Request from Fr Michael Caulfield to take down everything from our blog


Dear Mr. Garde,

I went through your website in relation to the Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge.


It makes me very sad to see so many lies told about so few people, good living Catholics, in the Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge. Not one single commentator gave their name. Why? The Congregation was registered at the Vatican in early March 2013. When a Catholic Bishop, who is in Union with the Pope, sets up a new Congregation like Our Lady of Refuge, and registers it at the Vatican, it is already approved. The Pope is the only one who can veto it. As the Pope did not veto it, this means two things:
1. That he is a valid Bishop.
2. And that what he has set up is valid. Please- no more speculation. If you have a problem with a Bishop, write to the Pope, not another Bishop.

When you called to meet me at work, you did not tell me that you intended to put a selected part of our conversation on the internet. This means that I cannot speak with you anymore. You were also going to photograph the place where I worked, and you wanted to take my photograph. Why would you want these? What did you say your brief was?

Please note the following facts:
1. No donations from anyone were received in order to build The Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge. None.
2. No member of the Congregation ever gave permission for any material or photographs to be posted on the internet, so any photos on line should not be there.
3. The average age among members of the Congregation is 60 years. There is nobody under the age of 30 in the Congregation. Members joined of their own free will and are free to come and go as they please. Please respect the free will of individuals to practice their Catholic faith in peace.

We find it very interesting that there is so much talk about Our Lady of Refuge on Dialogue Ireland because since I went on Shannonside Radio last December 23rd to inform the public about the Congregation, we didn’t receive a single phonecall from anyone or not one person called to the house. Where are all the ‘concerned’ people? This is one of the largest local radio stations in Ireland. Considering the fact that the total number of members in Our Lady of Refuge in all of Connaught and Leinster (inc. Dublin city) is only 6 people, who know each other between 6-16 years, among whom are an elderly nun and a retired civil servant, we cannot fathom what all the exaggerated hype is about. We all have families who are not a bit pleased about the lies and derogatory statements printed on Dialogue Ireland. When someone makes a comment it either originates from God, who is pure love, or from the devil who is pure hate. Only the two forces exist, good or evil. Most of the comments on Dialogue Ireland are not from God. They are rash judgements, lies, no charity or love of neighbour, no consideration for the families of the people that they are writing about. Some of the comments are nothing more than incitement to hatred. I am very surprised at you Mike Garde, that you would allow these comments on when you must be aware of the hurt that they can cause in families, and to think that you pride yourself on acting to protect the human rights of vulnerable adults. In your own words:

‘DI is not concerned about the beliefs of this group, but rather the undue influence exercised over individuals through the group. In other words our remit is the abuse of the human rights of vulnerable adults, not whether this is an Orthodox Catholic community.’

What about the abuse of the human rights of innocent members of Our Lady of Refuge? Maybe it’s time Mike Garde was investigated. I would like you to prove that the comments on your blog were written by real people, not just 1 person. I will need the names and addresses of some of the commentators, owing to the content of their statements, in case I deem it necessary to take legal action which of course will implicate you. I trust, by some of your statements that you believe these comments to be true. You should therefore have evidence to prove so.
Now, lets take a look at some of the comments:
Article ‘Who are Michael Caulfield and Bishop Ralph Napierski?
Dialogue Ireland, on May 25, 2013 at 12:03am said:
‘None what so ever, we will show that his succession is absolutely a joke. It has to be seen to be believed.’
This comment was made against Bishop Ralph Napierski back in May 2013. Of course Dialogue Ireland have not shown Bishop Ralph’s succession to be a joke as that would be impossible. Bishop Ralph has already taken one of the largest media companys in Germany (The B.Z.) to court for saying that he was a fake, among other things. He won the courtcase. We enclose a copy of the court document. Furthermore, all valid clergy in Germany receive a stipend from the Government. In Germany, a Bishop must prove his validity in order to receive this stipend. If he cannot prove his validity he could be arrested and given a jail sentence. As a valid Bishop, Bishop Ralph receives a stipend from the German government to carry out his ministry.

