New Cover Old Content – Republishing of last year’s report on the Tony Quinn Educo Seminar at Clontarf Castle, June 9, 2013

Having returned from the seminar I looked up last years report and was struck at its content. Some of the observations were inaccurate, but in general  we had given a good insight into the direction things were going in.


We will not write a totally new report as to do so would give this event too much significance. It had the feeling of being a retirement seminar to show that that the old guru was still still alive and kicking. We will make some observations and update in another post later:


Read it here in the original:

Dialogue Ireland recently received interesting reports regarding Educo. It seems the “messiah” is considering retiring from the seminar circuit. Reports received by Dialogue Ireland indicate that things haven’t been as good since the heydays of the RDS, despite the strong efforts of the faithful to rally others to fill the seats.





Will he or won’t he? Will the “guru” sail off into the sunset again (with the cash of the broken-hearted faithful), but this time not return to his beloved disciples in the flesh (only to be available for them digitally by logging on for a fee)? Could it be, instead, that this will be one of many “farewell tours”, “last opportunity to learn from the ‘master’” or similar strategies which might boost dwindling audiences? Quinn probably doesn’t know for sure himself.


We can now confirm from our sources in the meeting that this was not a Leonard Cohen final concert but rather his usual tale of this being the greatest, the best, you must come and then it is just the same stuff. So what he meant by saying no Conferences were planned, is at this time! Get it sucker come on false pretenses and then get landed with the next one!

He may find the attractions of sitting around the campfire with Mary and Eve (and some male servant-companion) not enough for his ego and require more adoration of the kind he gets from the faithful flock. Of course, he is now nudging towards 70 years old, and the exertions of travel and preaching to what he sees as his undeserving and ignorant flock (“foolies is his favourite term for them) are getting a bit much now.


This is a timely opportunity then to look back and learn from history – not something encouraged in cultic groups. The faithful followers are always being steered towards the future and not to think about their failures – hence not much is learned from the past. With cultism it is always the “Next Big Thing”, “The Latest Breakthrough” and similar nonsense from the leader. No difference here then from other cultic groups with Quinn’s latest pronouncements, the latest in the long line of ultimate breakthroughs in the last 40 years. He went to Spain in 1972 to have the first of these big breakthroughs. The less said about that one the better, at least from a real breakthrough point of view. DI has received much information about the real goings-on about that escapade, and it certainly wasn’t much about constant fasting and achieving enlightenment on the mountain top.

The statements in this piece are supported by the voluminous archival material on hosted DI’s website and blog, which includes newspaper reports (never successfully challenged by Quinn despite efforts to do so) and courtroom information.

Most cultic groups have their peak and then slowly or quickly decline for various reasons, including disillusionment from lack of results, bad publicity from scandals and troubles within the group, decline or death of the leader, etc. The main reason for the sharp decline in Educo in recent years is the exposures in recent years by Ex-Educoists of Quinn’s activities inside the cult of Quinn-world. These Ex-Educoists decided they’d had enough of the exploitation and wanted, at least, financial recompense for the severe losses they had incurred from participation with Quinn. Major damaging exposes in the newspapers followed which lifted the lid on the sleaze, exploitation and other misdeeds. The “guru” was exposed as having feet of muck as he justly earned the title “The Mucky Messiah”. These newspaper reports corroborated and confirmed many negative reports on Quinn and Co going back to his old “Tony Quinn Yoga” days of the 1970s when he became infamous for his “messiah” claims. He ran and ruled liked a dictator over several communes in Dublin, and became known for his version of kundalini yoga which managed to damage the minds and levels of quite a few young people who slavishly devoted their lives to him. The mistreatment of young female members of the group is discussed further on in this article. Quinn became quite wealthy from using their free or, occasionally, very poorly-paid labour in his cultic businesses.

Another big problem for Educo has been the disastrous involvement of Quinn in the oil company around the middle of the last decade that has led to criticisms and humiliations in the courts – covered extensively on both the internet and in newspapers. Quinn’s big contribution when he was acting as the leader at the helm of the board (believe it or not) was to steer it onto the rocks in many respects. This particularly applied to its relations with its shareholders, the public and business-world perception of the company, etc, etc. This was not surprising to those outside of the group as Quinn had never run a real business in his life as opposed to the cult-associated businesses he operates. He thought he could run an oil company like a cult by controlling the flow of information, by manipulating through fears and threats, by playing one group or individual against another, by disadvantaging people left right and centre, including attempting to deprive shareholders of their rights. The treatment of the original operating agreement by Quinn and others (which did not include Quinn on the board) was deemed illegal by the courts in 2012.

