Catholic Corruption – – “Secrets of the Vatican” – a PBS Frontline exclusive

Catholic Corruption:


One month before U.S. President Barack Obama pays his first visit to meet Pope Francis at The Vatican, an explosive new report has exposed the seedy side of the Catholic Church.

Front line

“Secrets of the Vatican” – a PBS Frontline exclusive which first aired last Tuesday – is a jaw-dropping piece of work, utterly unflinching in its depiction of the church’s ongoing child sexual abuse scandal.


Not only that, it delves extensively into allegations of money laundering on the part of the Vatican Bank – and widespread corruption within the church’s powerful bureaucracy.

“It is unbelievable that this documentary was ever produced and shown on American television, much less by the government’s PBS network,” one source told us in commending it to our attention.

We agree …

The Frontline story begins with the story of Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado.  Maciel was the Mexican priest who founded the Roman Catholic Church’s Legion of Christ, an order which recruited young men for the priesthood.

Maciel – who died in 2008 – was a drug addict and pedophile who sexually abused dozens of young boys during a reign of terror that spanned decades. Not only that he fathered multiple children out of wedlock (priests can’t marry, remember?) and abused several of them sexually as well.

Perhaps the most poignant moment of this film is when one of Maciel’s own sons breaks down discussing the abuse he and his brother suffered at the hands of his father.

(The entire episode is available HERE … or just click on the video below to watch …)

Sadly Maciel – whose conduct was repeatedly brought to the attention of church leaders (including the future Pope Benedict XVI) – was never called to account for his sins. Protected by former Pope John Paul II, Maciel went on molesting children for decades.

It wasn’t until 2005 – thirty-five years after the Vatican first received reports of child sexual abuse at his hands – that Maciel gave up his leadership of the Legion of Christ. And even though the church had known about his conduct for decades he was never punished – simply encouraged by Benedict XVI to live “a reserved life of penitence and prayer, relinquishing any form of public ministry.”

In fact it wasn’t until last month that Maciel was formally denounced by the order he founded for “reprehensible and objectively immoral behavior.”

Unreal …

There’s also the graphic story told by Monica Barrett, who was only eight years old when a priest named William Effinger raped her – in a church in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

“When he finished he stood up and he looked at me and he said: ‘If you tell anybody what you did, they won’t believe you. And if you tell anybody, your parents will burn in hell,’” Barrett recalls.

And that’s the real takeaway of this report: It’s not that priests engaged in such conduct, it’s that the church was actively covering everything up – threatening those who dared to come forward with earthly (and eternal) consequences.

Even now – despite its multiple protestations of remorse over these scandals – the Vatican has done nothing but pay lip service to solving its child sex abuse problem. And because the church is its own sovereign country (Vatican City), there is nothing that can be done to hold it accountable.

In addition to exploring multiple child abuse cases involving priests, the Frontline documentary also delves into the work of reporter Carmelo Abbate. In 2011 Abbate published a book Sex and the Vatican based on two years of investigating numerous priests in Rome who openly led double lives (including participating in wild orgies inside the Vatican itself).

Abbate’s exclusive footage shows priests participating in gay orgies by night – then performing sacraments the following morning.

The Frontline report also touches upon the Vatileaks scandal – in which pages of documents were released beginning in January 2012  showing widespread corruption within the Vatican government (including the existence of several plots to blackmail gay clergy).

It’s a stunning piece of work … assuming you can stomach it.

Anyway, our hope is the Frontline report will put Pope Francis’ charm offensive (and his economic theorizing) on hold and force the church to finally start cleaning up its act.

Of course we doubt that will happen …

One thing we are sure of, though, is that a special place in hell awaits those who prey on the young from positions of religious authority. So while the Vatican may be able to run and hide from accountability here on earth, it is reaping judgment on itself a hundred-times over in the life to come.