Anonymous, on May 31, 2013 at 8.49pm said:
‘I’m concerned as I know people who are giving a lot of money to maintain this house in Roscommon. They were/are connected with the cult of St. Charbel, headed by William Kamm (“Little Pebble”) who is still in jail in Australia for statutory rape. It is a Doomsday Cult and the premise was that when the world would end the cult members would survive and William Kamm would become the next Pope. He had a duty to repopulate the world and to do the job needed 12 “queens” and 78(or thereabouts) “Princesses”. So he duped families in his cult in Wolloongong to allow their teenage brainwashed daughters to become his queens and princesses. My concern is that this may also have occurred via the cult house in Clontarf, Dublin as William Kamm visited there a number of times. And that, because the Roscommon cult is an offshoot of the Clontarf cult, that some vulnerable young women may yet come to harm via the “priests” there-Michael Caulfield and perhaps Seamus (Murphy) who had to have known what was going on. Luckily at present it seems to be more elderly foolish ladies involved who are simply being duped out of their money, not that that is so great either.’

This person is telling blatant lies. Firstly, the Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge has absolutely nothing to do with William Kamm or the Order of St. Charbel. Secondly, No donations have ever been received from anyone in order to build the Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge. Please provide us with evidence to back up these wild accusations and the details of this person.

Margaret, on July 13, 2013 at 3.03am said:
‘I know Ralph Napierski very well, especially his antics. German police said that he is NOT a resident of Germany and only has a postal address and answering machine service there. He is Polish, has a girlfriend and a little boy. Secondly, he promotes sex toys in marriages and the BDSM industry; has been photographed with nude sex workers, Third Reichers, other false clergy connected to William Kamm; is allegedly selling fake relics for US$150 each with a fake certificate; now calls himself “The Prophet” and is promoting MDM (Maria Divine Mercy) who has been declared a false prophet by the Vatican and declares God sent him to reveal that Pope Francis is the Antichrist when in fact he certainly is NOT. Napierski has built machines that read a person’s mind and sold it to the military; has hacked many sites including eBay; is a spiritual vampire who practices Jesus Yoga (Yoga is condemned by our Vatican exorcist). I also know of two cases where he has implanted thoughts into people’s minds and used his psychic ability to affect these two people. He is NOT a mystic, he is a psychic and ruled by the hand of the Devil.’

There are so many lies in this comment it beggars belief. Bishop Ralph is a German and proud of the fact.

Article, ‘Germany’s Mysterious Vatican Gatecrasher’
Bishop Ralph took one of the largest German media companies (The B.Z.) to court for stating that he was a fake Bishop, among other things. He won the courtcase. Enclosed is a copy of the court document, so we expect you to remove these lies from your website.
Article, ‘DI Director on Shannonside Radio with Joe Finnegan about the Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge.’
Anon, on November 28, 2013 at 7:51pm said:
‘I heard this interview, while travelling in the car. I am shocked this is going on in ballaghaderreen and not known to most people. People need to be informed more on it and its dangers. I contacted friends living locally to this cult and they were not aware of its dangers at all.’
We listened to the interview with Mike Garde on Shannonside Radio. Mike Garde, who knows absolutely nothing about the Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge, was speculating that we were linked to William Kamm, and he also tried to compare us with a criminal gang that enslaved women in London. This is despicable. It is disturbing to see the undue influence that Mike Garde exercisers over viewers and listeners such as the commentator above. This person admits that he/she heard the interview while travelling in the car and is ‘shocked this is going on in ballaghaderreen’. As this person claims to be ‘shocked’, we can deduce that he/she knew nothing about the Congregation up until this point, and is now convinced, due to the speculation of Mike Garde, that it is a dangerous cult. This person has even contacted locals to turn them against Our Lady of Refuge, all due to the speculation of Mike Garde. This comment proves that Mike Garde has successfully incited hatred towards innocent members of Our Lady of Refuge.
Lets take a look at the next three comments together as they are linked and were written directly one after another:
Fidelma from Argentina, on December 2, 2013 at 1.02pm said:
‘I know a respectable family in Ballaghaderreen who have visited the house there and said they are lovely people free to go and come as they please. There is no pressure on them there to stay or go its a really nice place to live in a Christian based community. I think Dialogue Ireland have a cult following myself and are themselves a cult. You guys in dialogue Ireland have lost the plot. Happy Christmas dialogue Ireland hope you have a prosperous new year!’
Aideen-Roscommon, on December 16, 2013 at 10.42pm said:
‘Fidelma, it is not a “Christian based community”…it is a twisted man called Michael Caulfield who dresses up as a priest at weekends and pretends to say mass. When Michael Caulfield is not in this house at weekends he is with his wife and children in Santry in Dublin. Michael Caulfield lives in Dublin and runs his business “Calfer Insulation” from Dublin. He then comes down to Roscommon for the wends and dresses like a priest. Michael Caulfield is also connected to William Kamm who is currently serving a prison sentence for rape in Australia. Michael Caulfield claims he was ordained by Bishop Ralph Napierski but Napierski is not recognized by the Catholic Church and has no authority to ordain anyone. If you do a little bit of research on these guys you should be able to understand that these are not genuine serious people let alone sincere catholics. These people don’t matter and nobody cares about them (which is probably why they have become delusional)…..what is extremely sad and worrying though is the younger and more vulnerable people that they manipulate and take advantage of. They are destroying lives every day. Innocent lives.’

