Disruption of public meeting by Pat Coleman a Director of the House of Prayer.

Public Lecture by Director of Dialogue

Ireland, “All you ever wanted to know

about cults?”


After a full day of addressing students at the Ursuline School and working with the families caught up with the House of Prayer and other groups, the Director of Dialogue Ireland  was giving a presentation at Hayes Hotel, Thurles about cultism.


First a very gentle woman came in and asked what proof we had for the claims we were making concerning the  HofP. She was the bantam weight followed by the heavy weights. At about 9:30 PM three new people appeared and attempted to disrupt the meeting. They demanded to know what religion Mike Garde was and said that in 2011 he had made false claims about one of them Pat Coleman. I said why had he not sought  relief by seeking a correction nearly 3 years ago? He was was quite threatening and the Manager came to inform us that we were affecting the public in the hotel by the raised voices in our area. We had booked the room, but as this group refused to remain silent or wait till the end of the meeting two of our guests remonstrated with Pat Coleman and left the meeting. We then decided to halt the meeting but the said Pat Coleman proceeded to encroach on our group of visitors claiming we were in fact denying him his democratic right. When we refused to engage he then said we were afraid, a slight twist of logic.

As I am the subject of this this dispute I have asked a number of people present to make comment  and I will give further background. One will give his name others to protect confidentiality will not.

Dear Mike,
             On Wednesday 12th March my wife Nuala and I attended the Dialogue Ireland meeting at Hayes Hotel Thurles. (Jack and Nuala O’Donnell.)
                         We turned to discuss cults such as Scientology, Palmerianism and the Legionaries of Christ and“ the recent documentary on Marcial Maciel Dellgado and of course the issue of House of Prayer Achill and the work and wealth of Christina Gallagher.
            The meeting  was disrupted by a  group from Co. Limerick who  aggressively disturbed the meeting  with a very obvious agenda of attacking Mr. Garde about his writings and documentaries on the House of Prayer.
           The level of aggression  grew and some people left the meeting for fear of their safety. I, personally got terribly upset as I have health issues and felt very threatened physically.  All the aggression was directed at Mr. Garde directly and personally, and even after the intervention of the Hotel Manager and despite assurances to the contrary, the aggression continued and the meeting broke up. Neither I or my wife and the others at the meeting are attached to Dialogue Ireland in any way nor do we contribute financially to DI.
After the meeting  I again met the group from Limerick and I apologised profusely for my reaction to them during the meeting.
          I laid out my personal history to the Limerick  group representing the Achill House of Prayer, and tried to communicate to them the dangers of cult and breakaway movements as my family had been badly affected and nearly destroyed in fact by such groups. Their rhetoric, terminology and explanations in defence of Christina Gallagher and the House of Prayer was just so familiar it bothered me and explained their aggression sourced from their belief, zeal, fervour and of course blind and unquestioning  allegiance to a movement linked to great wealth for the leader, who, apparently has no other visible means than income from the House of Prayer.
        I would plead with all the followers of the House of Prayer to stand back and review their relationship with Christina Gallagher.  Is it the singer or the song they are following? I would especially ask the Limerick group to step back and forensically examine the whole set up at Achill without any feeling  of guilt. With such lots and lots of money floating about, I cannot see Jesus there.(God and Mammon?)
       The Limerick  group invited me to visit Achill and I’d like to take up their invitation and travel with them to Achill any Saturday, My email address is: jackodonnell@eircom.net
I await with interest your response!
Witness A:
I attended a meeting held in Thurles on 12 March in 
which The Director of Dialogue Ireland Mike Garde 
was giving a public lecture on cultism. 
The lecture was interrupted by a group 
of people representing the House of Prayer 
who came in late and had their own agenda. 
They proceeded to take over the meeting 
in a disruptive manner which made it impossible 
to continue with the discussion and so people 
who had made the effort to travel there 
were forced to leave. 
This was very disappointing because 
I missed the opportunity to hear 
Mike Garde speak on the subject.

Hi Mike. Following last nights meeting in Thurles I feel compelled to send this email giving my thoughts on the way in which our meeting was disturbed. These people who arrived one and a half hours late clearly had an agenda to disturb and upset the people attending. Some of these late comers from the so called house of prayer were so irritating and abusive that it was impossible to continue with our meeting even though some people had traveled a long distance to attend. I have had no previous encounters with this group, but you must be rattling their cage Mike and exposing them for what they really are. Keep up your good work.

