DCU invite Director of DI to give talk to DCU Module entitled “Belief and Communication”


On Tuesday 4 March at noon at the kind invitation of Prof. Colum Kenny BCL. BL. PhD, has designed and delivered a range of modules
within the School of Communications.

Mike Garde will speak about how  Dialogue Ireland was set up and about the work that we do under that umbrella.





Prof. Colum Kenny won the President’s Research Award in 2004/2005, “in recognition of his outstanding research achievements in the field of the Humanities & Social Sciences”.



He has also been awarded a DCU Teaching and Learning Fellowship in respect of belief and communication. His main research interests include broadcasting, journalism, culture and history. A former employee of RTE, and member of the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (1998-2003), Prof. Kenny is the author or editor of nine books.They include Moments that changed us (Gill & Macmillan), which is a review of Ireland since the 1970s A board member of the EU Media Desk, he is an honorary life member of the Glencree Centre for Reconciliation.

This what this module is about:

What do YOU believe?
Are “belief” and “religion” the same kind of thing?
Are beliefs just a source of intolerance, leading to conflict between Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Moslems etc? Can you “believe” in science and does that mean that you could not also be religious or spiritual?

The Belief & Communications module is not intended for those who are “religious” in the conventional sense but is intended to explore aspects of the significance of certain matters of belief and faith that are very evident in the modern world (positive and negative.)

You do not have to believe in God or to have any particular set of beliefs
to take and enjoy CM364 Belief & Communication module.
It is intended to be challenging to all forms of belief and unbelief.

The eighth offering of this innovative module commences in February 2014.

It is certainly not intended only for those who regard themselves as members of churches or as religious. It has been designed to make us all think, hopefully. And to enjoy doing so, hopefully.It ranges across policy, practice, philosophy and beyond. Feedback from students in general has been very positive.

What do you believe in? Whether you are a “believer” in the conventional or unconventional sense, or regard yourself as an agnostic or outright atheist or disbeliever, you are equally welcome. This module has not been designed from any particular perspective, other than that which believes that it is good to have an open space within which to think and search for truth.
Mahatma Gandhi said that a “No” uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a “Yes” merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.

Prof. Colum Kenny BCL. BL. PhD
Associate Professor of Communications


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