Míceál Ledwith rants and raves against Jehovah



Here is the evidence that Míceál Ledwith is still under the influence of Knight. We have two priests who have come under the influence of very powerful women.


In other words it is not the issue of intelligence but rather that of influence. Gerard McGinnity has become a big fish in a small pond whereas Míceál Ledwith has become a small fish in a big pond. Role reversal and the psychological transformation to deal with the events of their  unresolved past.






In 2004, RSE students produced an infomercial for the school disguised as a documentary called “What the Bleep do we Know!?” The film grossed $10 million in the United States but was panned by critics. “New Age hooey disguised as a scientific documentary about quantum physics,” is how Jack Garner of the Rochester [N.Y.] Democrat and Chronicle summed it up.

Appearing in the film is Irishman Míceál Ledwith, a former monsignor in the Catholic Church, adviser to the pope, and president at St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, an Irish seminary dating back to 1795.

Ledwith resigned abruptly in 1994 after allegations of pedophilia, which were later settled out of court, and was defrocked by the Vatican in 2005.

Ledwith, who is part of Knight’s inner circle and has been a student at RSE since 1989, can be seen in the full-length, 16-hour video of the 2011 wine ceremony, where he takes the stage with Knight about seven hours in, propping himself up on Ramtha’s ornate throne.

“Fuck Jehovah,” Knight proclaims, speaking in Ramtha’s voice and outing Jesus as a fellow alien who came to this planet to basically teach the same things. From the same stage, Ledwith denounces the biblical God as “fickle, capricious, psychotic, neurotic, and insecure, and we are supposed to believe that he is the creator God.” Knight adds that God is a “psychotic, insecure son of a bitch,” which draws a chuckle from the former priest. Then they dance.

Colm Toibin and Joe O’Leary have insightful articles that give context to this person’s journey:






Ramtha Video Tapes Allowed, for Now

Judge Denies Temporary Restraining Order Regarding Controversial DVD

Friday, May 23, 2014

By Nisqually Valley News 


Last Friday JZ Knight filed a lawsuit against the Olympia-based Freedom Foundation. On Wednesday federal Judge Benjamin H. Settle threw out the attempt at a temporary restraining order that would have kept the Evergreen Freedom Foundation from dissemination of controversial video tapes.

According to the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, the videotapes show JZ Knight, while purportedly channeling the 35,000-year-old Lemurian warrior Ramtha, making “bizarre, bigoted” statements.

Knight, through her company JZK, Inc., was attempting to stop the Evergren Freedom Foundation from submitting a DVD of the videotape to the Thurston County commissioners.

“State law protects citizens from any liability for submitting information to a government agency,” said Trent England, an Evergreen Freedom Foundation attorney. “And federal courts have protected disclosures exactly like this, where an important public issue was at stake. In this case, the issue is politicians accepting support from a bigot and then both parties lying about it.”

Mike Wright legal affairs manager for JZK, Inc., said he was surprised by the ruling, but appreciated Judge Settle warning against pushing the release of more videos.

“While the judge was unwilling to grant this emergency request, he did allow an expedited track to a hearing on a preliminary injunction in a few weeks so he could study the matter in more detail,” Wright stated in a press release to the Nisqually Valley News. “The efforts by the Freedom Foundation to engage in partisan attacks and their attempts to disenfranchise voters while wrapping themselves in a flag is the antithesis what they claim to represent.”

The videos first surfaced two years ago, and prompted the state Democratic Party to return political donations from JZ Knight.

At the time, Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero described the videos in question as  “vile, racist and divisive …. (T)hese hateful comments are the complete opposite of everything I stand for. I denounce them. I condemn them.”

Earlier this year Knight contributed $65,000 to the Thurston County Democratic Party. It declined to return the money. Thurston Democrat County Chairman Roger Erskine, in explaining why the money would not be rejected, called Knight “a very good, strong Democrat,” and Romero now states, “I don’t believe she’s a bigot.”

Knight, Romero and others had argued the videos had been manipulated and/or taken out of context. Many of Knight’s students — including Catholics, Mexicans, gays and Jewish people — came forward earlier this month and denied Ramtha was racist or homophobic in any way.

Knight, Romero and other public figures also claimed the videos had been altered in some way to make them appear more damaging.

To disprove these allegations, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation submitted DVDs of the relevant clips lifted from the longer video to the Thurston County commissioners, according to a press release.

“When it comes to sheer, unadorned racism, Donald Sterling can’t hold a candle to JZ Knight,” England said, “and I think government is more important even than the NBA. The Freedom Foundation released clips of the JZ Knight videos to give officials and the public the truth,” he said. “Knight wants to hide the truth, but I trust the federal courts will see through her frivolous claims.”

The complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington in Tacoma, by JZK, Inc., specifically mentioned the Evergreen Freedom Foundation’s Glen Morgan, who is the group’s property rights director.

According to a JZK, Inc. press release, “On May 6, 2014, Morgan submitted verbatim copies of JZK, Inc.’s proprietary video materials to the Thurston County Commissioners in violation of state and federal law. Morgan told the Commissioners that EFF was also disseminating the private videos to 3,200 other officials in the state.

“Morgan and EFF have expressly refused to respect JZK, Inc. and JZ Knight’s private property and legally protected interests. This is a curious stance for an organization that purports to promote the protection of private property rights.”

Morgan said the judge on Wednesday ruled against JZ Knight Inc.’s request for a temporary restraining order, stating it failed on its merits.

“Now it is up to JZ Knight on how much effort she wants to put in to suppress these videos,” Morgan said. “The videos are now a public record in Thurston County. People can request copies of them.”

Morgan said he did not have an inkling whether JZ Knight would push the issue forward following this ruling.

“I have no idea what a 35,000-year-old warrior would do,” Morgan said. “I will say this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever been involved in.”


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