Councillor Tom Brabazon challenges Eamon Gilmore Minister of Foreign Affairs about Tom Cruise of Scientology

Last April Minister Gilmore brought Tom Cruise into Iveagh House and gave him a certificate of Irish Citizenship.

Gilmore with Cruise

Later that day Ex Scientologists were not allowed to protest outside the Savoy Cinema. The Irish State was used to promote Cruise’s latest movie.

Earlier this year it became apparent that that not only was the Department of Foreign Affairs connecting with Scientology even though the organisation does not even have charitable status here, but also Arts Minister Jimmy Deenihan was also making use of Cruise.

In a letter to Arts Minister Jimmy Deenihan, the actor said he wants to remain in contact and he may consider the role in the future.

In a series of letters between representatives for the two, Mr Deenihan’s officials outlined the ambassadorial role for the American star after he visited Ireland in April last year when he received a certificate of Irish heritage to mark his Irish roots. The role would be pro-bono and involve Mr Cruise working with the Irish Film Board at key events during the year, including the Cannes Festival, Toronto, and Sundance.

Fianna Fail Councillor was not happy about this and wrote to Minister Gilmore:

This is the Tanaiste’s reply:

Gilmore Scientology

Tom sent this letter to Denis Robinson who has had a major problem with Scientology for over 25 years. He is a board member of Dialogue Ireland.

Brabazon Scientology

This is Denis’s reply



I am so grateful for the answer you elicited from foreign affairs. I’m presuming that by saying, “factors other than his Irish Heritage were not taken into consideration for award of the certificate” he means that no check was done into the Organization Tom Cruise promotes Worldwide? By giving the certificate in a public display Mr Gilmore was endorsing Mr Cruise not as a private citizen but as a public figure. As a public figure he is known as the face of Scientology, an Organization convicted of Organized fraud in another European Country (France). Surely he would have been aware of that?
This is not just an abstract issue for Denis, his brother in law has been lost to the family for over a decade.
Watch here 19 years ago as this issue is dealt with on the Late, Late Show:
Also see Anne Robinson speaking with great clarity and feeling about the loss of her brother.

4 Responses

  1. Minister Gilmore’s bland response was quite worrying in relation to these certificates. That the State does not take into account a person’s background cannot be acceptable,This needs changing. It’s regrettable that Mr Gilmore did not have the graciousness to acknowledge this. Unfortunately it’s done now. However it would be wise to meet with Minister Deenihan and adviser him personally. In the case of the film industry Scientologists invest heavily and set up camps when their investment is filming.It is a recruitment tool. Tom Cruise is one of their greatest assets.. In the drugs situation they promote Narconon in treatment using scientology methods. Again to recruit. Scientology money come with a price. This is a very dangerous cult and it would appear that some of our public officials would need to be advised of their responsibility, especially to vulnerable people.. Perhaps Dialogue Ireland would take this up starting with Eamon Gilmore who appears to have responsibility for these green certificates..


  2. The State has a duty of care to its Citizens .
    Politics is essentially a battle about Morality
    Politicians should give leadership and be a directional sign post to citizens not weather vanes seeking sound bites and photo opportunity while sticking heads in the sand over Scientology .Please speak out with clarity about your stance on such issues I have spoken out against cultism for over two decades if politicians did likewise they would be lending weight to these Human Rights issues and show care for victims and their families and not give the wrong message internationally .


  3. Are we to believe that Minister Gilmore is unaware that Cruise plays a prominent role in Scientology? Does Minister Gilmore have a problem understand the evidence of abuse in Scientology?

    “Ex Scientologists were not allowed to protest.”

    This is extremely worrying.


  4. Today my grandson received a letter from the church. It was written on Flag church of Scientology letterheads. It was from his grandmother. She is a Flag auditor. It was a disconnection letter. She broke all contact with him. She said she can no longer be connected to him ‘due to Jane’s status’? That is me, I don’t know what my ‘status’ is as I never received notice from the church about ‘my status.’

    The sad thing is that this boy’s Scientologist father disconnected from him when he was an infant. He grew up without any paternal support, financial or otherwise. This Flag-based grandmother was his only connection to his paternal side of the family. She will never make contact with him, and will ignore any communication form him. What sort of a ‘church’ gets a grandmother to do this, what sort of a church breaks up families, and leave an infant to grow up fatherless? And now this……


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