Other comments will be added as they arrive:

I wrote to Pat Coleman as follows after he called to continue his diatribe on Thursday:

Thanks for your call look forward to talking to you soon. Will be publishing our reply about your visit to Hayes Hotel on our blog. You will have the right of reply.

Before the disruption this was what Mike Garde was saying:

He stressed that DI did not call any a group a cult but rather preferred the term CULTISM which references the influences that render individual and groups incapable of independent thought and freedom of action. People under the this influence become robotic in their thinking processes and repeat mantras given to them by the leadership of their group. He also stressed that no one was concerned about the beliefs people had but rather their loss of freedom and the fact they seemed to be imprisoned in a particular mindset.

Earlier it was agreed that it was important to phone the elderly members going to Achill as they:

1. Do not read newspapers.

2. Tend not to watch TV, so have no external sources of information and therefore are very easy to control. The plan is to keep phoning people in a friendly way to offer them the opportunity to wake up out of their controlled sleep.

3. Those in the H of P believe:

1. That when the media find houses which cost miles above the amounts coming into the H of P that it is because Christina is being stalked. So instead of Christina being regarded as greedy it is actually the media that cause her to keep buying houses which cost crazy prices.

2. They believe that the H of P is a genuine Catholic group and no evidence to the contrary can be brought to their attention. Significantly as the Catholic Church has done very little to check Christina and Gerard McGinnity they in practice enable this elder abuse and allow it to continue.


We have the largest archive on this issue in the world, so in order to understand please go to:


This reference to Pat Coleman in the Sunday World was the first I had heard about him in 2011:

Because the Virgin Mary has supposedly appeared so many times in the House of Prayer, her followers have been snapping up pieces of the old carpet for €20, €50 and even €100 donations. The four-week campaign to raise funds for a new carpet was run by one of the house’s new directors, Pat Coleman, a fanatical follower of Christina Gallagher. His family, from Co Limerick, has given a vast fortune to the money-loving guru who lives in a palatial mansion in Malahide, Dublin. Coleman and his brother Niall, both stewards at the House of Prayer, have been pressing farmers in their home county to sell their land and cattle and give the money to Gallagher’s cause. The heartbroken sister of one farmer, who has handed over more than €100,000, said: “This has destroyed our family.
“It is terrible to see someone taken for a ride like that. “They targeted my brother when they realised he had land. “My brother has nothing to do with me now. They encouraged him not to talk to me because I was opposed to them. That place is a cult.


Then in late August 2011 I came across Pat Coleman as part of HofP flying column. Read all about it here and watch the videos:





Pat is mentioned as a Director here:


27 Responses

  1. dilogueireland, on March 20, 2014 at 7:04 pm said:
    We are still waiting for the recording,
    Another poster said this but had their post removed from the relevant thread. I’ll repeat. It is absurd that you think this recording will be handed over to you.


  2. We are still waiting for the recording, which is supposed to contradict the independent witnesses
    who gave their testimony on our site


  3. And so you prove it yourselves. Dialogueireland has no answers and no evidence to support your lies !


  4. Thanks for telling us. I won’t be wasting my time reading it.


  5. I have just posted my latest comment directly to the censored section of the blog where DI moves them when they have no answers! https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/commenting-policy


  6. Anonymous said on March 20 2014 at 11:16 am

    dialogueireland said: has been moved to the appropriate thread:


  7. dialogueireland said: “The House of Prayer has been moved to its appropriate thread


  8. Your critique on this biography really doesn’t warrant a reply which is probably why you didn’t get one.

    The House of Prayer uses as its authority figure someone who is academically trained and whose authority should be taken seriously aa a priest from the Diocese of Armagh. You claim on your web site that he holds a doctorate. As evidence you have footnotes which are not just out of sequence there is no reference anywhere as to where he obtained his doctorate and where it can be studied. You can’t have it both ways he has these qualifications or he does not. If he presented this for peer review he would be sent back to start again.

    ……the sources quoted are indeed relevant and so what if the references are in the wrong order!

