Proposed meeting with 2×2’s and their Overseer Tommy Gamble

Having reflected on the correspondence resulting from my post yesterday

and the response it received which really became a diversion into what is Evangelicism I took advice and contacted their Irish Overseer Tommy Gamble. He kindly took my call and we discussed whether this dialogue would most fruitfully take place at a convention or after they were completed. He kindly agreed to allow me to visit him in Lisburn, Co. Antrim after the conventions are over.

In the meantime so that I get a sense of the life of the movement I will try to visit the Convention to be held at the end of the month in Rathdowney.

I will be writing to Tommy Gamble outlining this proposal and we can then see where we take it from there.



Front row from the left
-Tommie Gamble (Ireland), Eldon Knudson (Sweden originally Canada), David Butterworth (Italy originally England), Werner Leonhardt(Germany), Graham Snow (Holland originally New Zealand), Lars Lund (Norway originally Denmark)

Second row from left:
Bob Kerr (Scotland), John Johnston (Rumania originally Ireland), Peter Liddle (France originally England), Dan Sherrick (Ukrain originally USA), Loran Skaw (Poland originally USA), Erik Lund (Denmark), John Gunn (Spain originally Scotland), Eric Culbert (Greece originally England) ,

Back row from left
-Dale Benjamin (Russia originally USA), Peter Zurcher (Czech/Austria originally Switz), Ben Crompton (England), Stefan Sorrenson (Finland originally USA ), Hansruedi Fehr (Switzerland) 


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