Don Camillo Michael Drumm and the fake war with Peppone Ruari Quinn

Yesterday was was the battle of the Education Conferences. It is a kind of blood sport where teachers give an insight into their educational methods and show some of the teaching aids they use. We had a megaphone presumably being demonstrated by a teacher of history. Then the placard as a way to show how the pre electronic age operated.

Which country were we in? It sounds like it is those strange things called Faith Schools they have there in the UK.  There was a lot of discussion about Catholic Primary Schools, even from the General Secretary of the INTO who did not use the N word.


Whatever you do not mention the word National School? Then Ruari Peppone wanted to have a go at Don Michael Camillo so he sent off an Exocet rocket claiming the Catholic Church was not integrating religion in its Catholic Primary Schools. Don Michael Camillo did not rise to the bait and Ruari Peppone’s attempt to set off the next Battle of Clontarf failed. Instead  Don Michael Camillo said the media had misunderstood his friend all together. Ruari Quinn was asking why the Catholic Church was breaking the law by not integrating religion. What he should have been asking them was to stop breaking the law by not allowing access to all. As far as religion is concerned he should have been getting them to provide religious instruction to all faiths and none separately.

Also the Irish people love apartheid and if that is what they want so be it. Those of us in South Africa wanted to retain white privilege, and obviously parents want to retain the status quo. If they had to pay for their exclusive position they would be in favour of National Schools again. No one seems to have a clue or perhaps they do that in fact all this discourse is in breach of our constitution and of the human rights of Irish citizens. We alluded to this before:

So to be clear what we should have as part of our Education policy is this:

In a locality all should have access to their local school, and this is called a National School. Furthermore the children should not be subject to religious education other than what is part of their own belief system. Even where the Patron is Church of Ireland or Catholic in order to receive public funds they must make separate arrangements for each groups represented in the school to teach their values. Attempts to teach religious education to people from other faiths and none is a breach of the Constitution. By definition to obtain state funding that must be the position in the school.

Ruari Quinn knows this but persists in promoting an unconstitutional education system. It is as I have written before Apartheid based on religion and is practiced by all Religions, Denominations or Confessions and on the opposite side the multidenominational schools are breaching it by teaching a multi faith curriculum. Public funds no proselytism. Just as Nelson Mandela represents non racialism, and not multiracialism, so National Schools represent Non Denominationalism over against Denominational or multidenominational Education.

The Minister tried to divert, but ran into a road block with his comments on Maths and then the feminisation of teaching.

Can you have a Methodist, Jewish, Muslim, Church of Ireland or Catholic School? Yes but then you must pay your own bills!

The Catholic Church was wise to remain silent today, but they have a major problem as they are promoting an education system which is in breach of Canon law. It has come to the attention of DI that non Catholics are being told that if they wish to have their child enter the local National School they must be baptised. This is unconstitutional but is also Simony where a sacrament is abused for material gain.

Simony is an offence against the law of the church. In the canon law, the word bears a more extended meaning than in English law. Simony according to the canonists, says John Ayliffe in his Parergon,

“…is defined to be a deliberate act or a premeditated will and desire of selling such things as are spiritual, or of anything annexed unto spirituals, by giving something of a temporal nature for the purchase thereof; or in other terms it is defined to be a commutation of a thing spiritual or annexed unto spirituals by giving something that is temporal.”

In this case it is offering the inducement of access to education. This forces good people to trample on the sacrament and makes them collude with the Catholic Church as they fear the sanction of their child being ejected from the school they compromised their principles to get into in the first place. What makes this horrendous in the first place is that they have that right in law, but Catholics and other Christian groups act as if they are paragons of constitutional virtue.



What Peppone and Camillo have in common is an interest in the well-being of the town. They also appear to have both been partisan fighters during the war; and while Peppone makes public speeches about how “the reactionaries” ought to be shot, and Don Camillo preaches fire and brimstone against “godless Communists”, they actually grudgingly admire each other. Therefore they sometimes end up working together in peculiar circumstances, though keeping up their squabbling. Thus, although he publicly opposes the Church as a Party duty, Peppone takes his gang to the church and baptizes his children there, which makes him part of don Camillo’s flock. Don Camillo also never condemns Peppone himself, but the ideology of communism which is in direct opposition to the church.

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