    Please do yourself and a favour they are not just in the wrong order but do not exist at all. It is clear you have no idea about academic qualifications.
    For our readers you might be interested in how our trolls operate:

    IP Location: Belize Belize Belmopan Terratransit Ag
    ASN: Belize AS199636 ESECURITY Esecurity S.A. (registered Oct 31, 2012)

    organisation: ORG-ES189-RIPE
    org-name: KODDOS Ronald Linco
    org-type: OTHER
    address: Level23, One Island East, Westlands Rd
    address: Quarry Bay
    address: Hong Kong
    phone: +852 3750 7973
    Resolve Host: nl3.nlkoddos.com


  9. Your critique on this biography really doesn’t warrant a reply which is probably why you didn’t get one, has been moved to https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/2013/11/20/fr-gerard-mcginnity-of-the-house-of-prayer-in-his-own-words/



  10. DI said: “Every time we get this posting of ………..
    .has ben moved to commenting policy


  11. Yayyy and horrrayyyyy!!!!!
    IP Location: Canada Canada Toronto Softcom Technology Consulting Inc.
    ASN: Canada AS14166 SOFTCOMCA Softcom Inc (registered Nov 01, 1999)
    Resolve Host: vps-1151355-20007.manage.myhosting.com
    has been moved to https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/commenting-policy/#comment-45289

    Dr Gerard McGinnity


    Fr Gerard McGinnity, the former Dean of St Patrick’s College Maynooth, was born on April 5th 1947, in Derrynoose, Co Armagh. (1)
    Has no connection?

    (1) Patsy McGarry “Letter from priest’s doctors say there has been ‘no record of psychological or mental problems’ The Irish Times – July 27 2002

    This is the same as (13?)

    He was ordained for the Archdiocese of Armagh in 1972. He was appointed Junior Dean of St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Ireland’s national seminary, in 1973 and Senior Dean in 1978 at the age of 32, decades younger than previous holders of the post.

    He acted as secretary to the Episcopal Commission for Seminary Training while in this post.

    During the same period he also edited the Liturgical Calendar for Ireland.

    On the House of Prayer web site they claim that Gerard McGinnity has a doctorate in Patristic Theology (2)

    (2) Francis Mutsuo Fukushima “Akita: Mother of God as CoRedemptrix Modern Miracles of Holy Eucharist” Queenship Publishing 1994

    Note again the reference is not at all relevant.

    having completed his doctoral thesis on the writings of St Ambrose in 1981. (3)

    DI has raised this before, but the foot notes do not all seem to be in sequence. They need to be edited for the sake of clarity. Currently we have no evidence concerning Fr McGinnity’s Phd. Where did he obtain this doctorate? Which university granted it and where can his thesis be read? He is claiming to be be a Dr so we must see the evidence as this biography is completely misleading. I raised this before and if this is not corrected asap will publish a full post on this.blockquote>

    (3) Patsy McGarry “Seminarians dismissed by bishops took case to dean” The Irish Times – 5 June 2002

    Note again the reference is not at all relevant.

    You will note that since he became involved with Christina he a has done no research and has not added to the theological discipline at all. Why is this the case?

    Some believe he is suffering from a mental illness. There is no evidence in fact to the contrary:

    In an attempt to deflect from the seriousness of the concerns reported about Mgr Ledwith, sources attempted to discredit Fr McGinnity while on sabbatical implying that “his health broke down”. The Irish Times reported a senior Church figure had repeated to them that Fr McGinnity had a “nervous breakdown”. Hearing this for the first time in July 2002, Fr McGinnity was “shocked at the question, but far more shocked to hear that this particular rumour had been maliciously circulating about him for 18 years.” (13) At the request of The Irish Times, he secured a letter from his longstanding personal physician formally refuting these claims. According to his doctors, throughout his lifetime “there has been absolutely no record of ‘psychological or mental problems’ where Father McGinnity is concerned.” (13)

    13) Patsy McGarry “Letter from priest’s doctor say there has been ‘no record of psychological or mental problems” The Irish Times 27 July 2002 (This footnote is correct.)

    People confuse a person being under influence as a sign that they are suffering from a mental illness. No Fr McGinnity is absolutely mentally ok, he is just under the influence of Christina.
    This section from our web site will explain how this happens.

    This explains the fanatical behaviour of Pat Coleman last week in Thurles. Also Josie Butler who gets them on the bus. Then Bridget Hale who tells me I am speaking rubbish when I start talking to her. They say God bless and then enter into a kind of trance. Who was the person who was counting and putting nearly €€€€€€€ 5 thousand Euro into an envelope at the back of a bus en route for the HofP? Who was this given to? God is watching you!


    Every time we get this posting of personal attack we will be appending this commentary, over to you.


  12. Yayyy and horrrayyyyy!!!!! ……………………… has been moved along with 13 earlier ones to https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/commenting-policy


  13. We will address this abuse of our site with your server in Missouri in the morning. No Angie you are not being moderated. Most of these malicious comments will join the rest in commenting.


