Last interview with L Ron Hubbard in 1966

Introduction To Scientology –

Exclusive Interview With L Ron

Hubbard 1966


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  1. When asked by the interviewer was there an end result Hubbard replied:

    “Yes it’s a finite state known as clear and that means that the individual has erased what the Freudian said was/is basic illness, which is his reactive mind, his unconscious mind is gone and he is totally alert and totally capable and this state has been achieved in our programme.”

    They are probably the truest words he ever spoke. This is what Tony Quinn does. He has also achieved this “totally alert and totally capable” state of hypnotically induced attention in people who have attended his Educo cult seminars who then continue to work from it; their minds taken over by the programmes.

    Quinn had his ‘foolies’ believe that he was the first to do research in this area. He boasted and bragged about it.

    Like Hubbard, Quinn started his ‘religious’ cult and in their belief of man’s stupidity, lack of occult knowledge that left them wide open to abuse, they have uncovered one of the greatest dangers to humanity. We have woken up to IT alright, however, not in the way they planned.

    Hubbard’s and Quinn’s millions should be confiscated and put to good use. I am sure there are plenty of projects needing financial support that will ‘create a better world?’


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