Finally, victims decided they had enough and began to pipe up a little. Quinn called this the “noise”. In the cultic bubble reality is “noise”, while the fantasy put out by the cultic group is supposed to be reality and manages to deceive and manipulate those who will accept it. The battle to silence those who dared to question, never mind criticize, the infallible “messiah” was vicious, involving harassment and spying on people. The misuse of oil company money (another application of Quinn’s version of OPM – other peoples’ money) for sophisticated and large-scale surveillance of perceived enemies was vigorously condemned by Judge Bannister in a disastrous courtroom outing for Quinn.

The oil company got itself into a serious self-created mess (or should it be called a Quinn-created mess?) in its public and business image and other matters. Despite massive propaganda and bizarre (and unsuccessful) attempts to blame it on others by conspiracy theories, the only way out for Quinn and Co was to abandon the excursions into court and pay out money instead. Court settlements with “gagging orders”, buying up shares and buying off disaffected shareholders have become the favoured strategies at the moment. No wonder he’s hiding in the background while working with his followers still on the board of the oil company.

Quinn hasn’t had a boost from piggy-backing on any celebrities’ success recently. This is not from the want of trying to sucker them in. He has clung, in particular, to the coat tails of Steve Collins and Dr. Jack Gibson, though both very much distanced themselves from him. He has tried and failed (apart from the most spellbound of his followers) to attach himself to the oil find in Belize. Having publicly rejected the oil project as not worthwhile, even going so far as to advise against investing in it, he then tried to claim he had by “mental” means been instrumental in its discovery. Quinn’s bizarre and confusing (to say the least) “explanations” of his “mental” participation in the project would be extremely laughable were it not for the fact that some unfortunates wanted to believe in the “messiah” so much that they have supported his varying lunatic-level propositions. Judge Banister ridiculed Quinn’s expertise in business psychology in no uncertain terms.

In 2006, DI had raised the question of whether the oil project would be a great nest-egg for Quinn or a possible Achilles Heel. This has turned out to be a very relevant question. It is true that certain Quinn’s supporters would love to see him ensconsed in the oil company, smuggled in the back door or the side door if necessary or by rewriting history again (Judge Bannister fiercely condemned the Quinn camp for this practice) and have him proclaimed as a principal foundation part of the oil company.

The strategy of “divide and conquer”, a favourite cultic strategy, and buying up shares and buying off opposition (without OPM hopefully) seems the only game in town or on offer at least. Legal (and illegal) threats and dirty tricks have failed to sink opposition as they hoped, so apart from a few legal cases left hanging in the air this strategy has been abandoned for the moment. The legal strategies backfired so horrendously on Quinn when people had the guts and integrity to fight back and Quinn was forced to go to the courts. He then proceeded to make a disastrous showing (blamed on others of course) and was subjected to criticisms and humiliations galore.

Law suits are sometimes left hanging in the air by cultic groups for several reasons, including their intimidation effect (Justice Hogan commented on this aspect of things), propaganda effect to make it appear that the cult has some legal justification to its position, etc. With highly aggressive law suits, cultic groups will often try to break down their critics, financially and mentally, and if that fails they will often “settle on the steps” (of the court house) to avoid having their dirty linen exposed further in the courts.

It seems there are no major shots left in the locker that can produce the “world domination” effect and other miracles Quinn promised his followers at the outset. As Quinn, like all mortals, will face his end, on present performance it appears there will be no one left who will be a real successor, At the death of a leader cultic groups often fragment into much smaller entities, micro-cults if you will, that mostly fade away before very long, or they disappear leaving little behind except the damage they have caused to followers. Sometimes the core members may salvage a few crumbs of the assets when the leader passes away. The leader’s death is usually presented as the great leader having successfully completed his mission on this plane of existence (all failures are attributed to the rest of the group and humanity generally) and has decided to proceed to a higher plane where he will continue his great work for the good of all – especially sending his vibrations to support his faithful flock left behind. In reality, unless there is a last-minute change the Educo leader, judging from past performance, would prefer to see his followers suffer financially rather than distribute some of the ill-gotten income before the end. Some of the cash may even be left to decay in plastic bags in holes in the ground that no one remembers, least of all the declining leader. The money games with large amounts of cash in plastic bags or smuggled in suitcases out of the country will not seem such fun for those involved as they approach the time to meet their maker. There is a day of reckoning for everyone, but in Quinn’s mind he is an exception, at least this is his propaganda to those in the close circle around him. Quinn is his own maker, he believes, and as a “god unto himself”, not a child of God in the usual spiritual sense, he is essentially not answerable to anyone or any authority, divine or otherwise. There may be a late possibility of change for some of his close followers as their consciences become troubled by some of the misdeeds they have participated in, nearly always committed on behalf of their “god” Quinn. Much could be said on this topic. One of the most obvious and most disturbing issues here for the female members of the inner group to consider is how they have participated in the sexual exploitation of other females by their “guru”. They have participated in cover-ups and denials of this activity and even verbally encouraged this behaviour while oppressing women who dared to even question this activity. As the cult declines and members face their own mortality and recognize their leader can’t save them, there is potentially a lot of revelations and death-bed confessions that could emerge regarding the mental, physical, sexual and financial exploitation. This, of course, would require real intelligence and integrity not the emotionalized false loyalty they have immersed themselves in for so many years. It is possible that core members may decide to carry the dirty secrets to the grave.

