Tony Quinn has a new company called Educo Recyclying


This brochure will give you an insight into his green bin, black bin and brown bin options. You pay for each lift but after the seminar you are not totally sure which bin you put out. People do not go green with envy, but it is a black joke in that you never learn and keep paying for the same refuse. Most of it is what you find in the brown bin!

Merlequin0004Read the brochure and see every stale idea idea from the last 40 years recycled. His doctorate claims, his academic claims etc. We would again challenge him to a public debate on his Educo training. We can arrange for a London or Dublin venue:


Next Tony Quinn Seminar Details
The following are the venue details and confirmed travel dates for next upcoming seminar :
Seminar Venue: Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel, Monte Carlo.
The Thinker Seminar (Beginners)
Travel out – Tuesday 1st July 2014.
(Seminar commences 9.30am Wednesday, July 2nd)
Travel back – Tuesday 15th July 2014.
The Thinker Seminar (Advanced)
Travel out – Thursday 17th July 2014.
(Seminar commences 9.30am Friday, July 18th)
Travel back – Thursday 31st July 2014.
For further information email: or call +353-1-850-0220.

22 Responses

  1. What I mean is that you have mentioned persons and events now and have named individuals REGULARLY.
    Principles over personalities. So if you have recounted an experience try to not keep repeating it or making personal attacks.


  2. I do understand what you mean Dialogue. I am leaving it at that.


  3. Angie yes and it is our old sockpuppet so will leave this comment here for reference but will move further one’s to our commenting section.
    My suggestion is for you to ignore these comments and focus on TQ. However, I would point out that you are actually repeating yourself quite a lot and the valuable insights from your experience are being glossed over.


  4. Angie, I really should apologise as I have obviously misunderstood you. Reading youre responses or reactions made me realise that you are not enlightened afterall.

    You jump to conclusions and assume you know everything and this display of arrogance and ignorance plays right into quinns hands. You need to show creditablilty as does DI when they too make incorrect assumptions as to who I am.
    You both think I support some or all of these groups where in fact i detest them. I think you have lost your way here. I could answer yes to all the questions you asked after my last post, there was no basis to believe I was a foolie but obviously you or your EGO was compelled to defend yourself.
    I hope you will stop shooting yourself in the foot but I somehow think that this will promote another rant, time will tell and I wont be responding in any case.


  5. Are you referring to the House of Prayer troll? The one who is under the ‘spell’ of ‘our lady’ Gallagher? It is strange how he continuously disagrees with what I say even though he knows nothing about the sorcerer Quinn. Very strange man!


  6. Observer do still believe that DI is Angie? Have you had time to deal with your own group of choice and it ain’t Tony Quinn?


  7. And where are the men of the wives to left them to join the cult? Did it even occur to them that Quinn’s behaviour is criminal? Why didn’t they go to the Gardaí about it?

    What about the women who have had to seek psychiatric care? Where are their families? Shouldn’t they have gone to the Gardaí and reported what happened?

    Has the DPP received any reports over the years?


  8. Can you, at least, admit that he is not the usual, run of the mill, type of predator?


  9. Observer

    You have observed that I am enlightened. That is true; otherwise I would be like the rest of you ‘foolies’ who are dumbed down by the sorcerer. I am not so ‘fool’ish as to deny the effects of hypnosis and energy manipulation and sorcery. I remember it as if it were yesterday how Quinn deliberately used his cringing sexual tone. I admit that I was not at all conscious, did not hear anything after the first couple of sentences and I thank God that I was in a roomful of people when it happened. Yes, I admit that I went under very deep hypnosis. I am not so ‘fool’ish that I would even think of denying this. I have owned up to this happening and continue informing people about it to this day.

    I have some very simple questions for you, that is, if you understand what the Educo cult mind manipulation is about, you should be able to answer them.

    Can you explain to me why I would have forgotten about the above incident for weeks after it happened? If that isn’t a sorcerer ‘spell’, what is?

    Can you explain why Quinn would be under an illusion that I would want to have sex with him or any other member of the cult following his ‘relaxation’ sessions?

    In your own words, can you explain why there was a need for a lot of bullying in the cult? Why were people who asked questions put down and then shunned? Why were ‘top brass’ so vigilant at hiding or lying about incidents that occurred that should have been brought to the attention of the Gardaí? Are you aware of any such incidents?

    Do you honestly think that I was the ONLY person who was deliberately put under deep hypnosis by Tony Quinn, Margaret Forde, Martin Forde and Aideen Cowman, taking turns to get what they wanted from me, whether it was to change my mind about what I wanted to do with my life, get money for a seminar and even work for Quinn?

    Do you understand that they systematically used hypnotic manipulation in the classes under the guise of relaxation? voluntarily relaxation is not an invitation to manipulate our minds.

    Are you aware of the information that has been made public about Tony Quinn’s practice of the occult? People who were attending Tony Quinn class’s years ago have very good memories of his interests and what he was capable of. That is why so many do not talk openly about it. They fear him.

