Bogus ‘Donegal News’ front page used in Scientology video

Donegal News / 17th Jan 2014

A DONEGAL representative of the Church of Scientology has admitted that parts of a propaganda video suggesting it helped reduce Irish drug crime by 85 per cent was a reenactment.

It comes after the front page of this newspaper, with a mock-up lead story, featured in the video.The video also portrays “interviews” supposedly carried out by the group on BBC Radio Foyle and Ocean FM as well as piece in the Inishowen Independent.

Mr Columba Gill, editor, Donegal News, described the front page depicted on the video as ‘bogus’ while both radio stations said the interviews had been faked.
“That front page never existed,” said Mr Gill. “The story was reported in the paper, but nothing like in that manner,” he said.

The anti-drugs campaigner referred to in the headline is Mr Kristian Shortt who was involved in the campaign with his sister, Zabrina Collins (nee Shortt).
Ms Collins is now a member of the Church of Scientology.

Several businesses in Dublin have also hit out at the church for filming their premises as part of a video shown at a New Year’s Eve celebration in Clearwater, Florida. The video, which is a presentation by Scientology leader David Miscavige, claims to show the work done by the controversial group around the world and includes a special feature on its efforts in Ireland.

The group, whose most famous members are Tom Cruise and John Travolta, has premises on Abbey Street in Dublin’s city centre where it has been ‘testing’ the public and also holding life-improvement classes.

In the video, the group says it has distributed more than 110,000 information booklets in various businesses around Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland and that this has resulted in an 85pc drop in drug-related crime.

One of the premises named and shown in the film was Carndonagh Garda Station, although a garda spokesman said they had no knowledge of it.

18 Responses

  1. I wasent defending Scientology at all, just stating the obvious….
    The brief clip shown of Ocean FM & Radio Foyle didnt remotely look like a video of reality. It was clearly a re-enactment. But an ideal opportunity for begrudgers to moan about whatever takes their fancy. The case against Scientology would be much stronger if opponents concentrated on facts rather than straying into begrudgery.
    And btw, I have no idea of Tom Cruises sexual orientation.


  2. its been fun to read “js” scientology brainwashed to try and try and try to defend scientology frauds..scientology also has a long list of show most of them!!!! but since we have “js” here can yu tell us if tom cruise is out of the closet??


  3. Wow. How desperate does a group have to be to not only make such a botched pastiche of a promotional video, but also lamely try to spin control all the local news outlets when the truth gets out. This story has legs, and these are not the only faked bits of their material. Can’t wait so see this spread like wildfire through the media!


  4. It’s the sockpuppet from the House of Prayer? Say no more!


  5. JS

    I understand you believe you come from another planet, however, I believe it is important that you understand, while you are here on earth, that IT NEVER HAPPENED. The bogus re-enactment was for the benefit of deluded scientologists to get them to work harder at bringing in more people and more money. Anyone who has not been brainwashed in Scientology can understand what is being said.


  6. No Angie, the Scientology people made it very clear that those short soundless clips were re-enactments – and not actual videos of events. Which is exacty what they look like. So get off your high horse.


  7. Very strange that no-one remembers any such interview taking place so re-enactment an obvious lie. Maybe someone will recognise the scientologist unless he was bogus front also.


  8. Best to leave them as you are clearly helping to illustrate the power of infinity. You started well but have gone off the boil when got confused by radio foyle.


  9. It would seem they snuck in or probably broke into the premises?


  10. Thanks for the help! Each attempt to explain is another disaster. Just put up your hands and accept you were caught with your pants down….


  11. I am just pointing out the reality – which is different to how you are trying to portray it


  12. And your big idea is? Could it be Sciencodology get a new film crew and wear wigs.


  13. Correct it was Ocean FM
    But any half wit could see that it was the same studio, same desk, same camera angle, same curtains in the background – just a different logo on the radio station banner – and the curtains were pulled. The few seconds without sound that were shown were not intended to fool anyone. It was clearly a poorly done reenactment which didnt pretend to be otherwise.


  14. Try a bit harder:
    Radio Foyle is a BBC local station.
    Any other ideas?


  15. In fairness (although I have no time for Scientology), it was a video clip lasting a few seconds, within an overall video of 30 mins+. It looked like a re-enactment, which is exactly what they claim it was, and even more so when the BBC Radio Derry interview was shown with the exact same studio background for a similar number of seconds. I notice that the BBC are not raising hell over this supposed ‘crime’, but then again the BBC dont seem to be as desperate for publicity as Radio Foyle.


  16. The misleading video promotion was not intended for an Irish audience but instead was used to solicit “donations” from Scientologists in other countries. Local Scientologists are shown videos making similar outrageous claims about how “effective” Scientologists are in Bogota or some far off place and asked to contribute funds towards that endeavour. In the time-frame given for the “donations” to be obtained, fact-checking isn’t possible and this will have been the case in Florida on New Year’s Eve. This is a worldwide scam which the internet has now made impossible but which has gone on for many years. Busted.


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