More OceanFM coverage of Scientology’s misuse of OceanFM

OceanFM follow up their story, featuring John McGhee and Samantha Domingo:

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  1. Please use this video to educate people about the abuses of this cult. I am in the process of completing a book about my experiences inside which will be available free of charge in the coming months.


  2. I think Pat Kenny used the softly softly approach. He asked good questions and made some very good points yet was not forceful enough to pin her to answering them and she evaded by talking about family drug problems. She is quite skilled at doing this. I get the impression that she was off drugs before she became a scientologist so why talk about it in the first place? Strange that her interest in religions stopped with Scientology; a pseudo religious set-up that, as she says, allows its members to believe in anything and it is quite unbelievable how she can boast about her little books that give no indication that scientology is paying for them. Why would she want to hide this information? The obvious answer is they use the drug problem to get people interested and asking questions about Scientology. What I would like to know is what advice she gives to addicts about counselling. Does she recommend a ‘therapist’ from the ‘church’ of scientology? It is very clear Scientology is not a religion and the American Government and those who were in power at that time obviously had a vested interest.

    I also found it strange that Kenny had not invited someone like you John to explain how the ‘counselling’ sessions are used; how negative past incidents are solely for the purpose of breaking a person rather than doing any good in their life. What is so great about enslaving recruits to work for a ‘church’ that has absolutely nothing to give in return accept the belief, hypnotically induced, that they are part of an elite group, a special group of people like no other.


  3. Pat Kenny gave her a platform and she came out the better of it after Ocean FM pounded Zabrina Collins (nee Shortt) on Wednesday. Pat really needed briefing on the scientology cult and it’s many front groups such as in this case “the truth about drugs” Scientologists have contempt for society outside of theirs.


  4. Pat Kenny Owns Zabrina Scott/Collins…y_Show_Highlights/43088/0/scientology_ireland


  5. Even when done to entertain it must be clearly understood that the person who is being used as a subject will have an emotional reaction. When people are expecting to be entertained and called upon to be part of a show it would seem they give their consent, however, there is a clear opportunity in this instance to prepare them for possible ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ side effects. Break through memories and experiences do occur and some very unsavoury.


  6. The case against Scientology taken by Ms Johnston is very informative when it comes to criminal use of hypnosis.
    “Dr Peter Naish, a chartered psychologist who has written extensively on hypnosis says that “the extracts from Dianetics indicated that what was involved in auditing was hypnosis. It appeared hypnosis was being used as a vehicle and that material was being developed in an emotional context.”
    Asked about hypnosis, he said “there was nothing intrinsically harmful in the practice per se. However, when it was used as a vehicle for some kind of therapy, the person using it must be able to deal with the subject’s reactions. There was a concern that if a subject became distressed, the hypnotist might retraumatise them.”
    Retraumatising a person is exactly what a cult sets out to do. In fact, I believe that any subsequent hypnosis, even by recognised hypnotists, would have to be carefully monitored and responsibility taken for negative effects. When it takes place, for whatever reason, it has the effect of delaying recovery from the cult experience. In all honesty, one cannot forget or forgive such a breach of privacy. Ethical and moral boundaries need to be adhered to. Not only is it felt as a violation by the person it is a violation of human rights!


  7. John McGhee’s and Samantha Domingo’s accounts of experiences in Scientology need to be taken very seriously. It is not enough that a reporter speaks about it on Midweek. It cannot be classed as just news that is ignored till the next debacle happens. Why has no-one been charged for deaths and mental breakdowns caused by scientology’s ‘therapy’ sessions and it is clearly not a religion when women are frightened into having abortions because children are considered an nuisance in the ‘church’ of scientology.


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