Louise O’Keefe was a pupil at Dunderrow National School

School History from the School web site:


The first National School was built in Dunderrow in 1841, shortly after Lord Stanley’s reform introduced State education in Ireland.

Old school Dunderrownational sign

Note the National School sign which indicates the school accepts the conditions set down by the State. First under British rule, then in the 1922 Constitution and confirmed by the 1937 constitution.

The National School system is a State system of free primary education. The central pillar of the National School system is a legal right for “children of all Christian Denominations and confessions, religions and those without a Religion to be taught together in the same school”. A National School is a school that has subjected itself to the “Rules for National Schools”, and thereby receives State funding. There are other primary schools which receive no state funding. The State is not allowed, by the Constitution and ordinary legislation, to provide funding for schools which discriminate on religious grounds.


Located at the Doon it was a one roomed building shared by two teachers.

In 1933 a new school was built at Horsehill More. It was a two roomed building. In 1980 a prefabricated classroom was added, complete with a third teacher. In 1996 there were 100 pupils on roll. A new school was needed.

The new school is situated on a 2 acre landscaped site with two all-weather playgrounds at Leighmoneymore. This 4 mainstream permanent classrooms school was completed in 2000. It was now a 10 teacher, 200 pupil school.

New School

Three prefabricated classrooms and a resource room were added to accommodate the growing pupil population.

In 2007 funding was received from Department Education & Science to extend the school to an 8 mainstream permanent classroom school.

In 2013 we began work on a new extension for 1 additional mainstream classroom and 1 learning support room at the rear of the school, which completed in February 2014.

new ex

We currently have 9 Permanent Classrooms,  Computer Room, Staff Room, 2 Learning Support Rooms, 1 Resource Room/Sensory Room, General Purpose Room, Principal’s Office, Secretary’s Office, Safe Room, P.E. Store, Cleaners Store Room, Ladies & Gents Toilets and a WC toilet.

We have now developed a center of excellence and learning to meet the needs of our growing young population.

It was here that Louise O’Keefe was a pupil:

LouiseO'Keeffe-APPHer courageous campaign means that the children can enjoy the possibility of a better safeguards than she did.


The European Court has stated that the State is responsible for the protection of children. However, this is just the beginning of the debate about education. People are talking about primary education, a Catholic Primary School. Parents who are asked for a baptismal certificate, and are told it is a Catholic or Church of Ireland Primary School and thought it is open to all are confused?  It is clear not only are the Government confused but so are the High Court and the Supreme Court. The judgement must now be studied in great detail. See our new Post:


Read the PDF here:


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