Dialogueireland, on December 17, 2013 at 2.19am said:
‘Thanks for that pertinent summary. I am surprised Michael Caulfield has not been interviewed as yet?
I wonder if any of them are computer literate and can make a defence on our blog. We will give them an unedited right to place a post here to argue that they have apostolic succession to Peter? That Bishop Napierski is not a total fraud etc. We will put up soon a number of items to give our readers background on this group.’

With regard to the comment made by Aideen-Roscommon on December 16, 2013:
Firstly, we do not know anyone called Aideen in Roscommon. As you can see from the comment, this is pure hate speech and we believe the commentator is hiding his true identity. We would be very pleased if you could fill us in with the details of who this person is. In our view, the comment made by Dialogue Ireland on December 17th, sums up the true character of Dialogue Ireland. In this comment, Dialogue Ireland thank the previous commentator for hate speech. This comment proves that Dialogue Ireland is not an impartial body working to safeguard the human rights of vulnerable adults but is instead an aggressor and biased facilitator of the spreading of lies, hatred and abuse of vulnerable members of society, in this case the target being Michael Caulfield. We note that Fidelma from Argentina on December 2nd said something very positive about Our Lady of Refuge but Dialogue Ireland did not comment on it. Instead they choose to give credence to blatant lies and hate speech. We have highlighted below some of the lies and hate speech in this particular comment:

Lie: ‘It is not a Christian based community’
Lie and incitement to hatred: ‘It is a twisted man called Michael Caulfield who dresses up as a priest at weekends and pretends to say mass’
Lie and incitement to hatred: ‘Michael Caulfield is also connected to William Kamm who is currently serving a prison sentence for rape in Australia.’ Michael Caulfield has absolutely nothing to do with William Kamm. William Kamm alone is responsible for any sins or crimes that he has committed. The fact that William Kamm is in prison for rape has nothing to do with Michael Caulfield. They are separate individuals.
Lie: ‘Napierski is not recognized by the Catholic Church and has no authority to ordain anyone’ All the Congregational documents were registered at the Vatican early March 2013. The Pope is the only one who had a veto but he did not veto the Congregation. Therefore we are approved.
Lie and incitement to hatred: ‘If you do a little bit of research on these guys you should be able to understand that these are not genuine serious people let alone sincere Catholics. These people don’t matter and nobody cares about them (which is probably why they have become delusional)……..what is extremely sad and worrying though is the younger and more vulnerable people that they manipulate and take advantage of. They are destroying lives every day. Innocent lives.’ Every person in Our Lady of Refuge is a devout Catholic. Mr. Garde, since you thanked this commentator for inciting hatred towards members of Our Lady of Refuge, we presume, if this goes to court, that you have evidence to prove that we have been destroying lives every day.


Article, ‘Scam artist, Chancer, Publicity Seeker, Fake or Real Bishop? Would the real Ralph Napierski please stand up?’
What are you up to Mike Garde? Where is the relevance in all the effort you put in to getting this information or Mis-information? Why is it of any concern to you? Remember what your brief is. As we have already said, the one and only means of checking the validity of a Bishop is by going directly to the Pope. The Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge has already been registered at the Vatican. Only the Pope has the right to veto it and he has not done so. Therefore, we are approved.

