Commissioners of Charitable Donations & Bequests for Ireland hands are tied!

headerA few years ago Dialogue Ireland received intelligence that there was a total stalemate in regard in regard to the ICROSS Charity mentioned in an article in the Sunday Times yesterday.

Such was the conflicts that it has ended with the Charity’s Irish entity closing down last month. The effect of this is to have all the funds which were genuinely raised to fund the poor of Kenya will now legally have to be given to Mike Meegan even though it is now clear he has allegedly fabricated a narrative about himself which bears no resemblance to the truth. We will outline further what we have archived in this regard, but for the moment we can say that we are in touch by both Skype with the victims whose stories were brought to the public domain back in 2010. Here we reference our correspondence with the (Commissioners of Charitable Donations & Bequests for Ireland.)

In writing to the Commissioners we were very much alert to the current issues before the PAC in regard to governance of Charities. We understand that new structures will be put in place soon, but it is quite possible that a serious injustice could take place and the funds could be sent out now to Mike Meegan. I was asking them to not send the funds to Kenya, but as their letter explains their hands are tied by the current law.

These are the issues that need to be raised.

1. The Department of Justice needs to intervene

2. Because public funds were involved with Irish Aid are there issues that need to be addressed by the PAC?

3. The victims who have contacted me about events 30 years totally repudiate the idea that they have a chip on their shoulders. They have openly stated they were the victims as minors of sexual abuse and assault.DI can confirm this from the High Court case of 2010. We have the archive of this case.

They need assistance and there is no real way for us to help them. Could they not give evidence to a Dail Committee on what really happened to them?

See PDF below:

Charity Commissioners

Any reply to this letter should be addressed to the Secretary and the
following reference quoted Our Ref:OBM
Your Ref: Please Quote our Ref:
(Commissioners of Charitable Donations & Bequests
for Ireland)
12 Clare Street, Dublin 2
Tel/: 6766095
Fax/: 6766001
17th January 2014.
Mike Garde, Director,

                                                                      Dialogue Ireland Trust,
                                                                       7/8 Lr Abbey St,
                                                                       Dublin 1.
RE: The Fanning Estate and ICROSS

Dear Mr Garde,

Further to our previous correspondence I confirm that the above matter came before the Commissioners at their meeting held on the 14”inst. when they asked that I thank you for your prompt reply to my letter of the 2oth December. However, the Commissioners were of the Opinion that the bequest to ICROSS c/o The Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin must be paid to the International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering, a non-governmental organisation registered as an NGO with the NGO’s Co-Ordination Board in Kenya under Certificate No.

Yours Sincerely,

Orla Barry Murphy,


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