Secrets of the Vatican~ Dispatches Channel 4 UK

Series 1 Episode 1
11PM Tue 25 March 2014C4

Watch it @ this site for at least 28 days

Duration: 44:30



In March 2013, Pope Francis inherited a Church shocked by the resignation of his predecessor Benedict: the first resignation of a Pope in 600 years.

Secrets of the Vatican tells the epic story of the collapse of the Benedict papacy and illuminates the extraordinary challenges facing Pope Francis as he tries to root out corruption and chart a new course for the troubled Catholic Church and its 1.2 billion followers.

It tells a story of crime, corruption and cover-up at the heart of the Catholic Church, with political intrigue, allegations of financial corruption and sexual hypocrisy laid bare through first-hand testimony from those who were close to the scandals, or who are helping Pope Francis reform the Church.

The Church was already mired in the child sex abuse scandal when Benedict became Pope; a scandal that would dominate his papacy.

More scandal was to come from other quarters, involving allegations of money-laundering through the Vatican bank, and corruption inside Vatican departments.

As the aging Pope’s health deteriorated he was hit by a string of damaging news stories, including the release of undercover footage of gay sex parties in Rome attended by priests.

The final straw came when his butler leaked thousands of private documents to the press, exposing the inner workings of the Church and revealing power struggles within the Vatican itself.

In his first year as Pope, Francis dramatically changed the message coming from Rome. But can he defeat the forces that overwhelmed his predecessor?

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    We note with interest that after a period of prolonged attacks they vacated this site, however, this crude and misguided person is back with irrelevant comments about Masons. We note that they have not furnished us with the recording they claimed contradicted our testimony in Thurles


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