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  1. This is a stunning piece of work. I watched it on WNED two evenings ago, and was so disturbed by it that I can’t help but play it over and over again in my mind. I must confess that it didn’t shock me as much as you might think. Unfortunately there are many of us who have been hurt by the church, held out our hands for help and the results are uniquely the same. At all costs, protect the priest, shun the victim , gag then victim by threat of lawsuits, and keep the priest active. There are more abuses in the Catholic Church than sexual. There is a need of power, of money , our priests and Bishops[ not all] feel they are above the lowly lay person and deserve to be treated accordingly, live in luxury , and refuse to pay attention to and enforce what our Holy Father Pope Francis has proclaimed. Give up your expensive cars, rectories, lifestyles and shepherd your people. Remember the clergy is the “servant” of the laypeople . Our church has lost that, in fact I have experienced that, the church will turn on you and quickly place you in the enemy catagory if you expose a wrong done to you.
    I love my church, the church instituted by Christ, unfortunately I don’t recognize that church anymore. Our priests and bishops have lost their way, and too many ” needy” people stand by them,when they have abused in any way. That is the path to evil. When I registered my complaint of abuse through the proper channels in my diocese, I was fired. I told them I would lose everything , my home, my vehicle and the response was’ oh well” they will never touch my faith, and they will be judged one day.


  2. “The Catholic Church has assimilated to the western canon that brought us out of the middle ages, we are being programmed to catapult back to mystery, superstition and ignorance, by attacking it and embracing something so very worse.”

    I agree with the above and, hopefully, people will understand now that guru/lama self-interest and belief systems have always accepted spiritual manipulation and abusive sex; this is not a byproduct of lama/buddhist cultic beliefs, it is actually part of their belief system. It makes it far more difficult to weed out pedophiles, rapist and those in professions, such as teachers and therapists who have studied the eastern philosophies and use their methods. They are so subtle accept to those who are familiar with them. Thanks for the link.


  3. This Frontline program, is another in the massive diversion for the U.S. goverment and its enablers who are promoting the Dalai Lama this month, and the real Cult of Thought control , Tibetan Lamaism to be massively endorsed. by our culture and to infiltrate into major institutions to continue its spread.

    This month , in the U.S. the longest lasting slave holder of his OWN people, , who owned slaves only 55 years ago in Old Tibet, and kept his people is massive poverty and semi-starvation, is now mentally enslaving the U.S. with the help of the dumbest politicians and academics and Hollywood hs put out a new film, called the Dalai Lama Renaissance, Silicon Valley is incorporating the ‘meditation in the workplace, and a corporate mass media is massively promoting Tibetan ‘Lamaism’ through the Dalai Lama this month, who gave the the prayer at the National Cathedral, .

    They want everyone to be distracted by this Catholic Church news now, because the Catholic Church is its greatest threat to forestalling this implementation of ‘Buddhism’ Dalai Lama style. All these programs pro Dalai Lama, and anti-Caltholicism are breaking at the same time this month in our corporate controlled media in the U.S. so that America doesn’t notice what is being ‘raised’ and reinforced as the panacea for all spiritual , economic, and cultural woes: An eighth century, religious dictatorship of sexual abusing clerics the Lamas and their Lamaism, pretending to be Buddhism, whose real agenda would make the Catholic Church look like the National Organization for Women (NOW) , in comparison.

    The Catholic Church at least has “Catholic Charities’ and robust colleges where actual reasoning and intellectual pursuits take place, where people are educated and where education is valued. The Catholic Church has assimilated to the western canon that brought us out of the middle ages, we are being programmed to catapult back to mystery, superstition and ignorance, by attacking it and embracing something so very worse.

    This is the most dangerous cult on earth that is spreading like a miasma across the face of the earth to put the world to sleep with the Silicon Valley “meditation programs” in the work place in California now, and ‘meditation programs, in the military and Departments of Tibetan Lamaism in academia , This is Brave New World Revisited with a ‘religious twist’ while everyone is distracted by what the controlled media wants you to focus on instead of this, Anything else the corporate controlled media is focusing on is a ‘Limited Hangout Operation’ (look it up) to distract you from the real operation they don’t want you to see that is happening in front of your noses.


  4. I am too stunned for words accept to say that I feel optimistic about cultic elements being recognised particularly when spoken about by ex-legionnaires of Christ, however, who do we have now to listen and take action against cultic groups throughout the world who continue to destroy young minds?

    Having watched Would You Believe and PBS Frontline exclusive there is no denying that sexual promiscuity was tolerated even within the Vatican walls and completely explains why nothing was done about paedophile priests in catholic parishes across the world. My heart goes out to the children who were abused. Very shocking!!


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