Article, ‘Is Michael Caulfield linked to William j. Kamm?’
Dialogue Ireland write on 26th February, 2014:
‘What do we note here?
First it is a rationalisation of inappropriate behaviour and a rationalisation after the event. Reading this section above should give us cause for concern in regard to Michael Caulfield. He claims to be a priest even though he is validly married and has had children. He now claims to be a validly ordained priest. Has he entered into a mystical marriage with a younger woman rationalising this with the support of Napierski? My guess is that he lives a totally separate life from his real wife, and children, drops in now and again to his Dublin home but his real centre of reference is his old family home in Roscommon? Time will tell if this analysis is correct!’
This is so ridiculous. You are literally making things up off the top of your head in order to incite hatred against Michael Caulfield. Why are you doing this? You should be investigated by the relevant authorities.

Aideen-Roscommon, on March 12, 2014 at 8.50pm said:
‘Caulfield is a deluded and dangerous character. I have met him locally and others share the same view. He will not be able to develop his site in Roscommon because he is not intelligent enough to do so. No sane or reasonable person would have anything to do with Michael Caulfield. I believe his wife and children have been estranged from him for years. This is why he needs to align himself with more experienced con artists and liars such as Napierski and Kamm. Anyone who associates with these people should be ashamed of themselves. Considering Kamm is currently in prison for rape it is unbelievable that Christine Lammermann would continue to be involved with him and his associates. She is quite happy to see the lives of her own young daughter and other young women being ruined. I wonder do the other people in the picture above actually know who Lammermann is or do they just not care about her associations to a convicted rapist and fraud. Are they that immoral and stupid or have they been brain washed?’
As already stated, we do not know anyone called Aideen in Roscommon so we believe that this person is hiding his/her identity. As you can see from the comment, it is incitement to hatred which is an offence under Irish Law. We are shocked that a person who claims to act to protect the human rights of others has allowed this on his website. Please send us the correct name and address of this person because they have already committed a serious offence and you are party to it.

It is worth noting that the Devil only attacks all that is of God. He will never attack his own work. The amount of derogatory misinformation on Dialogue Ireland about such a tiny number (only 6 members in all of Leinster and Connaught) of devout Catholics in Our Lady of Refuge is incredible. The Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge must be from God for it to receive such unwarranted persecution from Dialogue Ireland.

I hope for your sake Mike Garde, that at no stage will this ever go into a court of Law.

There are, of course, other comments we could mention but this should be adequate to let you know how we feel. Please remove all material about Our Lady of Refuge from your website and let Our Lady of Refuge put up its own website, as this is what we intend to do.






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  1. Convinced of a crisis devastating the Roman Catholic Church and coming under the increasing influence of sedevacantist activists, Archbishop Thục consecrated several bishops without a mandate from the Holy See.[30] In December 1975 He went to Palmar de Troya, where he ordained Clemente Domínguez y Gómez—who claimed to have witnessed an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary—and others, and the following month he consecrated Dominguez and four followers as bishops.[31] In May 1981 Thục consecrated a French priest, Michel Louis Guerard des Lauriers, as bishop.[31] Des Lauriers was a Dominican, an expert on the dogma of the Assumption and advisor to Pope Pius XII,[32] and former professor at the Pontifical Lateran University. In October 1981, he consecrated two Mexican priests and former seminary professors, Moisés Carmona (of Acapulco) and Adolfo Zamora (of Mexico City).[33] Both of these priests were convinced that the Papal See of Rome was vacant and the successors of Pope Pius XII were heretical usurpers of papal office and power. In February 1982, in Munich’s Sankt Michael church, Archbishop.And then Bishop Thuc did even declared Sedevacantism (that the Pope is no longer Pope because he is out of the will of God and working against the church.) Thục issued a declaration that the Holy See in Rome was vacant, intimating that he desired a restoration of the hierarchy to end the vacancy. However, his newly consecrated bishops became a fragmented group. Many limited themselves essentially to sacramental ministry and only consecrated a few other bishops.[34]The page “Bishop Roux” does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered.
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    There were no results matching the query.

    The page “Bishop Athanasius Maria Seifert” does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered.
    For search help, please visit Help:Searching.

    The second complex lineage case is that of Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc Pierre Martin, a brother of Ngo Dinh Diem Jean Baptiste, the first President of the Republic of Viet Nam, who was murdered in November 1963.

