Kevin O’Loughlin’s Educo Club ~Phoenix

Kevin was one of the success stories Quinn used to use to promote his Educo system. He is in total denial to the total collapse of his devotees. Many are struggling  but Tony keeps rabbiting on about SUCCESS?



K O'Loughlin Phoenix

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  1. John Boyle made a good business decision when he offloaded an educogym, however, it begs the question, why did the buyers think it was going to be successful for them when all the evidence pointed to the contrary?

    “failure to keep proper books and records” is part of Tony Quinn’s ‘business’ advice. It’s not difficult to understand why ‘foolies’ fail to comprehend the consequences as their mental faculties are undermined when under hypnotic influence that includes a sense of euphoria.

    Like many others I was ‘switched’ into acting upon hypnotic suggestion, given a task that would guarentee more money for the cult which had the effect that I was doing something WONDERFUL and so I do understand how they operate to bring about a belief in ‘success’ when there are actually no grounds for it. I was rewarded with an increase in energy and so focused on completing the task that I failed to think about or comprehend the folly of my actions. I was very fortunate that the initial task did not succeed, due to loans being refused, and I am so grateful to have snapped out of the mind-set that would have led to great losses on my part. Once the veneer cracks there is no going back.


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