July 16th Anniversary of the House of Prey

Mick posted a comment which we are making a full post under Donations & Fees. As a result it is unlikely anyone saw it. I also replied to it under that heading.

Immaculate deception

Submitted on 2014/07/16 at 12:48 am

As we have arrived at this date the 16th of July 2014, what can we expect from the wonderful prophet that is Christina Gallagher?

I have no doubt it will be sensational. This is there big day which is their anniversary of their opening of the HOP all those years ago and can’t help but wonder what sensational message or messages she has received from above? No doubt we will all be given a warning and chastisement if we have dared to criticise this Holy Saint who receives these messages directly from God? Indeed I remember so well her message in 2006 ……  Our Lord was so unhappy with his desire to complete one of his HOP in Texas and if the people didn’t respond he would destroy the entire state of Texas. I was so horrified by this crazy message and knew it was not from God. Of course,Texas was not destroyed, but the people paid up out of fear. For all those people who are attending this event today and I know you are doing so with a free and loving heart I just beg of you to stand back and reflect with a critical eye and that you will conclude that there is much here that is condemned by the Catholic Church and will never be accepted or ever given credence by any Cardinal, Bishop or priest on this island of Ireland. My advice to you is to pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance. People need to pray for the soul of this woman CG who has deceived so many people and in the process has built up a property portfolio based solely on donations from the simple people of Ireland…..And Wow….I have to say that I do remember CG saying to the pilgrims that she had no interest in material goods and could gladly live in a tent……Wow….This is a woman who has betrayed so many people and who has refused to give any explanation for her enormous wealth except for her whining about how she is so chased after by the media and needs this sanctuary of absolute luxury for her safety and to make matters worse ……That this was a message given to her from Jesus and Mary…..Shame….Shame….Let the people who have been taken in by this travesty wake up and learn to examine with your God given intelligence and extricate yourselves from this cult which has damaged so many people and so many families..God Bless you all….Mick

Thanks Mick for the reminder of the anniversary. This is a day when a lot of families mourn the loss of family members to this centre of Visionary undue influence. I wrote to Cardinal Brady over a month ago seeking a meeting but too date have received neither a reply or acknowledgement. He will be 75 this day next month and will hand in his resignation to the Pope.



2 Responses

  1. Sorry to tell you but I believe he is part of the exit strategy for Brady. He will leave soon, but then it will be amnesia as the new guy says that was then but now we can’t look back. Sweetness and light and the creeping Jesus shuffle. I will talk to you at some stage about our strategy in regard to this. As Jesus wrote you know not the time or the hour of his coming. We will not let this pass… believe me.
    His world will not end with a whimper but with a bang.


  2. Hi Mike…As Cardinal Brady is due to retire next month do you think his sucessor will deal with the HOP and the complaints and heartache which has afflicted so many families who have seen their loved ones caught up in this dreadful cult…I hope so….This cat and mouse game between Tuam and Armagh has to stop and hopefully this new man will see the light and assert his authority as head of the catholic church here in Ireland…We can only wait and pray…..Mick


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