ANONYMOUS Ireland Protest Time: June 14th from 10am to 5pm



Sea Arrrgh VII

Time: June 14th from 10am to 5pm

‘Church’ of Scientology Mission of Dublin Ltd, 64 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

“Sea Arrrgh” is an annual pirate-themed protest against abuses in the Church of Scientology’s Sea Organization, or Sea Org as it is more commonly known. Child labor, coerced abortions, harsh working conditions, human trafficking, cruel punishment, disconnection of families and mind control are some of the conditions which Sea Org members are made to endure. The Sea Arrrgh, a horde of mighty anonymous internet pirates, don their fancy hats and corsets and form raiding parties in an effort to call attention to such abuses while partying hard as only pirates can.
Punishment methods in use in the Scientology Sea Org even include overboarding, which on land is done by dunking the person in water or forcing them to jump into a lake. When the Sea Org had more ships, people were thrown into the sea without even using a plank, which put them in danger of hitting the ship’s protruding hull. A more long term punishment method is the Rehabilitation Project Force, where Sea Org members spend months and years doing physical labor as a method of thought reform.

Our 77th consecutive monthly protest against the ‘Church’ of Scientology’s fraud and abuse.

New Anons always welcome. Bring what you can: masks, signs, cameras, cake etc.
See more details on Anonymous Ireland:

About Anonymous…

Anonymous is a grassroots collective comprised of ordinary people from all walks of life, from former Scientologists and long-time cult activists, to college students and corporate professionals, all united in recognition of the malign nature of the ‘Church’ of Scientology, the danger it poses to society, and the necessity of action.
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