    Are you aware that he seduced numerous girls; women and even wives and he even dictated who should marry who in the cult? I would like to have your opinion on this.

    Can you explain to me why cult members who work closely with Quinn have lost complete contact with their family or only get to see them sporadically, once or twice a year? Can you explain why he would do this if only to manipulate the direction their lives took? As I found out to my cost, Educo cult ‘therapy’ served this purpose.

    No-one who sat in on one of his talks could possibly deny the power he has over people and you expect readers to believe that I was the only one who was hypnotised and manipulated by Quinn and ‘top brass’? The only one who has suffered terribly from what they did?

    I was enlightened enough to realise that what they are doing is wrong and I am against being controlled by this hideous cultic group that, truth be told, were quite prepared to have me live in a trance state when it suited them. If you are a ‘foolie’ you are either a liar or totally ignorant of what really happens.

    You are under his ‘spell’ when you ignore the truth.


  10. Angie, the enlightened one…this isnt about DI, its about you taking a sledge hammer to crack a nut. Did you ever hear the saying, less is more?
    And dont assume that everyone that disagrees with you is under quinns spell like you were.


  11. I woke up this morning with a very clear memory of an experience I had and how it played out with ‘therapy’ tutors in Eccles Street. The truth is, very few who attended knew about Tony Quinn’s involvement with the occult. Only the core group knew of his practices and one could argue that some of them went in blind and found themselves in a situation where they had aligned/were tied to him by pledging loyalty and free labour. They were so under influence it became the normal way of life for them.

    Initially Quinn takes control so seductively that the mind is quieted to such a degree, and depending on how much he focuses on the individual, the questions, disagreements and uneasiness are eliminated or ‘cast off’ (negative thoughts). I also remember the nature of ‘empowerment’ he offered and instinctively knew that it, under his influence, it would become destructive.

    I remember very strange occurrences, supposedly to do with ‘the energy’, while I attended seminars in Ireland and also in Eccles Street and to this day it puzzles me why I accepted what happened. I can only say that my mind was trapped in an illusion of ‘wellbeing’ and incapable of grasping that I was terribly vulnerable to their influence. Granted, people would have ‘accepted’ the cult belief system to various degrees as it would fit into their beliefs about the power of God/healing energy (not all of us believed that Quinn was all powerful). He convinced people that his belief was strong enough to grant whatever they wanted from life. Not in their wildest dreams would they have connected what he did to witchcraft/sorcery.

    What I find disturbing is that the ‘energy’ ‘philosophy’ was/is incorporated to such a degree that I was unable to think outside of that. When I became aware of highly questionable behaviour, problematic incidences that occurred within the core group, by and large, I ignored them. I felt they did not affect my life. What they did was their own business. One of the biggest illusions I was under was that, as long as I thought I was in control, no harm would come to me.

    It takes something drastic to happen to wake some people up and I regret to say that was the case with me. Instead of shocking me into becoming more involved with the cult I was shocked out of the hypnotic dream state.


  12. I like to remind Quinn’s followers that repeated hypnosis sessions from abusive practitioners can seriously damage your capacity to think outside the Educo cult box. Sad to say, you are more to be pitied than envied.


  13. They all file in to have their brains tampered with yet again. They bring the pen and notepaper because he tells them to. I attended a day seminar years ago and remember Quinn providing us with a clear page and another with a picture and asking all of us to draw the picture from the up-side-down position. He loves to tell the story of when his father commented on him being a genius when he managed to do this task as a boy.

    The sorcerer tests his ‘foolies’. If they manage to do it he knows they are not yet completely under his ‘spell’. At the same time, if they manage it, he would have them believe that it is a sign of genius on their part. Ha ha!

    Paul has attended the Educo cult for donkey’s years and sporadically attempts to undermine the truth tellers. I would like to hear more from him. He could do a post explaining why he continues to believe in the sorcerer’s plagiarised ‘philosophy’.


  14. Hopefully you will go to the meeting tomorrow and be totally under the spell even though it is the same old tired stuff. Angie understands why you go as you are unable to break from the spell.


  15. note to Observer,yes you are spot on, angie bores the “bits” off of me to.paul.


  16. Observer, I suspect that you would prefer if people did not read Dialogue. Fortunately, they have a huge audience simply because the information is interesting and also gets to the heart of cultism. When Dialogue puts up new posts I will comment. In the past people who did comment about Tony Quinn were obviously angry with the abuse they suffered, however, they did not give any in depth information about what happened to them or what goes on in the Educo cult. I am very happy to do this for the public. I am free to do it and I choose to do it. Different nationalities read Dialogue. If my comments seem long drawn out it is because I want to make them as clear as possible.

    Your comment has nothing to do with how I put across information. When it comes to educating the public my motto is “persist and be consistent”.

    I know how long it takes to undue the cult ‘think’ programming and also the cult personality. You need to take a closer look at yourself.


  17. Angie, you are such a turn off that others don’t comment anymore. Youre posts are also so long and repetitive that it gets boring and turns people away from what DI is putting up.


