FLAG DOWN 2014 Speakers: Singers and their songs


Flad down
5-day anti-Scientology conference in Clearwater, Florida in May 2014 where ex-members and critics will expose the fraud and abuse of this criminal organization. The conference will reveal the abusive conditions, financial exploitation, coerced abortions and broken families that lie behind the Scientology organization’s veneer of religiosity.

Pete'd pics


John Sweeney and Geir Isene

Chris Shelton and Arnie Lerma

Russell Miller

Michael Leonard Tilse

John Duignan

Mark Brunker

John Sweeney gave another talk.

Jamie DeWolf

John McGhee and Tom Padgett


3 Responses

  1. I assume the attachment is in an email?


  2. Parallels between House of Prayer and Legion of Christ

    Dear Mike, I see you keep fighting the good fight.  I moved “across town” from Virginia to MD and despite “displacement” discomforts and a finicky Internet connection I put a few ideas together that I want to share with you -see attachment. I don’t know whether the whole House of Prayer bit is a horse beaten to death. You tell me. All the best. Paul

    PS plans are that I move to Guatemala in the next few months….A big move. My wife and I will be “playing it by ear” for a while to see if we like it and stay down there.


  3. We know that some people who leave a cult have a tendency to join another. The second speaker was recommending Hinduism as if there were no mind controlling issues in that religion. How strange! Wouldn’t you think he would have learnt something by now.


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