Lifting the Veil off the unseemly perversion of Buddhism. Whereas, it dresses in the clothes of Buddhism it is in reality Tantric Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism or Lamaism.

Lifting the Veil off Fourteen Root Infractions in Tantric “Buddhism” Part 1: Background

Reproduced with the kind permission of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation

(By the True Heart News interviewing team in Taipei, Taiwan.)

The cultivation of the Vajrayana Tantra and the contents of the associated fourteen tantric root infractions, or root downfalls, have long been shrouded in mystery and have been inaccessible subjects for Chinese Buddhists. That is to be changed now. Tsongkhapa’s exposition of the fourteen root downfalls has recently been translated into Chinese by Tshangyang Dorje (昌央多傑), providing scholars of the four major Tibetan “Buddhist” sects access to the study of tantric precepts. The fourteen root infractions of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism were established specifically for the Vajrayana Tantra, and have nothing to do with the Buddhist precepts.

Tibetan “Buddhism” bases its exegesis of the fourteen root infractions upon Tsongkhapa’s Fruit Clusters of Siddhis, which defines each precept and details their ordination procedures. Moreover, because of his preference for and attachment to the Highest Yoga Tantra (Anuttarayoga Tantra), Tsongkhapa consciously included the underlying philosophy of the Highest Yoga Tantra in his explication of the associated fourteen root infractions.

In Vajrayana, sexual Tantra is practiced by all guru masters of the four sects of Tibetan “Buddhism,” and has demoralized Tibet since the late Ming Dynasty. Political rivalry amongst the four sects and their discrepant interpretations of the tantric precepts further exacerbated the situation and brought about chaos in Tibet. The resulting political and social turbulence prompted Tsongkhapa to compile the first complete and systematic exposition of the fourteen tantric root infractions.


As the Gelug sect took over the leadership power in the Tibetan theocracy starting with the fifth Dalai Lama, the exegesis of the root infractions by Tsongkhapa, a patriarch of the Gelug lineage, was deemed correct and naturally became the most authoritative guidelines for Vajrayana practitioners. It has been devoutly and unquestioningly adhered to ever since.

In Old Tibet, tantric doctrines had been guarded with absolute secrecy and were rarely transmitted to outsiders. However, after the 14th Dalai Lama went into exile in Dharamsala, India, in the mid-twentieth century, the esoteric tantra has been deliberately taught and disseminated to Westerners publicly, especially Hollywood luminaries, with the goal of popularizing Tibetan Tantric “Buddhism.” As for the people in mainland China and Taiwan, they did not learn the truth about Vajrayana Tantra until Tibetan “Buddhism” made its way back from the West to Asia.

The Vajrayana Tantra had been propagated in Old Tibet for centuries. But because of geographical isolation and inaccessibility, its spread was very limited in mainland China. The exile of the 14th Dalai Lama prompted a swift and global expansion of Vajrayana’s tantric Couple-Practice. Given the liberal attitude toward sexual matters in Europe and America, Westerners usually do not resist the sexual tantra as much as conservative Asians.

To make matter worse, the 14th Dalai Lama has been preaching the Vajrayana Tantra as a kind of Buddhist cultivation. With open endorsement from some hedonistic Hollywood celebrities, Tantric “Buddhism” built up an international popularity almost overnight, transforming this once obscure cultist faith that preaches sex as a means of spiritual enlightenment into the most-recognized Buddhist branch for Westerners, the majority of whom have practically no knowledge of orthodox Buddhism.

The last few decades saw Tantric “Buddhism” coming back to haunt Asia. Today, Tibetan Tantric “Buddhism” is spreading underground in mainland China, while in Japan, Shingon Buddhism is allowing its monastic’s to marry and have children in the temple. In terms of Buddhist doctrinal practice, the essence of Mahayana Buddhism has been totally adulterated in Japan and has degenerated into a theistic faith, deviating far from the Bodhisattva Way as well.

