Scientology: LR Hubbard, “As Mad as The Madman.”


  • Interesting comments on Face Book by
    Hayley MurfinIt’s not lame- it’s very funny- and chillingly revealing.Watch his facial expressions. The worst is at around 1 minute 20-22 seconds – when he mentions money. His mouth forms a hideous snarl. That sums Scientology up. what a revolting man- inside and out. Yuck. False laughter, blinking, avoiding eye contact, repeating questions asked. He is lying. He had all that money but never fixed those filthy rotting teeth. If he was afraid of dentists, why not use dianetic technique to overcome that? Flunk.


3 Responses

  1. Can you articulate, clearly, what your issue is with scientology? Obviously you disagree with that church theologically. But how does that make them a cult? Is the standard for being a cult, any church you disagree with?


  2. Too close to home me thinks…..


  3. This sort of rubbish really shows what Dialogueireland is all about….pathetic stuff really…not the stuff of gentle folk.


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