From Rigpa to abuse. From Tibetan Buddhism to Lamaism. The evolution of DI .


This is an ancient tradition which is growing in Ireland and many centres are opening to this new movement to our shores. There is a group which has given rise to a number of questions which we should make you aware of. This is Rigpa Ireland with centres at Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Wicklow and Retreat Centre at Dzogchen Beara, Garranes.

Similar allegations were heard at an Inform Seminar, New Religious Movements and Violence at the London School of Economics last year. The ex-member, a woman who had been a member for over 10 years stressed the mental abuse she experienced.


This report resulted from a visit to the Inform Conference in 1997 and means we have been concerned about Rigpa and as a result TB for over 16 years. We were helped by TB scholars to see Rigpa as an aberration which the Dalai Lama was not happy about.

We found that we could not make any headway with this issue and found that people like our former President McAleese were enablers of this very un Buddhist organisation.

We published a briefing document which briefly seemed to dampen President McAleese’s enthusiasm, but it was short lived.


We had various Buddhists advising us but they seemed to make exceptions for their leadership to basically be allowed to have sex  with women as part of their religious rites. These consorts were regarded as truly blessed to be able to involve themselves in this way. Here in Ireland we had a culture of clerical sex abuse, but here we had a priestly, clerical elite who were consorting with women and the Dali Lama was just turning a blind eye.

This video gives us a sense of the loss of western critical thinking and the elitist non Buddhist Tantric priestly religion actually practiced by the Dalai Lama.

Just under a year ago we had what appeared to be a very pushy commentator called Chris Chandler come on the scene:

This culminating in bringing our attention to her 30 year experience of being in the TB cult as she saw it. It took us a bit of time to adjust our radar and take the Lamas down from their thrones! She was spot on and it was not just some intellectual exercise but based on 30 years of experience.

We had a new word in our vocabulary namely LAMAISM.

She saw the need to remove the word Tibetan from Buddhism and rather seeing it as Lamaism. She also brought an awareness that Lamaism aka TB was part of the cultist context and as our focus is on cultism the connection missing from 1997 was now made.

Another feature of our growing awareness are our links with our Taiwanese Buddhist friends from The True Enlightenment Education Foundation who have given us a very clear lesson in the well argued case that TB is not Buddhism but is in fact Lamaism. Their focus is on what constitutes Buddhism whereas our focus is on Lamaism as part of cultism.

This is well argued in the post which to begin with looks quite sexually explicit but is in fact very clearly argued.

We hope to develop our relationship with this group as they are key to two pillars of our work:

1. The view that any critique of the Dalai Lama is inspired by communist Chinese propaganda. Hardly possible when it is Taiwanese scholarship that is exposing his Hindu Tantric roots and they are hardly communist.

2. Through them we can educate the Chinese population both at home and abroad into the issues of cultism.



13 Responses

  1. To Gus Mueller.
    What a shit to say something like that!!!! Are you a tibeten lama, ore some other ashole keeping up the tradition, of knocking Down week people.
    Why do you think people seek buddhism.
    I think you should sit down with a psychiatrist for saying something like that, on a page like this!!! Good luck with that !

    To Christiane. Thank you.


  2. Women, maltreated, abused and miscredited by Tibetan Buddhism don’t need psychiatrists.They urgently need people who know a lot about this terrible abuse and can explain to them what happened.

    Lamas, Rinpoches, Gurus, Swamijis, however these abusers are called, like traumatized women very much. Their trauma is like an open door for these abusers to play with them the dirty game of depreciation. Negative suggestions, hypnosis and objectifying of human beings, especially women, that’s what they really enjoy; to make them a worn-out puppet.

    So, to deal with Tibetan Buddhism we have to learn a lot about trauma, hypnosis and deprogramming and how to treat ist. Psychiatrists are talking about Psychosis and Schiziphrenia and other nothing saying expressions. Psychiatrists don’t believe in the experiences of these women and they don’t know anything about these methods tantric rituals are working with. What’s happening here is RITUAL ABUSE in its most terrible way. There are only a few therapists all over the world knowing the effects of ritual abuse, as the American therapist Ellen Lectar or the German Michaela Huber.

    I think, in the future we must make clear, that Tibetan Buddhism and Tantric Hinduism maltreat in the same form as ritual abuse does, perhaps still worse. So we need therapists who believe in the victims and who know that this kind of trauma is installed and how it works in a person.

    I hope Di could find a good contact for the woman.


  3. Signmi, is it possible that you would benefit from sitting down for a chat with a psychiatrist? Because according to your version of events, people in two different countries think you have issues.


  4. Signmi do contact us. We can’t help you but can put you in touch with that can. Please send me your contact details


  5. I am person who sought help in Tibeten buddhisme because I have been severely abused since childhood. I somehow thought that this might be a solution, my way to freedom. So I traveled all over to visit centers.
    But instead of getting help, I got abused even more. I visited Gomde in Denmark were I was desplayed as crazy person, and noone would listen ore even talk to me as a regular person.
    Then I was stupid enough to go to Dehradun in India, to visit Drikung Kayge institute. And there things got a million times worse. I was again toyed around with, miscredited and put on display for jokes and emotional abuse.

    What ever you do. Dont think that Tibeten buddhisme has the key to anything. Atleast dont go to Gomde ore Drikung Kayge.


  6. Thanks David, I am working on making the blog more user friendly, neophyte blogger


  7. Chris, present people have no abilities to read long comments. Adapt to the reader’s habit, writing as short as possible, extending your comments to a queue. Be patient and effective,
    “Melt a whole winter’s ice in one day!” is impossible.
    I have seen your blog being refereed somewhere else. Your voice will be a milestone……a true human being’s voice will be understood by human being. It takes time.


  8. DI, applause for your willingness to speak up against this powerful global cult, which is headed (at least symbolically) by the most beloved religious figure of our time, the Dalai Lama.


  9. “The difficulty is that a counterfeit initially looks so good
    and feels so good that one rarely suspects something is wrong.
    Only when the counterfeit is examined and compared with the
    real thing does the counterfeit become apparent. By then it’s
    often too late…”
    – John Ankerberg and John Weldon

    This is a quote I found in the Merchants of Deception, a free online book about the Amway fraud. It rings so true and helped me understand why we need to understand what constitutes true Buddhism.


  10. We might feel shock, but not for those who are really enjoying the Tantra practice of the desire world!

    Calm down, for your info, there are more shocking details within the practice itself, if you care to delve into the teachings of Tsongkhapa,
    “The Great Exposition of Tantras (sNgags rim chen mo).”


  11. What a shocker! How many members of the British government are involved with guru/Lama practices?


  12. Here is a link to show there are lamas who are really dedicating to promote “sexual” practice.
    Sexually Transmitted Enlightenment Intensive

    “Learning the skills to properly and effectively transmit Enlightenment through sexual intercourse takes experience in being skillfully transmitted as well as hands-on practice in the art of Sacred Transmission. Each intensive lasts 24 hours and includes a 30 minute private session with Tutteji Dai Osho, or one of his senior disciples, as well as opportunities to transmit and receive feedback.”

    A typical Dalai Lama’s disciples!
    What else can we say?


  13. Very good, this blog does know much about the difference between Buddhism and cultism – Lamaism.

    Thank you for your educational posts to alert the public.


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