A new role for Abdul Haseeb on Breakfast on Newstalk, now he is an Imam. Speaking on Ramadan without the full Irish or even a sup of tea.

Newstalk Breakfast

06:30 – 10:00 Weekdays
Listen Back: 30th June 2014 Part 4

Interview starts at 32:58 and goes onto 45:32


Ivan Yates and Chris Donoghue anchor Newstalk Breakfast every weekday morning from 6.30-10am, giving you the first bite at News, Business and Sport.


Here again we have the gentle loving presentation, without the attacks we got on Near FM where he used to work and took Radio interviews from Somalia? Last year he was on with Vincent Browne on his Challenging God series. He must have become an Imam since. Abdul is a Muslim from India and he has been around the block for some time. He was connected to Liam Egan who made virulent attacks on Jews and the Ahmadiyas. He has since vacated this country for Saudi Arabia.



At that stage last year he was the organiser of the mysterious Mosque project at Clongriffen with rumours that it was being funded by Deobandis from Pakistan and India or even from the that place associated with playing football in 40% C heat, Qatar ?

More strange was the link with Gerry Gannon the developer?

Jerry Gannon

Who had got a station built there on the DART and a full bus service to the door? The planning permission came through but who was behind it all? Some Christians saw a sinister plot, others were worried about having a massive complex with not enough Muslims to fill it. Who are the Muslims behind it or is just a big hoax as Gerry tries to offload it?



The mosque planned …..

image proposed mosque

and the reality on the ground……………….

New Mosque



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