Tony Quinn is back in town with another of his final revelations called ‘the answer.’

The Educo web site has had no additions since 2012:

Here are the pics from then:


TQ Seminar

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: <>
Date: Thu, May 15, 2014 at 2:12 PM
Subject: Letter from Tony re June Meeting at Clontarf Castle

Dear Tom,

Please see Tony’s letter attached.
Venue: Clontarf Castle, Castle Avenue, Dublin 3
Time: 12 noon sharp
Date: Sunday, June 8th 2014
From Tony
May 2014
This is the most excited I’ve been writing a letter to you. I know that this can change everything for you. We have truly made a real-life quantum leap. I so much can’t wait to put this to you, this is April and I am already writing the letter.
In the past, people have said ‘I wish I could have been around to bet on the fights’ or ‘I wish I had heard about the oil at the start when it was $15 a share’. Well, how about something better?
Josh Stewart has just scored a new massive real-life success. But wait – this success holds life-changing benefits for you also because it shows step-by-step how to achieve unlimited success.
Susan, Josh and I have been perfecting this ‘Educo® Model’ over the last few years. They have been experimenting with the model, to great success, right up to the latest where Josh, with support from us, has hit one right out of the ballpark.
On our end, the three of us are over the moon because this new Educo® Model gives results like never before. We so want you to put this to the test for yourself. You may have heard me say that a really big hit at the top of the pyramid cascades down and changes everything underneath. This is exactly what has happened.
The seminars have been changed as a result and they have been taken to a whole new level. At our meeting you will be updated.Many have asked how it is that Susan and Josh are at a whole different level of success (and have just upped the ante). Well, now we are going to tell you – THE ANSWER!
And also, how the more the model is applied the greater the success. Drop everything and get to this meeting.
Educo® – to lead out – to Unlimited Success. Learn how to achieve personal and business success and lead others to success.
Truly a wonderful opportunity will open for you on the day.
All my love,
P.S. I really believe that this day will be the changing point in your Life – for real! Bring your Notebook.
Venue: Clontarf Castle, Castle Avenue, Dublin 3.
Time: 12 noon sharp.
Date: Sunday, June 8th 2014.





Letter from Tony May 2014




4 Responses

  1. Stone the crows, the ‘wizard Merlquin’ is coming soon to our fair city. Had any weird dreams lately where the answers elude you? Why is that you wonder? Ex-foolies are not conned this time round.


  2. Before you sit enthralled about the effect of Quinn’s, so called ‘magical’ abilities, you need to know that people who undergo hypnotically induced ‘relaxation’ can suffer from “induces epilepsylike brain seizures”. Studies have shown that “meditators “had a higher rate of hallucinating floating spots of light, hearing voices, and even feeling the floor shake.” Does any of this sound familiar? It certainly does to me.

    Instead of adulating the sorcerer you need to read up on reports about the effects of relaxation/meditation to fully grasp what is happening and understand why the brain can be ‘switched’ (how Quinn describes it) into a trance state or “involuntary meditation” as described by Margaret Singer who was an expert on cults and worked tirelessly to help cult victims.

    Education, not Educo, will give you all the answers you need.


  3. Tony Quinn’s sorcery manifests itself by, firstly, bringing about a feeling of disorientation, depression, lacking in energy and a desire to “feel like themselves” again which usually happens before the seminar; and secondly, the induced hypnotic euphoric state following the seminar that they have become addicted to. This is just another ‘magical’ trick he employs to bring them back over and over again.

    You all know what I am saying here. WAKE UP!!!


  4. Ah, so Quinn returns to Ireland to fine tune his ‘puppets’ and lay out the plan to extract more money for his off shore accounts.

    He writes: “We have truly made a real-life quantum leap. I so much can’t wait to put this to you, this is April and I am already writing the letter.”

    Quinn CAN’T WAIT for another opportunity to crow about how AMAZING he is at hypnotising you into believing more bullshit about how ‘successful’ he is in business. He CAN’T WAIT to crow about how he used hypnosis to steal shares from INE, CONNED people out of their lifesavings and HOW GREAT HE IS at leaving people homeless because they were seduced into going on a seminar by remortgaging their homes. He CAN’T WAIT to tell you about the number of people who were/are psychotic, deeply depressed, disillusioned, turning to drink and STUCK in his hypnotically induced programmes after attending his seminars. He CAN’T WAIT to share his concocted ideas for the purpose of extracting more money from his ‘foolies’. He CAN’T WAIT to tell you how easy it is to seduce another and about his alleged sexual deviancy that convinced him he was ‘god’. He CAN’T WAIT to share with you his alleged sexual assaults down through the years and his methods for shutting them up before they would even consider going to the police.

    Unfortunately, the above will not happen. Quinn does not have a truthful bone in his body and telling the truth is not remotely possible for him. He will give them the usual bullshit, they will feel relief from the induced depression that his sorcery brings about before meeting him and they will continue believing that he is the only ONE to have the answers even though they will not be able to explain it when questioned; in other words they will be in an induced trance state with the urge to crow about Quinn’s ‘success’ to anyone who is unfortunate enough to come into their orbit.

    There should be Gardaí waiting for him to arrive to arrest him. Again, unfortunately, people find themselves unable to go to the police when they realise they have been conned financially and suffering mentally due to Quinn mind programming.

    How many of you are ready to protest against Quinn?


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