet.
    Bigger fish to fry opening of the first WW.


  4. Hi Mike,

    I just want to ask you, wether you got my mails or not. Please leave you answer here, my mail-.account does not work yet.


  5. This is the actual link to the voice interview with Coleman on Duffy’s show…


  6. “False Visionaries”…
    ‘This is an edited transcript of the dialogue between Joe Duffy, presenter of a popular radio show in Ireland, and the clairvoyant Joe Coleman who visited Knock Shrine recently…several callers are not included due to space and the words in bold show the New Age deception behind the religious front….’


  7. Of course Mr. Duffy is defending his dear friend in the PR/media industry Mary Carberry just as he provided publicity and support for his childhood neighbor Joe Coleman – another clairvoyant mystical medium in the fake ‘vision industry’. Mary Carberry probably secured that interview Coleman had on Duffy’s radio program back in 2009. She was Coleman’s publicist at the time – apparently learning the ropes of being a seer so that she could begin her own message and religious goods scam!


  8. Have you read any of the messages madalitso


  9. Has Mary Carberry been taxed yet by the Irish revenue Authority? That scammer need to be brought to book with her friend Christina.


  10. Definite connection there!


  11. J Eves

    You say: “This woman Maria is on a very lonely road with the might of sections of our Church and its supporters against her. As a prophet her name and family and those associated with her are being pilloried systematically , what ever money she is accused of making would not be enough to keep going in the face of the apposition to-date & ridicule and denigration to come.”

    Why is she being referred to as Maria when her name is Mary? Are you saying that the money she has made so far is not worth the pillorying she has gotten from the church? and your opinion being that she won’t make much of a profit to make it worth her while “in the face of the apposition to-date & ridicule and denigration to come”? That the Catholic Church has been successful in nipping it in the bud, so to speak?


  12. “Not sure where you got the idea that Maria and Christina were friends? All we said is that they both reside in Malahide.” I stand corrected. I don’t know where I got the idea from either, possibly that they are cashing in on similar type scams.


  13. I’ve investigated Maria Divine Mercy fully over last 3 years and find no one under any duress to follow anything on website .Unlike other movements this one is left completely in free will of person who reads message and decides to say Crusade Prayers .There seemingly has been many people brought back to Roman Catholic Church through these messages and Crusade Prayers .Fruits from what I have gathered show me everyone who has genuinely taken on whats said in messages become a fervent follower of Holy sacraments in Roman Catholic Church .Unlike other movements and dialogue ireland there is no money making exercise through donations all proceeds go back into sale of Books Of Truth and and Medals of Salvation .All people who work for Maria around world give their time freely because they wish not because they are forced to do it by any mind controlled techniques or anything else .Maybe you all may learn something by reading messages yourselves ! God bless



    Many so called Catholic sites Are setting out to discredit Maria Divine Mercy, have read the blogs carefully. They are certainly doing a job on Maria

    A family / Nation divided against itself cannot prosper that was the answer Jesus gave to those accusing him of taking his power from the devil . Those reading the BOOK of Truth are asked to Pray regularly 6 litany Prayers The Rosary The Divine Mercy Chaplet Part or all of the 149 Prayers of Salvation Our Jesus To Mankind Prayer groups are working prayer groups, mostly meeting weekly Praying on behalf of others/ourselves & families.

    Gods enemies would not ask this of us. Send us in any direction but that. This woman Maria is on a very lonely road with the might of sections of our Church and its supporters against her. As a prophet her name and family and those associated with her are being pilloried systematically , what ever money she is accused of making would not be enough to keep going in the face of the apposition to-date & ridicule and denigration to come.

    For my part I must decide is this Jesus The Farther Mary the Mother of God Speaking to us guiding us through these times, I must decide for myself , I am solely responsible and will answer for my beliefs and actions, when the time comes. So be it.

    My belief is that Maria Divine Mercy is a prophet conveying the word of God Not because of anything she has said. I believe she has said nothing, but has conveyed The Word Of God. The truth. A thankless and near impossible task in today’s world, I understand that our GOD has all power, and that nothing can stand before the might of THE HOLY SPIRIT, plainly at work in this mission. We are fortunate and have been blessed that we are here to see these events and witness GODS will unfold. Amen Fiat



  15. There is a lot of sewerage around Hick’s Tower in Malahide. Not sure where you got the idea that Maria and Christina were friends? All we said is that they both reside in Malahide.


  16. Very interesting that Carberry and Gallagher are friends. They should get prison sentences for fraudulent claims and every cent scammed and purchases confiscated. Malahide is getting a bad reputation for con artists who want to live “the good life” and, while I am on the subject of the previously well thought of town, they need to have the beach checked for levels of sewage.


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