  14. Angie, Boring………………your comment is awaiting moderation……


  15. Yayyy and Horrayyy!!!,

    Boring………………As usual you don’t have a leg to stand on! You would try the patience of a Saint and no, I am not referring to your lady Gallagher. She has you brain-washed. You need to leave the H of P cult to regain your cognitive faculties.


  16. We will take that to mean that you can’t answer the questions raised by eye witnesses, and are persisting in discussing events you have no knowledge about.
    I believe you have now conceded you do not have a tape to confirm the diatribe you have left here.

    We will therefore take it that you have no evidence to sustain
    your argument and therefore have to leave the pitch.
    The rest is all quite irrelevant. Also your co-trolls will be relocated to the Commenting section along with the rest of the material you already have there.
    So in summary you claimed you had evidence to contradict the eye witness testimony, but when challenged this was your reply:

    so I have decided to have nothing more to do with you or your cohorts. I have been advised to make the recording I have available to others.

    In other words you have no evidence and you are walking away. Thanks for confirming that.


  17. Dear Sir….the last few posts and commentary from you make me think that you are a dangerous and unpredictable man who has a vivid imagination . Before the Limerick group arrived, I actually thought you had something to offer…
    As it was a public meeting and I did not see any evidence that you were recording the proceedings, and as there are so many defamatory allegations on your various topics, I thought it wise to record what was happening to protect all people attending.
    I was amazed how you so totally lost control of your meeting when you were put under pressure by reasonable questions.
    I am now totally confused by your rant in which you seem to have several different individuals mixed up, and in the light of your ranting I would fear for your ability to remain sane and balanced, so I have decided to have nothing more to do with you or your cohorts. I have been advised to make the recording I have available to others.
    Perhaps it is the type of person you are, or it may be a by-product of the work you do…but Sir, your total approach is pathetic and your ability to retain calm and perspective seems limited.
    Perhaps you should consider you position and maybe it is time to take a rest…..being most charitable, you may be overtired…or you may just be out of your depth.


  18. Censorship ……? Moved to https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/commenting-policy


  19. Yayyy and horrrayyyyy!!!!! ……………………….Moved to https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/commenting-policy


  20. Very strange disrespectful behaviour by that house of prayer director. Surely if he had a reasonable case to make in support of the house of prayer he need not resort to such behaviour. This man does not get much peace from being a director of ‘Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Ltd’.


  21. George & Eleanor wrote:

    Mr Garde you are quite right that you have not yet published all of your account.

    Where did you get that idea? I have of course finished my post so I will not be changing the record as you suggest. Anything that is added will merely confirm what those that have written have said. They are eye witnesses. Obviously if you have a tape that contradicts the account by many witnesses as you claim, you should send it for the public to listen to.
    This what you wrote:

    I taped the entire proceedings and it is interesting that the portly personage’s account in not in accord with what was really aired.

    You are the foul mouthed person who often comes on to our blog and by whose IP indicates a location we are familiar with. You claimed to have made the tape. There was a person who came in and who no one else knew. When things got heated that person joined a priest who refused to be intimidated by Pat and left the meeting. Then there was the very gentle woman who came in next and was asking questions. Finally Pat and what looks like his brother and an older woman came in. As you are not those four people the only person who could have made a recording was the person sitting nearest to me or you are spoofing about being there. You personally have a record of recording people I know, but if you were there with your wife I would have recognised her German accent.

    I prefer to wait for about 10 days until this matter gets aired fully.

    May I suggest you are hoping for this to go away and that we will forget. Please think straight, if your version contradicts ours how can we amend what we have written. Get a life and get a grip.

    Which would make me wish to retain my recording until you have actuall done so….otherwise you would change your version to suit.

    Notice you are now backtracking on the recording!!!

    This is a lame argument and as we have written exactly what we saw your recording can only confirm or deny what we have all said happened. In other words you came on here playing games as you had no defence, and when caught out tried that lame excuse of an argument.

    Who is stating that my wife and I were seen in the company of the Limerick group outside the hotel….because that did not happen…so you would appear to have another liar contributing…

    This what I wrote earlier,
    “The usual troll who obviously has the gift of bilocation in that if he was present he indicates not only a plan to disrupt but a conspiracy to attempt to pretend they were actual participants.”

    Note no mention of your wife in fact I must drop down to Greystones to see if you are the person who was sitting next to me. Don’t worry I have no wish to breach the peace or to go near your house. I will just ascertain whether you were there or not? My guess and it will remain only a hunch till we hear the tape is that you are making this up as you go along.

