Mum’s cult fears ‘imaginings’, says MMM member


Article written by Gen Kennedy of the Chronicle Toowoomba,

| 26th Jun 2014

Gen Kennedy


nelson mum

Allison Nelson left the Magnificat Meal Movement after 14 years.
Kevin Farmer

MEMBERS of the Magnificat Meal Movement have defended their choices after Toowoomba mother Allison Nelson’s account of her time with the religious sect.

Mrs Nelson said after 14 years with MMM she and her children were left without support networks and with self-worth issues due to the Helidon grou

Helidon resident and MMM member Lenore O’Connor said she never felt unreasonable control exerted over her life.

“Members are free to leave the Movement,” she said.

“I think the lady in question may definitely need some good, honest counselling, especially regarding her imaginings.”

Online comments were mixed, with a number supporting Mrs Nelson’s choice to leave.


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  1. I am using a number next to your name for clarity. Could you use it as I had to check IP’s before designating it.
    Allison, I feel for you. I remember seeing you outside Target in Gatton just before I fled. I warned you. I’m sorry that you are suffering, but you did the right thing I getting out. You will be ok. It will take time, but get some help for yourself and for your children. You are a lovely lady, you used or do my hair. Be well xxx


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