The failures of a cult leader are no barrier to belief in a cult leader for sufficiently devoted members. In fact, research shows that the bigger the failures of the leader the more such followers will cling to the leader and serve them. This seemingly paradoxical reaction has been studied by psychiatrists and psychologists for many years, and a variety of psychological mechanisms have been proposed to account for it. Theories of cognitive dissonance and the emotional pain of recognizing the extent of their mistakes and losses and acknowledging them publicly or privately, as well as other mentally distressing states, mean the cult leader is usually above serious criticism from the most devoted followers. This is especially true in the case of the most masochistic and self-rejecting followers. Quinn has certainly attracted a lot of love-starved women and men who have lacked a strong and benevolent father-figure in their lives and is well-practiced at pretending this role. In truth, he is extremely misogynistic and highly dependent on women so he has a well-known streak of hostility with sado-masochism in his treatment of them.


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As one of the Educoists said, those young students outside seemed to be very dedicated, but wondered why we had the easier job inside. Because they wish to remain anonymous we replied. While you are sitting inside in the beautiful weather we will be able to have a nice lunch before returning to say good bye to you and remind you once had a life!


See one of the student’s comments on the day:


Some of the attendees at today’s meeting approached DI personnel and were genuinely very interested in DI’s work and wanted to hear DI’s position regarding Educo. This was a significant difference from previous meetings in that there were people there who were not so captivated and influenced by the “messiah” that they were able to still think for themselves and were pursuing the truth rather than simply allowing themselves to be spoon-fed Educo rhetoric and propaganda by Quinn. They clearly did not swallow the Educo party line of demonizing DI as supposedly being form the “dark side”, religious crackpots, etc, etc. . The “guru’s” powers of influence and persuasion seem to be in terminal decline and there is not likely to be much in the way of a new generation of “Educoists” as the ageing followers seem to be main support base for the “messiah”. The “warm up” act of the video, cheer leading from core members and other attempts at softening up the critical faculties and inducement of an emotionalized state of receptivity for the propaganda and “teachings” of the guru, are just not effective enough to save the day – and it seems once more Quinn is distancing himself from failure and letting his followers carry the can. Our strategy of having a protest outside and observers inside brought us some insights.


It was clear that oil was mentioned from our sources, but that the main focus was on trying to get the Educo Seminars back on track. Quinn himself took an hour and a half to show up, but was is new. The elite always arrive late.  Also he did not complete till 6:40. He gave out the old black seminar booklet which has been slightly amended. Apparently, Susan was there but used the trade entrance like her Messiah. It is good to see that he still has not got the ability to walk in through the front door and stand tall. The motley security detail were bored out of their tree. Like in January they had nothing to do. The only people again who were a bit freaked were the American Tourists. They could not fail to notice people bringing in their own sandwiches, water and the ubiquitous note books to take down like scribes the word of the lord. They found the fact that some women looked like they were going to a night club a bit strange and also pointed at their busts and said, what is going on here! Enhancement we answered, it is all part of being dressed for the Messiah.

One of the guys we talked to had obviously been given a view of Mike Garde which was so one sided it back fired. He was told we were part of some religious group. We told him we had Atheists, Collapsed Catholics and people from diverse religious background. He still spent over 6 hours in the place, but some light got through. When we tried to mention the breaches of human rights they tended to divert to issues to do with the banks, Fianna Fail as if we needed to deal with them and leave saint Tony out of the line of fire.

We noted that when people registered they had have their hand stamped to get in? Was this the mark of the beast in the form of a horse shoe?

Hand stamping

Soyanara suckers has always been his motto when things go wrong.

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  1. Dialogue, I commend you on your determination to inform the public about cultic groups. I can honestly say that this has been a huge learning experience for me and I sincerely hope that others have attained much longed for peace of mind and freedom from the effects of the Educo cult where possible. I take my hat off to all former ex-quinnites/ex-educoists who have kept you informed over the years and long may they continue to do so.


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