A cry for help after a Landmark Seminar!

I’ve just come across your website after a traumatic experience with Landmark. I completed the forum and found it somewhat beneficial, although questioned some of the techniques, and of course the hard sell. I had started to feel myself becoming somewhat narcissistic and aggressive, although according to landmarkers this was very good.
I had signed up for the advanced course. It started on a
Friday morning at 10am…….


The first hour or so was focused on “integrity” on being on time (obedience). None of the information given was particularly new for the remainder of day, but the leader exerted a lot of pressure to “enroll” friends and family… and this is the way to achieve anything we want in life.
I was particularly disturbed by the psychological abuse and righteousness inflicted on people who had experienced physical and sexual abuse as children, and hearing them be told they had created these situations themselves.
I wanted to walk out many times during the day but had already been instructed this was my “act” and we were all responsible to the other participants to ensure they “got it”. I felt pressure of the group and conformity, and felt confused and angry. I challenged my group  (we were put in small groups for the weekend with whom we had to eat our meals with) at 10pm, questioning being told our enlightenment coming from enrolling others into landmark? They all seemed fine with this. After barely any sleep one night and a horrific nightmare I did not return. I received many calls throughout the day from my small group and landmark staff. I did not return calls.
I could not sleep after this and have had moments of extreme paranoia, fear and depression. I know now I have to come back to the Self which they were trying to persistently break down (a huge red flag for me
was when the leader said we had to suspend all our critical
thinking and believe as she does).
Can you recommend any professionals here in Atlantis I can speak to?
Many thanks for your help.
Mark Land


(Name and address with DI. Names, dates and geographical
locations changed to protect confidentiality)


2 Responses

  1. Landmark Worldwide (formerly Landmark Education), or simply Landmark, is a limited liability company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It offers programs in personal development. The company reports that more than 2.2 million people have taken Landmark’s programs since its founding in 1991, and that it hosts courses in approximately 115 locations across more than 20 countries. It is a “self-help, self-improvement, personal development, management consulting, continuing education”.

    Another source plagiarised by Quinn? Very interesting reading and I would definitely class it as cultic.


  2. It was so obvious to the person who wrote the post that something was badly wrong. What type of business is Landmark registered under?


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