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  1. Uups, too many compliments for a single lady!

    Just park it.


  2. DI, you don´t have to legitimate yourself to post that very interesting article about the issue of abuse within the catholic church.

    We don’t legitimate ourselves as you call it, but make the connections to other groups where abuse takes place. You seem still to not understand my clear English in commending you for not just looking at your own interest namely, Lamaism but that this phenomenon can be found in Tony Quinn, or in the Catholic Church. Many people only come here to discuss THEIR problem. Angie is a good example who sees these issues in all groups. Hopefully tha tis clear to you now. If not we will just park it!


  3. DI, you don´t have to legitimate yourself to post that very interesting article about the issue of abuse within the catholic church. It is a shame, how until today their strategy is silence and cover-up.

    Two weeks ago there was a hearing in front of a UNO commission, eight hours the officials of the Vatican were very critically interrogated also by organisations of Human Rights.

    For those who read in German:



  4. First look under the category Christian. Note the reference to abuse. Then reread the article and note it is about politicians not anti Catholic. Then note that someone who disagrees with particular position is not anti just because they hold a different point of view from yours. If I might illustrate this. If I hold to a socialist analysis of economics and you hold to a free market viewpoint. I am not anti- free market I just hold that my view is a right and your analysis is wrong. You seem to be taking a very defensive position as a Catholic. I once had a meeting with Bishop Daly and suggested to him that infant baptism was not biblical. He had a pained look on his face as if to say, how can you not accept my position. Catholics seem very insecure currently. I personally believe the current Pope would like to get rid of the Vatican State don’t you?
    Also I believe you are allowing private conversations off line to intrude into this public space under anonymity. You may not be aware we do not focus on beliefs but undue influence. Please comment on the post rather than the poster. Also with due respect my name is not Justin or even Justine McCarthy!
    Also you should note the categories this is referenced under:
    Abuse by Church and Irish institutions, Human Rights, Religion


  5. Mike, what has this to do with DI’s mission? You have become bitterly anti-catholic!


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