Lyndon Morris Gym on Granby Row, represents the failure of the Tony Quinn Educo Philosophy of Greed

Earlier in the week I received intelligence that people could not access the gym on Granby Place. The phone went unattended up till now. Lyndon’s personal mobile rang out with a foreign ringtone.
Apparently some of his clients were facilitated at Eccles Street, but no one is able to contact him and the local number has its voice mail box full. Eccles Street confirmed today that it had closed.

Educo gym Parnell
It is claimed he left a letter and has gone missing. Yesterday the gym was closed when I visited and there was no notice to explain what was going on.
Now in Quinn’s philosophy there is no idea of failure, there is only success. So if Lyndon fails it is because he failed, not that he was destroyed by the self centred, egotistical philosophy at the heart of Quinn’s system. It is not about building community or serving humanity. It is me Fein, all about me a totally narcissistic philosophy. Now the storm clouds are gathering as all the hype does not work. There are no longer banks to hand out cash and these dreams of riches have turned to a nightmare. We wish Lyndon well and hope he can break free from the great leech, Merlquinn.
So as you go to this seminar look at Lyndon who is now the victim /victimiser.
Last year we had to assist a person to who had become enslaved in that Gym get back to his family.
While all will show up in Clontarf in their finery think of Lyndon who is the real face of Quinn. Also those of you who have settled, have not settled your minds. You will never be free till you revisit the terrible programming you encountered.

See what people were writing about Lyndon over 6 years ago:


214, Ivy Exchange
Granby Place
Dublin 1
Contact Details
+353 (0)1 878 3397

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  1. As you say he is not the first to go under in the educogym business. Its quite obvious that Tony Quinn does not give a damn about people he has working for him. He gets to gamble and think himself a big shot while they have to stay in Ireland slogging his wares. If I were him I would do a runner!


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