    Other attendees saw them outside the hotel together.

    This refers to Pat, brother older woman and gentle lady with dark hair. The folks who came over 50 miles to the meeting saw people in conversation in the square. I do not know who they saw, but they saw a group from the H of P, the same people they saw in the hotel. I assume it was the same group who returned to the hotel and had a long conversation with Jack O’Donnell who talked to them and offered to go up to Achill with them. Hopefully you guys are not going withdraw your invitation?

    I will watch this space with interest

    So will I. I will really be interested to publish this recording so the public can decide who is telling the truth.
    Yes Pat we will give you an uncensored opportunity to publish your divergent view of what happened.
    But if the tape is so explosive just send it and we will publish it!


  22. Mr Garde you are quite right that you have not yet published all of your account. Which would make me wish to retain my recording until you have actuall done so….otherwise you would change your version to suit.
    I prefer to wait for about 10 days until this matter gets aired fully.
    Who is stating that my wife and I were seen in the company of the Limerick group outside the hotel….because that did not happen…so you would appear to have another liar contributing….I will watch this space with interest


  23. Dear Patrick , congratulations on the tasteful and professional manner in which you confronted the Billy Bunter lookalike at the meeting attended by eleven people in Hayes Hotel.

    gduebeni please do not be drawn in by the usual troll who obviously has the gift of bilocation in that if he was present he indicates not only a plan to disrupt but a conspiracy to attempt to pretend they were actual participants. Other attendees saw them outside the hotel together.
    You will note as usual the attempt make a personal attack, as Jack put it having a go at the singer not the song.
    Generally when people turn to personal abuse it indicates an inability to deal with the subject at hand.

    Billy Bunter lookalike

    portly personage’s

    I taped the entire proceedings and it is interesting that the portly personage’s account in not in accord with what was really aired.

    First I did not give an account of what happened but allowed those present to give their impressions. You might also remember that we gave the opportunity for Pat to give his recollection of what was said? You note we are a transparent organisation and totally democratic and allow comments. I would suggest the H of P would never allow any view on their site other than the official line? We would be delighted to have you send us the MP3 of this recording and we would be delighted to see if the witnesses who have sent me their recollections are incorrect?

    May I suggest if you do not produce this recording your credibility is at stake!


  24. Dear George and Eleanor,
    seriously, what planet are you living on? you people are so desperate to hit back at anyone quite rightly questioning Christina and her House of Prayer that you resort to your bullying tactics wherever possible.Thankfully I have never visited the HoP but I have seen the distruction it has caused to my family members mind that I would never want to go to such a place, for Christina it is all about the wealth. the victims and family will never forget about the wealth and all the people that she has exploited until justice is done. she needs to be investigated. it seems quite clear that Mike Garde’s account doesnt conflict with the other people’s accounts given by email. Id like to see your recorded account, if you have this then im sure you have plenty of ‘recorded accounts’ of Christina’s “””Alleged visions”””” we would all enjoy these “performances” Im told she is a wonderful actress by my family relative that is currently lost in this fog of the HoP.


  25. Dear Patrick , congratulations on the tasteful and professional manner in which you confronted the Billy Bunter lookalike at the meeting attended by eleven people in Hayes Hotel.
    I taped the entire proceedings and it is interesting that the portly personage’s account in not in accord with what was really aired.
    I assume you may have read matters on the blog in which he heaps ridicule and mockery on everyone who does not share his viewpoints.
    I am supposing that it is solely because you seem to have crossed his path in the past that he reacted to your questions with such vitroil….but let it be Patrick, this sad man who seems never to have actually visited The House of Prayer is only filled with hatred. Let us pray for him to have him set free from the spirits of anger.


  26. Dear Mike,
    I think it is a disgrace that Pat Coleman and others from House of Prayer disrupted this meeting, its obvious bullying but I am not surprised, they have an agenda that they will push forward at any cost. it shows how blindly they follow Christina, everyone should have a right to discuss these issues and you have been such a support to me and others helping to deal with our family members who have been DISTROYED by their association with christina and HoP, it is poison. From what I have witnessed from my family member and the distruction it has caused us, this place is not Catholic and nothing good can come from it. yet Christina keeps making money and the followers irrationally think the reason she accumulates this wealth is that she ‘needs it’ because of being hounded by the press. This undue influence by Christina and fanatics like Coleman needs to be exposed and try to get family members away from this.


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