All gurus of Tibetan “Buddhism” are bound by the vow to expound the dharma in writing and therefore must publish books on the Tantra once they are conferred the guru status. Since their works focus entirely on the Vajrayana Tantra and oftentimes duplicate each other’s materials, the mass of books they flood the market with are drowning out the ones composed by Dharma masters of orthodox Buddhism and fueling the trend of Couple-Practice cultivation in China.

The film industry is another advocate of Tibetan “Buddhism.” Movies such as Little Buddha and A Kid from Tibet praise the Tibetan gurus as living gods, as if all maroon-robed lamas possess extraordinary powers and profound insight of the Buddha Dharma, while in reality, they only specialize in the Couple-Practice Tantra which is altogether perverted and non-Buddhist in nature.
Many fictions and movies glamorize the mudras, or hand-seals, of Tantric “Buddhism” as being able to effectuate amazing supernatural powers. People not in the know have no idea that the “action hand seals,” for instance, actually symbolizes highly complicated sex positions. In fact, these mudras are gestures for entangling body parts in the bedroom.

In recent years, Tibetan “Buddhism” is sneakily stretching its claws toward Taiwan and mainland China. Many Chinese Buddhist monastics and dharma masters have been unknowingly supporting its wicked teachings and some have even made headlines because of the sexual abuses and scandals they perpetrated after being certified as a rinpoche. Apart from Buddhist disciples, many upper class intellectuals in Taiwan are also blindly worshipping the Dalai Lama as well as the living tulkus, dharma kings, and rinpoches. Uninformed and misguided, they ignored many reports about lamas’ uninhibited sexual practice with intransigent disbelief.

The translated fourteen tantric root infractions and the numerous exposés of sex-centered cultivation in Tantric “Buddhism” in western countries are undeniable proofs that the credulous followers of Tibetan “Buddhism” in Taiwan and China have been fooled, by lamas or the Fengshan Temple in Hsinchu, Taiwan, into believing that Tantric “Buddhism” does not propagate sexual cultivation.

To protect Buddhist learners and the public from the sexual predation of Tibetan “Buddhism,” the True Enlightenment Education Foundation has been trying to expose the licentious nature of the Vajrayana Tantra and the fact that Tantric “Buddhism” is a sex cult at the core. The Foundation aims to drive this phony Buddhist branch out of Buddhism and put an end to its religious counterfeiting.

Further, family integrity is seriously under threat when a parent is involved in the adulterous tantric practice. Therefore, to safeguard family integrity and welfare of young children, we will make known to the world that the “religious objective” of the Dalai Lamas, the dharma kings and the rinpoches are none other than “philandering with all women.” The availability of the Chinese translation of Tsongkhapa’s exposition on the fourteen tantric root infractions by Tshangyang Dorje provides the long awaited textual basis to debunk them one by one.(Reported by the Interviewing Team)20140522

Editor’s Note:

This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on

March 15, 2014

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5 Responses

  1. There’s always one more …

    “… Vornehmlich im Mahayana verzweigt sich ein großes Pantheon von Buddhas und Bodhisattvas, von denen viele auch Hindu-Gottheiten sind (Saraswati, Lokeshvara) …”

    (translation by, edited by me):
    “… mainly in Mahayana a big Pantheon of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas branches out, of which many are also Hindu deities (Saraswati, Lokeshvara) …”


  2. See:

    “… Spiritual leader of Tibetans, the Dalai Lama, said … having spent many years in India, his ‘inner values’ and ‘spirituality’ come from this country. ‘Indian spirituality filled my mind. I am mentally an Indian.’ …”


  3. Chris this was held back as it had more than one link. My understanding is that you do not want us to publish your piece as a post, but just let people see it here in the comment section as a link?


  4. “The True Enlightenment Education Foundation has made every effort to inform the general public so that they will recognize “the true face of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and its Highest Yoga Tantra” and will fully understand that Tibetan Tantric Buddhism has inherited the pleasure-seeking tradition of sexual Hindu Tantra, which is NOT true Buddhism. Instead, it is under the guise of Buddhism, and many Buddhists, having been hypnotized over a long period of time, are slowly taking this fake Buddhism as a true Buddhist religion.”

