House of Prayer: Campaign of diversion, sockpuppetry and failure to deliver recording continues.

A public meeting was disrupted last week in Thurles as reported in the post below.

Instead of replying to these charges they then concocted a story about a recording which they claimed totally undermined the testimony like that of Jack O’Donnell below:

Dear Mike,
             On Wednesday 12th March my wife Nuala and I attended the Dialogue Ireland meeting at Hayes Hotel Thurles. (Jack and Nuala O’Donnell.)
                         We turned to discuss cults such as Scientology, Palmerianism and the Legionaries of Christ and“ the recent documentary on Marcial Maciel Dellgado and of course the issue of House of Prayer Achill and the work and wealth of Christina Gallagher.
            The meeting  was disrupted by a  group from Co. Limerick who  aggressively disturbed the meeting  with a very obvious agenda of attacking Mr. Garde about his writings and documentaries on the House of Prayer.
           The level of aggression  grew and some people left the meeting for fear of their safety. I, personally got terribly upset as I have health issues and felt very threatened physically.  All the aggression was directed at Mr. Garde directly and personally, and even after the intervention of the Hotel Manager and despite assurances to the contrary, the aggression continued and the meeting broke up. Neither I or my wife and the others at the meeting are attached to Dialogue Ireland in any way nor do we contribute financially to DI.
After the meeting  I again met the group from Limerick and I apologised profusely for my reaction to them during the meeting.
          I laid out my personal history to the Limerick  group representing the Achill House of Prayer, and tried to communicate to them the dangers of cult and breakaway movements as my family had been badly affected and nearly destroyed in fact by such groups. Their rhetoric, terminology and explanations in defence of Christina Gallagher and the House of Prayer was just so familiar it bothered me and explained their aggression sourced from their belief, zeal, fervour and of course blind and unquestioning  allegiance to a movement linked to great wealth for the leader, who, apparently has no other visible means than income from the House of Prayer.
        I would plead with all the followers of the House of Prayer to stand back and review their relationship with Christina Gallagher.  Is it the singer or the song they are following? I would especially ask the Limerick group to step back and forensically examine the whole set up at Achill without any feeling  of guilt. With such lots and lots of money floating about, I cannot see Jesus there.(God and Mammon?)
       The Limerick  group invited me to visit Achill and I’d like to take up their invitation and travel with them to Achill any Saturday, My email address is:
I await with interest your response!

We have been bombarded with personal attacks and the use of sock puppetry since then. These comments have been left in our commenting section:


We will be reporting this abuse to the server in North Kansas, Missouri, USA.

dialogueireland, on March 18, 2014 at 3:29 pm said: Edit Comment

Yayyy and Horrayyy!!! comments on the post Disruption of public meeting by Pat Coleman a Director of the House of Prayer, have been moved here due to their not addressing the thread:
We had a further 13 attempts to disrupt our site
Submitted on 2014/03/16 at 10:32 am
Submitted on 2014/03/16 at 3:03 pm
Submitted on 2014/03/16 at 4:35 pm

* Submitted on 2014/03/16 at 9:36 pm | In reply to dialogueireland.

DI can confirm that representatives of the HofP have failed to produce a recording which they claimed contradicted the independent witness Jack O’Donnell. They further claimed that publishing the recording would lead us to modify our record. We leave it to others to see the lack of logic in this position.
We have had a sustained attempt to divert from the post by those of the HofP using a proxy. We intend reporting them for abuse to the server in Kansas after the week end.
Submitted on 2014/03/16 at 10:21 pm

Submitted on 2014/03/17 at 10:34 am
Submitted on 2014/03/17 at 12:02 pm
Submitted on 2014/03/17 at 3:03 pm
Submitted on 2014/03/17 at 5:16 pm
Submitted on 2014/03/17 at 7:33 pm
Submitted on 2014/03/17 at 9:57 pm
Submitted on 2014/03/18 at 12:35 am | In reply to Yayyy and Horrayyy!!!.

We will address this abuse of our site with your server in Kansas in the morning.

Submitted on 2014/03/17 at 11:11 pm
Submitted on 2014/03/18 at 1:33 pm
Submitted on 2014/03/18 at 2:51 pm
All coming from here:
IP Information for xxxxxxxxxxx
IP Location: United States United States North Kansas City Rui Huang
ASN: United States AS33387 DATASHACK – DataShack, LC (registered Mar 18, 2011)
IP Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Submitted on 2014/03/18 at 3:14 pm
IP Location: Canada Canada Toronto Softcom Technology Consulting Inc.
ASN: Canada AS14166 SOFTCOMCA Softcom Inc (registered Nov 01, 1999)

Submitted on 2014/03/18 at 3:12 pm
IP Location: France France Paris Ovh Systems
ASN: France AS16276 OVH OVH SAS (registered Feb 15, 2001)
Resolve Host:

3 Responses

  1. Angie, your misunderstanding of all things Catholic is altogether obvious. It has been pointed out to you on many occasions that ALL Catholics have the right to attend the House of Prayer, to believe in it, to work for it, to campaign for it..etc etc…. As it is has been declared “open and unproven”, this is the position until the proper ecclesiastical body investigates it and makes its pronouncement.


  2. “a group of people who have the right as Catholics” accept they are not recognised by the church.


  3. DI said: “Instead of replying to these charges ………………….has been moved to commenting policy


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