Tony Quinn-Educo: Report on picket and observation of Seminar at Clontarf Castle, June 8th, 2014

It was decided that following our visit to the seminar last year that there was very little to add.

So the Director of DI put on a token picket on the roundabout outside the hotel and was stopped by members of the public to establish what was going on. Then he observed events as before from just outside the Conference Centre. There waiting for the seminar to end was a lovely young mother from Mexico with her her child. She was an ardent Educoist. However, she had a long time to wait as it did not end until after seven this year.

The sense I had was it was mainly the inner core of devotees. This is a free event in that the disciples get a pep talk which is slated as being the final word each time, and it is absolutely the same old guff. So the oil is this time was not from Belize but rather olive oil as the Oily Messiah held court for his disciples. It was more Knock than the RDS. There were some young people but most had the bus pass. Last year we had the sense of wrapping up things, but it still seemed to have an oil company feel. Now we had a mix of an Amway party and Yogic flyers.


There was the strange phenomenon of people who are going to be rich beyond compare bringing in their sandwiches and going to shops nearby to purchase drinks and food. The place is just one litter field when the event is over.


Apparently Tony Quinn did manage to come through the main entrance this year, but he and Susan Morrice exited through the kitchen. In other words he is not a person who has the public’s respect, but has to exit as if he was avoiding scrutiny. It was clear from the demeanor of the ‘event staff,’ this has become a a great yawn. Looking back to the heady days of 2009 at the RDS where there could have been 2000 people present here we are dealing with maximum 200 even less than last year.


It was clear that Tony had done a runner as though there was no one around to even say boo to him he exited through the kitchen to his security team.

I met a very pleasant Jamacian lady from London who firmly defended the contents of the new booklet handed out:


She allowed me to look at it, but it was nothing new and the format shows that Quinn is caught in a time warp.

As I was writing this I had to go into town and on the corner of Moore Street and Henry Street met this woman again with her partner. It will be interesting to know if we will ever hear from her?

The only new reference was to Freud, but I did not have time to study it in depth. This is the same format produced for the first Educo seminar in around 1998 which I have a copy of.

As I said I had a quick glance at the Educo booklet, but on my way to do another picket as the people left I met this English woman who had 3 copies of the booklet and she agreed to give me one. Just as she did two old dears from Tony’s SS Book club shouted to her to take it back. She like a Pavlov dog rushed to get it back. I only had time to photograph the cover. “It is only for members was the cry.”

It events like that that might set off the thinking process on planet Tony.

Also his insistence that people bring a pen and note book was part of his technique for people to self influence themselves without realising it. It is like his sacrament for his conditioning. He is a technophobe and this gives him a sense of being back at National School with Paddy Crosbie of School around the corner, fame.

As noted there were fewer people and as he has effective control of the Oil Company he only used Susan and Josh Stewart, of Xjet to give the impression that he is successful. The failure of Lyndon’s Morris’s gym near the Rotunda Hospital was more normative for what is happening. I mention this as shortly after I arrived yesterday I could swear I saw him on a break, but could not be sure. I am sure that his mobile is now answering as if he is in Ireland?

The recession is taking a terrible toll of those who have invested in this only victory philosophy. As we know from the great entrepreneurs is that failure is an important aspect of success. How to deal with it, and the Quinn system is in denial in that success is the only way.

I also talked during last week to a woman who sold her house in a capital city and was told she would get it all back if she did the Master’s Seminar. She got it all back ok, that is banks on her case and is now bankrupt due to the criminal proposals to follow this charlatan.
So all in all we are looking at a process which will continue, with very little hope that people will break with this conditioning.

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