Bare faced Liar and other publishing stories

In 1987 I returned from South Africa via  Maputo and  Moscow on Aeroflot flights into Shannon. I saw the end of the Apartheid regime coming but it still had power. I stopped in Moscow and who would have believed the Soviet Union would be gone in 3 years? I was went down to Cork and got the Bare Faced Messiah for Christmas. I found it a fascinating read and whereas I had found reading books about Scientology difficult this one get me reading till I had finished. Later I was to write to Russell as in those days you still wrote letters and he told me the Scientologists had reported him for a murder!  I know a lot of ex Scientologists do not always find this book as good as those written by ex Scientologists but nearly 30 years ago this book was explosive. This was before the age of the Internet and the SO could basically kill off any attempt to publish anything. They tried but this book will be a classic and along with Paulette Cooper’s book, “The Scandal of Scientology”  and deserves a place in any library.


Russell Miller  was extremely courageous and he was the victim of what can only be compared to the Stasi or the security apparatus of a rogue state. Do not forget LRH viewed the SO as a separate state and those affected should take a case against them to the International Criminal Court.

The book which I got for Christmas that year had as its dedication the following:


Publishing history

This was the book that was written by a journalist who was used to giving us interesting essays in the Sunday Times Colour Magazine. He was able to educate a wide public on Scientology. His ability to then use the material by Gerry Armstrong began to give us an insight into the workings of this extremely dangerous organisation. We were able to hand out this book to people to help them understand what had happened to them. Local Scientologists tried to buy up the book to stop Scientologists reading it.

Now we understand Gerry Armstrong’s position but then he was seen as an international pariah and was also presented as the problem rather than the answer to the problem. Instead of seeing him as the whistle blower he was viewed as a serious criminal which made it easy to place such harsh conditions on him.  He became an SP or suppressive person. For us all these SP’s are for us Special Persons.

The next person to focus on the story was Jon Atack whose book, “A Piece of Blue Sky,” was published in 1990. It also used Gerry Armstrong’s material but immediately came under attack  on its publication.

When there was an attempt to close down distribution of the book in the UK it was decided by John’s brothers to open a company here in Ireland called Centurion to distribute the book. I agreed to assist and we started sending out the books and we were threatened by Scientology with a visit to the High Court. My solicitor took advice from Adrian Hardiman Senior Counsel and currently a Supreme Court Judge. He told Scientologists to put up £50,000 and to remember we had a written constitution. We never heard from them again. At that time John had withdrawn from the fight, but we are glad to hear he has brought out a new version of his book. It is in a different climate. Scientology is at the same place that Germany was just before the wall came down and before the collapse of the Soviet Union. The flag events are retreating to the States and we can see that prison that is Scientology will not be able to sustain itself very soon. Will it happen suddenly I believe so, as the economic collapse has brought people back to their senses, so the beginnings of people understanding  cultist influence is taking place. However, the Celebrity cult feeds the Scientology cultist agenda and this will take longer to fall. It has become the new religion of consumers in all parts of the world. This golden calf is about to to be melted down…..


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  1. Glad I found this blog. I worked for Gerard Renna at a small Boston-area business many years ago and was introduced to some Scientology concepts. I have been fascinated/appalled by the cult ever since.


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