Post Script to the Tony Quinn Seminar on Sunday June 8th at Clontarf Castle.

I received the report from an anonymous person at the meeting during the week. They had read my review from outside and wanted to correct some detail, but it was clear this woman was beginning to be critical, but most of the comments were pretty objective. Some elements have been removed to protect anonymity.

In the region of 400 to 450 people attended the Educo seminar at Clontarf Castle on 8th June. The crowd comprised of a mixture of nationalities with a large contingent of Irish and English. Young glassy eyed couples and older everyday looking folk gathered in good-humoured anticipation. Security checked accreditation on the way in but didn’t seem too heavy-handed.
In the corridor outside the ballroom a table was stacked high with health supplements and manned by busy assistants. Toned bodies and fake breasts and tans were common and a lot of the attendees carried the air of gym aficionados.
At around half twelve the crowd were invited to take their seats and sit through forty minutes of a Tony Quinn video on two big screens. A second video was introduced but about twenty minutes into it the main act arrived, preceded on stage by a leggy blonde (presume Eve).
He wore a pale suit over a white low-buttoned shirt. Tanned and smiling through his neat beard, he seemed more relaxed and informal than the Tony Quinn we had just seen on video.
He referenced his time with boxer Steve Collins a lot and his qualities as a trainer as well as mentioning his background in yoga. (1)
Regarding the oil issue, Quinn spoke of how the chance had been there for all parties to do well and make money but it wasn’t to be. His tone seemed one of regretful acceptance. (2)
He spoke of how he had no one he could trust to leave in charge in his set-ups (gyms?). He had no one of quality he could rely on. This point was returned to frequently so that it seemed to be a challenge to the individual members of the audience to step up and be the type of person he wanted. (3)
Later he spoke of being able to tell just by meeting people at his seminars who they had come from. Those ineffectual types who just sit back, he talked about them in disparaging terms.
Josh and Susan were invited to stage with great warmth. Josh spoke first while Susan sat on a chair. Much was made of Josh’s Tom Ford suit and Quinn told of how people used to tell him that Josh was mad, that he believed himself to be the CEO of an imaginary airline. Now Josh’s success was to be celebrated and he had been offered enough money to allow him to retire (8.5million?) (4)
Platitudes abounded between the three of them and both Josh and Quinn said how they would be nowhere without Susan.
They made a point of what they brought to the community in the places they were involved. A point driven home by two pictures on screen as each of them spoke. Josh’s one displayed him with his wife and child, an aircraft overhead and various figures from the community emanating from the beaming airline executive. Susan’s picture was similar and both displayed a truck marked “Belize”. At the end of this piece Eve came back on stage to present the pair with framed copies of these pictures.
After a break for refreshments that lasted around a half hour Tony Quinn returned to stage and started into his promised 13 steps. His tone was even more lulling than earlier and after a long, meandering diatribe he joked that that was step one complete. He continued until almost seven o’clock during which time some of the crowd left and returned and some left and others didn’t. (5)
He finally finished up and left the stage to a standing ovation.

(1) It is amazing that he still has to reference events over twenty years ago?

He does not mention how much he took off the struggling boxer and how Steve has totally repudiated him. In other words he just keeps rehearsing yesterday’s stories.

(2) This is the richest one. TQ has done everything in his power to not allow people to get their dividends and has illegally obtained access and power in the oil company.
See what a judge had to say about this! The judgement of Mr Justice Edward Bannister in a case brought by a founder of International Natural Energy (INE), Sheila McCaffrey, against Mr Quinn, the company and its chairwoman, Susan Morrice.

Not all regretful but with glee as he has turned on his own disciples and shafted them.
(3) First this a joke as he does not own most of these gyms, but nearly bankrupts people by the exorbitant franchise fees he charges.
One of his most loyal Educoists looks like he has gone down:

Generally everything he connects with is a financial disaster.

(4) The brainwashing is such whereas Susan had the wealth and Josh through her, they misattribute their success to Quinn. They reinforce each other. This was the great revelation of this meeting that people were to come to hear. Josh could sell his company and retire. A great help to those who are stretched to breaking point by investing in TQ’s harebrained seminars.

Note another total failure and it is related to Quinn’s mental control of Tina Fearon who is now married to Josh.
(5) This might explain why I thought the crowd was much reduced.



4 Responses

  1. You are a little out of touch. Sheila was trying to get reinstated and got a very bad report card from Justice Bannister. She following the Hogan judgement got a settlement as Quinn realised the legal game was up. Maire Lalor also settled and as a result she gratefully did not have to take Quinn to court for sexual assault and battery.


  2. Thanks. Shield McCaffrey stays in my mind for some reason. It’s a great pity she was gagged when she got back her millions from INE. I hope she has recovered from her breakdown. Not many can afford to pay for necessary psychological damage and physical treatment when necessary. So far he has avoided being charged. I wonder if it will ever happen that even one person will bring justice about.


  3. Excellent summary Angie, however, I think you have confused two people both who were under undue influence.
    I am going to change your references from Sheila to to Susan who I think you meant.


  4. “His tone was even more lulling than earlier and after a long, meandering diatribe he joked that that was step one complete.”

    Quinn had completed the first (and necessary) step of “lulling” his audience into a hypnotic trance and set them up to believing every word he said. They take in the information with no filter for garbage and lies.

    It is unbelievable and very disturbing that Tony Quinn has gotten away with using and leeching from Susan Morrice and, to cap it all, he takes credit for her success. This is the type of scenario that caused me to feel very uncomfortable when I attended seminars in the 1990’s. The constant boasting on his part somehow leads to feelings of being less capable and growing dependence on him to make their lives ‘successful’. They believe they can do nothing without his ‘magical’ intervention. Once they are totally under his influence he tells them that they also can be magicians; they become addicted to the ‘high’ trance state, believing that this is the only state of mind that can bring about a sense of belief in the ‘energy’ working for them. It sounds totally illogical yet this is the outcome when he targets individuals. They are conned into believing that they need the ‘magician’ to sort out whatever ails them. Why spend money on a request to ‘fix’ a problem when the chances are it would sort itself out anyway? Why spend huge amounts of money on a seminar for ‘success’ when the evidence shows interference by Quinn and ‘top brass’ points to the contrary?

    More than anything else, his hypnotically induced takeover of INE is a reaction to fear of not being able to make millions from seminars. He admitted many times to being unable to do IT without his ‘foolies’; however, they can never be as intelligent or more successful. Back in the 90’s he used the same criticisms as bait in the hope that they will give more of their time, their money, their loyalty, in fact, give all of themselves to him.

    The post mentions that “Eve came back on stage to present the pair with framed copies of these pictures.” Quinn treats them as if they are labourers working for his firm. Is he retiring them with plans to clean them out? Nothing this creep does would surprise me.

    I have to believe that Susan, on some deep level, is aware of Quinn’s mind games and I hope that, sooner rather than later, she will have the courage to get out of this crazy situation and find her own voice. If she breaks clear of him she will need a lawyer with skin as thick as a rhinoceros and steely determination to finally separate her from the leech’s greedy influence.


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