Pastor Robert Dunlop has died aged 75. He was involved with Dialogue Ireland just over 10 years ago.

Robert Dunlop 1938 -2014 assisted Dialogue Ireland just over a decade ago in regard to attempts to mediate with The King of King’s Church in Tuam, Co. Galway.

Robert D3

This involved mediation and a knowledge of biblical texts to help the victims of the abuses there. He also traveled to Co. Galway for sessions which attempted in bringing closure to former members. He had a keen interest in our work.

The Director of Dialogue Ireland attended his funeral in St Bridget’s Cathedral, Kildare on Tuesday February 18.


He also attended the burial at Brannockstown:

At grave

and reception at the Rathsallagh House where he was invited to make his own tribute to Robert.


He hopes to be able to make a post of the Funeral service, the burial and the reception which followed. We hope to include a recording of the funeral service for his friends around the world to hear.

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  1. I got the free travel pass last week. This means I am not retiring but advancing. Warmer climate welcome to Ireland. Re Eileen why not let us talk on Skype?


  2. Mike, nice article about this remarkable man. Re our dialog re Ms Barker you are probably familiar with the ICSA stance/thesis that came out not so long ago and wants to explain the more irenic approach to Ms Barker…. All the best. A prayer for meself; i have just retired from my regular 9-5 paid job and looking forward to the next stage of my life which will eventually involve moving to a warmer climate where my dollars go further. God Bless, Paul


  3. Comment added by DI at the request of Alan
    Dear Mike,
    Thank you so much for sending news of Robert’s death, and then your photographic interpretation of his funeral service. I recall him over many years. The first time, I think, was at a Baptist gathering in the UK where he was praised for having a gospel bus. As time went on and we visited Ireland, Eleanor and I learned to know him and Olive. Was it through your introduction that we met them and visited them in the manse in Brannockstown?

    I recall also his growing sympathy with Mennonites and Mennonite convictions, his friendships with Mennonites in Ireland and then in various parts of the States. I recall his eagerness to go on learning – his reading, his ongoing postgraduate studies. I recall his ecumenical convictions, so unusual for an Irish Baptist; is it this that led to his funeral being in the cathedral in Kildare?

    (The Cathedral was full so it would have been impossible to have had it at Brannockstown. Also he was a great friend of the Dean John Marsden who really conducted a symphony rather than a funeral.)

    I recall being with Ellie in Paris after Christmas one year when we met Robert and Olive by “chance” in a sidewalk cafe – a delightful encounter that led to a fruitful conversation. I admire your long friendship with him, and his participation in Dialogue Ireland. All in all, a significant life well lived, and a glimpse of the Lord who lived in him. Gott sei Dank! And thank you for keeping us in touch.


    Alan Kreider
    Professor of Church History and Mission (retired)
    Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary
    3003 Benham Avenue
    Elkhart, IN 46517 USA
    Phone: 574 296 6202 (AMBS)
    574 522 1838 (home)


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