    “Despite their multifarious lineages and confusing Buddhist terms offered by Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, once having learnt of its true colors of “actual practice in sexual union” and that “every tantric dharma–gate leads to hell,” the public will not have any shock or disappointment after learning Lamaism.”

    There is no disputing that the Dalai Lama is not a true Buddhist. It is time people stopped bowing to a sorcerer. I am glad the truth is out and we can clearly see how he set out to spread Lama serving propaganda, first and foremost, to regain power in Tibet. I can understand why people who believed his words of peace and compassion are disillusioned when they finally understand they have been fooled and misled by a sexually promiscuous self-seeking power hungry greedy lama.

    The truth about Tibetan Lamaism has to be taken seriously. It is a gross denial of human rights and the constant use of hypnosis has brought about untold damage. We will never know the extent of it, however, with education we can stop Lamaism spreading and cause many people to question exactly what is going on.

    The post will also give quinnites/educoists a better understanding of where Tony Quinn’s and Lamaism influences came from – Hinduism.


  5. This is great . Thanks for all the hard work. Here is what I have put on my blog as a new post with this link:

    Sexual abuse of women (and little boys stolen from their parents and mother to perpetuate mass Tibetan monasticism ) is institutionalized and encouraged in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ which is really Hindu Tantra brought to the early Buddhism of Tibet and overlaid on Bon spirit worship.. It is not Buddhism, it is the worship of these Lamas as gurus on thrones, whose every wish and indulgence is to be obeyed. That is why someone like Sogyal rinpoche is honored and feted and his multimillion dollar Rigpa empire is celebrated by the Dalai Lama and all the other sects now under his hegemony working to spread what is really a sexually abusive cult.

    Here is what the Chinese Taiwanese are doing in Taiwan to counter act the Lamas and their perversion of Buddhism.

    It’s always the same amongst the western Tibetan Lamaists, they just can’t get their mind around the sexual exploitation that is rampant in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ and the Lamas, and particularly the western male population will defend and excuse this as simply another rogue Lama, because they love the patriarchal forms. Most western Tibetan males who gravitate to Tibetan Lamaism are often highly misogynistic and exploitative themselves. They wouldn’t find it so wonderful if they thought for just a moment about what westerners know about sexually abusive cults, and groups, and that sexually abused little boys, (which was and still is rampant in Tibetan monasteries) often become sexually abusive adults confused about sexuality.

    In Taiwan, since it is a country steeped in Mahayana Buddhism they know the difference. Tibetan ‘Buddhism’s Hindu vjarayana underpinnings is simply expanded upon and made up by the Lamas to justify their exploitation of groups of people as the longest lasting kleptocracy on earth. Western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ straddle two centuries and will have to compartmentalize and ignore their own social and cultural values to continue to pretend that what they are practicing has anything to do with Buddhism or what Shakyamuni Buddha taught. These Lamas don’t study and don’t know what the Buddha taught because they have only been teaching and studying the Tantras, and their own lineage teachings. Trungpa’s sexual exploits were only what was ‘normal’ inside the world of the polygamous Lamas and their ‘higher practices’.

    While trying to defend Tibetan Lamaism and the Vajrayana teachings, (because how can one admit that one was fooled for 40 years?) one should know that one has really been participating and involved in a Hindu Tantric cult of thought control by misogynistic, patriarchal priests who see themselves at the top of the heap of their Caste System Brahminism, and it doesn’t matter what sect a western Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ is participating in, that is what you are spreading as shills for the Lamas. . All your complaints will be understood once you take back your own western cultural reasoning and start using good sense and intelligence again and see that none of these sexual abuses by the Lamas and their ilk are exceptional or rogue, they are simply doing what they have been taught and encouraged to do for over a 1000 years. Until that is understood, western Tibetan ‘Buddhists’ of the vajrayana will simply be the ‘enablers’ of a sexually abusive cult of medieval clerics and the Lamas shills to excuse and spread this misogynistic cult of Lamaism. It is not what the Buddha taught. It is Hindu Tantra”.


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