Is Michael Caulfield linked to WILLIAM J. KAMM?

Recently Dialogue Ireland was approached by people concerned about
Mary McGovern Carberry (Maria Divine Mercy.)
They were linking some of those involved with McGovern with The Congregation Of Our Lady of Refuge.
We are waiting for them to send us more material on the MDM which we hope to publish  in due course.

For the moment we are wondering what is going on with the The Congregation Of Our Lady of Refuge? There was much talk that they were going active in Roscommon with articles published in the local newspaper and a report on a local radio station? But silence reigns. Our intelligence suggests and this is not hard evidence as we do not have contacts out there that Caulfield wants to grow big, but might not have the power to do so.

Michael Caulfield had been linked to WILLIAM J. KAMM but recently he seemed to be more involved with  ‘Bishop’ Ralph Napierski. However, these on the edge Catholics seem to be joined at the hip.
How did we hear about that. Someone left comments explaining this connection on our blog.

I understand that one of those who is a member of The Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge is a lady name Christine Lammermann who is the mother of Bettina Kamm (mystical wife of William Kamm – Little Pebble). She appears in the picture of the cult’s organizational meeting in Ireland …

I think that is her in the red sweater and white veil over her head? Mrs. Lammermann is also in the Google + circle of Breffni Cully who is a business director for another cult leader and false seer Mary McGovern Carberry (Maria Divine Mercy). She in turn is affiliated with controversial clairvoyant Joe Coleman. Funny how birds of a  feather seem to all flock together isn’t it?

Here is the photograph mentioned above. You will note that most of the people seem to be pensioners and the younger woman could be 28 or 40 as she seems to have adopted a conservative style of dress and appearance. My guess is that no one is under 30?

Christine LammermannI think that is her in the red sweater and white veil over her head? We have put a white circle around her.

Christine Lammermann Says:
October 31st, 2012 at 10:18 pm

Blessed be Our Lord Jesus Christ! I am living in NSW, Australia, and was not able to join physically in the Prayers at a Clinic, because Sydney has only the Spring Campaign, which is here in Fall.
But I pray whole united with all of you to, every day for an End to Abortion, and my Prayer group is doing the same!Only Melbourne has the 40 day Fall ( our Spring) Campaign, but it does not matter, God is everywhere where People pray.
I am so fortunate to work with a Group who is building a new Congregation of  “Our Lady of Refuge”, and one of our main theme is Abortion. So from next year on, I will have it on the Website and our Blog, under the Patronage of St. Josef!
We want to introduce as many People as we can to the 40 Days for Life, because our Congregation is worldwide growing! Abundant Blessings to You Shawn Carney for all the Work You do, and a very Heartfelt Thank
you for it too! God Bless every one united in this remarkable work!

from Kamm’s affidavit…

“Answer: This question to me was very unclear as I was not sure whether you were asking how many children I fathered, or how many women have I exercised the dispensation from the Divine Law. Which wife – Anne, my previous wife,
or Bettina, my current wife?
Let me make it clear! Anne Kamm, also known as Anne Bicego, separated from me in August, 1991. During this period I Mystically married Bettina Lammermann Heinrich
this was according to God’s Command, as per revelation given in 1990.
God suspended the marriage between Anne and myself at that time, thus making it lawful to be married to Bettina.
This matter of Mystical Theology is yet to be decided by the Church in due process of the Inquiry now taking place. I was officially married to Anne in the Roman Catholic Church in 1983, and we had four children. I mystically and symbolically married Bettina in Church on the 19th September, 1991.
To this day I have had five children to her – two physically and three mystically, which is also yet to be considered by Church authorities.
It is these three I was referring to in your question – No. 44 – as my answer was three.
Not three women. I currently have nine children, and only one wife – Bettina Kamm.”

What do we note here?
First it is a rationalisation of inappropriate behaviour and a
rationalisation after the event. Reading this section above should give us cause for concern in regard to Michael Caulfield. He claims to be a priest even though he is validly married  and has had children. He now claims to be a validly ordained priest. Has he entered into a mystical marriage with a younger woman rationalising this with the support of Napierski?
My guess is that he lives a totally separate life from his real wife, and children, drops in now and again to his Dublin home but his real centre of reference is his old family home in Roscommon? Time will tell if this analysis is correct!

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  1. No sane or reasonable person would have anything to do with Michael Caulfied. I believe his wife and children have been estranged from him for years. This is why he needs to align himself with more experienced con artists and liars such as Napiekski and Kamm. Anyone who associates with these people should be ashamed of themselves. Considering Kamm is currently in prison for rape it is unbelievable that Christine Lammermann would continue to be involved with him and his associates. She is quite happy to see the lives of her own young daughter and other young women being ruined. I wonder do the other people in the picture above actually know who Lammermann is or do they just not care about her associations to a convicted rapist and fraud. Are they that immoral and stupid or have they been brain washed?


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