Public Lecture by Director of Dialogue Ireland, “All you ever wanted to know about cults?”

Mike Garde, the Director of Dialogue Ireland will be giving a public lecture with a Q and A session to assist the victims of cults in the area of Thurles and to give  information to the public on Cultism.

All Welcome!

It will be held at 8 PM, Wednesday March 12, at Hayes Hotel, Liberty Square, Thurles
+353 504 22122’_Hotel

Hayes’ Hotel in Liberty Square, Thurles

Hayes Hotel is a hotel in Libery Square Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland.
In 1884 the Gaelic Athletic Association was founded in the billiards room of the hotel.


The hotel traded under the name ‘The Star and Garter’ in the 18th Century.
The hotel was purchased in the 1830s by William Boyton and became known as ‘Boyton’s Hotel’. In the 1870s the hotel was purchased by Miss Eliza J. Hayes and thus became known as Hayes’ Commercial and Family Hotel.[1]

On the 1 November 1884, a group of Irishmen gathered in the Hotel billiard room to formulate a plan and establish an organisation to foster and preserve Ireland’s unique games and athletic pastimes. And so was founded one of the world’s greatest amateur associations, the GAA. The architects and founding members were Michael Cusack of County Clare, Maurice Davin, John K. Bracken, George McCarthy, P.J. Ryan of Tipperary, John Wise-Power, and John McKay.[2]

The hotel is a popular venue on the day of the Munster final
when it is held in Thurles, especially when the final is between traditional
rivals Tipperary and Cork.[3]

In April 2013, Hayes’ Hotel, went into receivership.
The hotel will remain open following the appointment of receivers.[4]

In January 2014, it was reported that an investment group containing
Tipperary hurler Lar Corbett, boxer Matthew Macklin and Kevin Coppinger were in talks to take-over the hotel.[5][6]


According to the hotel its fate was sealed today February 14.

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