House of Prayer Retreat returns to profit, The Star Friday February 28th, 2014

THE controversial House of Prayer at Achill Island in Co Mayo has beaten
the recession blues to return to profit.

Read Star article here:

HofP accounts

Also so you can study their perspective:
New accounts filed for the religious retreat centre show that it recorded a profit of €13,192 in 2012 and this followed a loss of €45,453 in 2011.
The largest contributor to the reversal in fortunes was donations increasing by 27 per cent, going up from €314,508 to €400,913.
The firm’s total income for 2012 increased by 16 per cent, going from €416,263 to €483,645 – that includes €82,732 made on the sale of religious objects.



Spend on religious objects totaled €13,238 in 2012 and this followed a spend of €18,566 under that heading in 2011.

The figures show that at the end of 2012 the centre was sitting on accumulated profits of €1.66 million.

They also show that the company’s cash in hand more than doubled from €94,893 to €200,993 during 2012.

The House of Prayer was founded by religious figure Christina Gallagher in 1993 and is part of a wider unofficial Catholic group.*

In 2008 the Archbishop of Tuam, Michael Neary, distanced the archdiocese from the retreat.


* It was founded with the support of the Archbishop of Tuam Archbishop Cassidy. He later realised it was not what he thought, and and from then to now the Diocese does not recognise them but has not gone on to formally condemn and excommunicate them. The situation is complicated in that Archbishop Cardinal Brady of Armagh allows one of his priests Fr Gerard McGinnity to trespass there every single week.


He is hoping to retire without having to face his failure to address the abuses which the Catholic Church have allowed to fester for nearly twenty years. The Star wrote as follows,

“The House of Prayer was founded by religious figure Christina Gallagher in 1993 and is part of a wider unofficial Catholic group.”

The House of Prayer has a number of associated Centres in the USA, but there is evidence for the claim that they are part of of a wider unofficial Catholic group. The House of Prayer refused to submit to the bishop in their diocese, and Fr McGinnity is breaching canon law in first supporting this unrecognised and non Catholic group. Furthermore, his diocese in not disciplining him for enabling it and giving the faithful the impression it is genuinely a part of the Catholic Church. It is also clear that Christina is adding property to property. The most recent one that was found is in City West.

Every time she is caught in the act she comes up with the defence that the reason she has has to buy these houses is that she is frightened by stalkers and has decided to move from other properties she has amassed. This a blatant attempt pass the buck and divert from her unholy activities.


2 Responses

  1. Well I am delighted to hear that the House of Prayer has returned to profit. Clearly the people are giving it their support, as is their right.

    Unfortunately Dialogue Ireland, your commentary on this great news is your usual tripe. The bishop has made it clear in correspondence, that the House of Prayer is a private house and your ramblings-on about ‘submit’ and ‘trespassing’ are nonsensical. As you are not a Catholic, Mike Garde, it is clear your understanding is flawed, but the people who run the House of Prayer and who attend it are Catholic. As the proper ecclesiastical commission has not yet been established to investigate it and interview witnesses, the matter of the House of Prayer (according to the Archbishop of Tuam Diocese Dr Michael Neary) remains “open and unproven”. That means that all Catholics have the right to believe in it, to support it and to promote it – unhindered.

    As for your further attack on Mrs Gallagher, I refer you to the statement made by the people who have responded to the stalker Jim Gallagher and you Mike Garde in this regard. Their statements can be read in full at Media Misrepresentation


  2. These profits make me sick, the religious objects are making them a profit of > €82,000 a year yet it only costs them €13,000 no wonder most of it is pure tat, rubbish of the worst kind, the people who buy into this are under serious undue influence, they are told over and over not to question Christina’s motives : her need for greed. What is Christina doing with these accumulated profits of €1.66 million? she’s not helping the starving, shes not alleviating abuse and suffering, no she is moving around her 8 mansions using her mercedes to ‘avoid’ her imaginary stalkers, please, anyone with normal rational abilities can see through this scam. unfortunately the followers that I know have lost all ability to rationalise it, there’s a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow for Christina but for the followers there will be emptyness and lost hope, what is it going to take for them to see their mistake? why does Cardinal Brady continue to stay silent in the face of this and support this scam by allowing it to continue?


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