    In the mid-1970s, while living in exile in Italy, the lonely, depressed and impoverished Msgr. Ngo was befriended by Rev. Maurice Revaz, a Swiss priest who, at that time, was teaching canon law at the traditionalist seminary of the Sacerdotal Society of St. Pius X which Archbishop-Bishop Emeritus Marcel Lefebvre has established in Ecône, Switzerland.

    Throughout the 1970s many traditionalist clergy and laity in Europe and America were expressing impatience over Msgr. Lefebvre’s then reluctance to consecrate traditionalist bishops.

    Canon Revaz, for his part, had even become convinced that the real Pope Paul VI was being held prisoner in a Vatican dungeon, with an imposter playing his rôle as Pope.

    Around 1976 Canon Revaz heard there was a lay group near Seville, Spain, that was also convinced that Paul VI either was a prisoner in the Vatican or was being kept in a drugged state in order to manipulate him. Canon Revaz began corresponding with its two leaders, Clemente Dominguez Gómez and Manuel Alonso Corral, both of whom for several years had been saying that they were receiving visions of Our Lord and Our Lady.

    Canon Revaz, after a trip to Rome and an unsuccessful attempt to find, and liberate, the imprisoned and/or drugged Pope Paul VI, left the Ecône seminary permanently, and went to Spain along with two companions, an Irish woman visionary who claimed to be receiving mesages from the incarcerated and/or drugged Pope, and a German nun, Sr. Cherubina, who for some time had been working at the SSPX seminary.

    Canon Revaz had gotten to know Msgr. Ngo, both from making many visits to Rome, where the exiled Archbishop had been living since 1963, and from a trip that Msgr. Ngo had once made to the seminary in Ecône. Revaz convinced the Archbishop to go to Spain and to consecrate priests and bishops for the Dominguez/Alonso group.

    There are reports, from sources very hostile to Msgr. Ngo, that Canon Revaz and his companions persuaded Msgr. Ngo to perform the ordinations and consecrations by convincing him that a bi-locating Pope Paul VI (the real, imprisoned, one, not the imposter) had appeared in Spain and approved the idea.

    At any event, within days of the ordinations and the consecrations that Msgr. Ngo performed in Spain, the Vatican announced publicly that Archbishop Ngo had been automatically excommunicated for attempting to consecrate bishops without a Papal mandate. Msgr. Ngo, however, quickly expressed regret for his actions in Spain and sought forgiveness from the Vatican. The excommunication was then lifted.

    The Dominguez/Alonso group, however, went on without him. Its newly made bishops within weeks started ordaining priests and consecrating bishops and, at the death of Paul VI in 1978, they declared themselves the Holy Palmarian Church (the “Iglesia Una, Santa, Católica, Apostólica y Palmariana”).

    But, right after the lifting of his excommunication, Archbishop Ngo was again back to consecrating independent bishops. This time, the consecrations were for a wide variety of groups, including sedevacantists loosely grouped under the name Tridentine Latin Rite Church.

    Finally, some years before his death, Msgr. Ngo agreed also to perform consecrations for a wide assortment of splinter groups, some of them not even Roman Catholic.

    Excommunicated a second time for these later consecrations, Msgr. Ngo moved to Rochester, NY, where for a few years he lived with an independent bishop (who had been consecrated by one of those bishops whom Msgr. Ngo had earlier consecrated for the Tridentine Latin Rite Church).

    While he was living in upstate New York, Msgr. Ngo was invited to New York City to attend a conference of exiled Vietnamese. While there, he was persuaded to join (some say, was kidnapped by) some emigré Vietnamese who were living in a monastery in Missouri and were loyal to the Vatican. Shortly after arriving there, Msgr. Ngo died. Upon his death, the Vatican released a statement saying that he had recently asked for, and had received, John Paul II’s forgiveness.

    Msgr. Ngo’s lineage includes the broadest conceivable spectrum of theologies likely ever to be held by men all claiming to possess valid “Catholic” priestly and episcopal orders that are derived from a single prelate alive in their lifetimes. The spectrum ranges from the head of a French Satanist sect all the way to the strictest of Traditional Roman Catholics.

    Needless to say, there are critics of both the liceity and validity of the various “Thuc lineage” episcopal consecrations. Click here for a web site comprising arguments favoring and opposing the validity of the Thuc consecrations and another web site posting a recent essay denying validity. Also of interest is “Document sur la mort de Mgr Thuc”


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