  18. In fairness to anyone who is thinking of doing a seminar I think it is important that you know that throughout the years of ‘top brass’ allegiance and service to their master, who demands total loyalty, the manipulative ‘talks’ about going on a seminar will make you very vulnerable to deep hypnosis. They prepare you for Quinn. There is the real possibility that Quinn’s staff usually ‘top brass’ will bring about a trance state to facilitate Quinn’s efforts to control your mind; aligning to him will change your life in ways you cannot image. They have no conscience about what they do and how damaging it is to a person’s mind when they work on removing all defences.

    Following the seminar, you will be conditioned into attending future ‘relaxation sessions’, deepening hypnotic suggestions focusing on control of family relationships (separation from) and induced preference for the cult way of life, the level of undue influence will depend on what they decide; which includes how you spend your money (preferably on Tony Quinn seminars, gyms etc.). Do you want to be dependent on Tony Quinn or his staff for your sense of wellbeing for the rest of your life? Do you want to depend on what approach his course givers decide on as to how you will feel and how you relate to other people? Believe me; it can go both ways depending on their agenda. Your friends or family members will not recognise you as the person they once knew. Initially they might say you look ‘brilliant’, however, they will gradually come to realise that you have undergone a virulent form of mind programming that eventually shuts down any meaningful communication. You will be encouraged to ‘make friends’ with other cult members and this will be for purposes of monitoring how you are in relation to the cult ‘philosophy’.

    Quinn acquires his sense of power by having power over other people. My advice is, do not be tempted to go no matter what he promises. You may regret it for the rest of your life as many who have attended, after the initial euphoric state that can last for an unmeasurable period of time, have gone on to suffer from deep depression and financial instability and loss. Stepping into ‘the unknown’ can be downright foolish particularly when hypnosis is involved.


  19. Lets have that chat soon on Skype?!


  20. The following information should interest everyone: Quinn continues to use Professor Clifford to endorse his seminars.

    “I can confirm that I was the supervisor of Tony Quinn who was conducting several studies into the potential of Educo® as part of a degree programme. I can further confirm that the series of studies were conducted under the rules and regulations pertaining at the University of East London”.

    Kind regards,

    Professor Brian R. Clifford. B.A., MSc., Ph.D., D.P.E., D.Ed., AFBPS,C.Psychol.

    From previous information in Dialogue I note that:

    “Dr Robert Verkerk, a research scientist at Imperial College London, submitted a number of findings at the request of the Tony Quinn organisation. He suggested that Tony Quinn should open channels of communication with Dialogue Ireland, a body which offers “pastoral support for people who have returned from Tony Quinn seminars and are feeling disorientated or are in some form of distress” and for family members “who are coping with behavioural or other changes in their loved ones”. He went on: “The codes of conduct relating to the public demonstration of catalepsy are published by some major, internationally recognised professional bodies (eg International Society for Professional Hypnosis) and these should be heeded as far as possible.” He also suggested that the School of Psychology at the University of East London (UEL) should become involved in the editing of material to ensure its scientific accuracy. He received no response to this letter.”

    Dr Robert Verkerk informed Dialogue “I spoke to Professor Clifford who told me that Tony Quinn’s claims for the Educo systems in his business life were of no concern to the college. When I asked whether Dr Quinn’s previous doctorate from the American Pacific University would have an impact when this one was being awarded, Professor Clifford told me, “No, we don’t count that one.” He also revealed that Tony Quinn’s thesis had just been returned to its author with heavy notations, and that I could “read into that what you will”. He added that he hoped and expected that Quinn would eventually get his doctorate from UEL.”

    This information is accurate and anyone reading it would correctly deduce that Professor Clifford was not aware that Tony Quinn was the leader of a cult and later said “Tony Quinn’s claims for the Educo systems in his business life were of no concern to the college.”

    Tony Quinn’s thesis was rejected.


  21. “People do not go green with envy, but it is a black joke in that you never learn and keep paying for the same refuse.”

    Very insightful Dialogue and so true!

    As for his business success, do you notice that he never ever gives the names of the 102 business people (117 businesses) involved in the study? Even his own little box outlets here in Ireland do not reach that number and their lack of profits are a drain. I never see customers in the local outlet. Do you think he includes the educogyms even though we are led to believe that he has nothing to do with them? It seems the public were misled with that information; he includes the educogyms and I wonder what “university study conditions” he is talking about when referring to weight training results? I hope they will not get away with extorting seminar money from the public this time around. There really needs to be an effort made to inform people who attend these gyms about Quinn’s criminal background.

    His programme mentions that: “As a direct result of the teacher learning from the pupils,
    I believe that the present seminars are now even better than those of the studies at producing results.”

    I don’t see any such changes, however if he is given lip service to changes it is as a result of criticism rather than actual change in his approach. The same old same old that never mentions the key factor of his ‘genius’; ‘unconscious attention’ is the use of hypnosis! After what I went through I would attack anyone who tried to do that to me again.


  22. Hello, Mike, sound like these folks are experts at recycling themselves….the conmen All the best, Paul


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