Minister for Education, Ruari Quinn on Sean O’Rourke’s Radio 1 programme, confirms he does not understand the Stanley Letter!


Minister for Education
03 February 2014 12:00
Ruairi Quinn, Minister for Education, live in studio with Ruari Quinn still does not seem to understand the Stanley letter and as a result his mission of trying to address the educational issues we face is still wedded to the Apartheid Sectarian system. The missing word was NATIONAL SCHOOL.sean or

Listen back here:

The advice from the High Court and the Supreme Court in defending the State is still at the heart of the Minister’s vision. The European Judgement in regard to Louise O’Keefe clearly states that the State is responsible for the running of schools whether in National Schools, Denominational Schools or Multi – Denominational Schools.


Please study this report* to actually understand that not only is the State liable for the current case, but because it is in breach of the Constitution and is allowing abuses to continue in National Schools it could be massively liable for sectarian and abuses of human rights. In summary the practices of the state are illegal.


National School signLouiseO'Keeffe-APPNew SchoolRead the full judgement here:


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