Scientology Flagdown: D Day landings on the Clearwater beaches

Just as the events of 1944 proved decisive in bringing to an end Hitler’s reign and the end of the Nazi State, so the landings in Florida might be a signal for the end of this totalitarian regime founded in the US. It was clear that LR Hubbard had sought to create a Scientology state in such places as South Africa, Rhodesia and when the US and Britain rejected him he tried to recreate this on his naval craft in the Mediterranean. This was to put himself beyond scrutiny, in the same way Jim Jones moved to Guyana. When that drew to an end due it becoming more like a Pirate Regime, he sought to create a state within a state with its own constitution, intelligence and concentration camps in each society it migrated to. North Korea is the nearest country to describe this phenomenon and it is interesting that one of the speakers John Sweeney has explored both.


    Published on 20 Apr 2014

    Featuring just some of the Flag Down 2014 speakers: Chris Shelton, John McGhee, Pete Griffiths, Ishmael Bey, John Duignan. Victoria Britton, David Love, Geir Isene, Mark Tordai, Patty Moher, Jamie DeWolf, Arnie Lerma, John Sweeney and Russell Miller.

    We are hosting a conference in Clearwater running from 5th to 9th of May 2014 to expose the human rights abuses and fraud of the Scientology cult on their home turf.

    The conference will reveal the abusive conditions, financial exploitation, coerced abortions and broken families that lie behind the Scientology organization’s veneer of religiosity.

    Hosting an event of this size has never been done in Clearwater before. The fact that the cult consider it their “mecca”, despite the majority of citizens being somewhat less than supportive of it, makes it the ideal location for this event.

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    1. The interview with Truth Beyond Scientology with Tony Ortega is very interesting. It certainly does sound like the Scientology church cannot survive. What is different is that there is a lot of information coming out from ex-scientologists, and present scientologists who are afraid to give their names to reporters so as to avoid losing contact with outside family members.

      The interviewer referred to scientology as the “squealer church”; it’s quite shocking that children of the cult were interrogated from the age of 6 years. LR Hubbard put together a list of questions and the first one “What have you been told not to say?” tells us that parents private lives are totally under scrutiny. How did he get away with this? I can only think that the parents were completely under influence and the children were told not to repeat anything that was said, my conclusion being that abusers create secrecy.

      Similar to Educo, there is a focus on the self. How GREAT are you type of exploration that leaves people wide open to self-delusion and cultic deceptions. The element of squealing was apparent when ‘therapy’ information was passed to ‘top brass’ and Tony Quinn was informed of conversations with people who attended Eccles Street, by his ‘foolies’. House calls were made to gauge how the undue influence was affecting their lives. The ‘foolies’ were no different to scientologists in that they gave their lives to Quinn’s cult; manipulated puppets who manipulated others into feeling important about being part of the group/ cult set-up.

      The secrecy involved is the most dangerous element that I came across. How is one to cope with hypnotic suggestions, osteopathic treatments using deep relaxation/hypnosis, frightening visualisations that make absolutely no sense beginning with the delusional ‘past life’ that leads to the present life being taken over by the, so called, promise made to Quinn before his ‘foolies’ were born? To my mind it is just as crazy as Scientology, however, it is easy to see how infiltrating Eastern religious belief systems made it possible at that time.

      There is nothing more seductive than bringing about a sense of continuity in the unpredictable world we live in, even if they are a pack of lies!


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