Holy Hades take on the Worst, Phoenix 17.1.2014

Disclaimer: There is widespread public confusion in regard to the distinction between Victory Church formerly at Firhouse and Victory Outreach, Ballyfermot. There is no connection between them other than the word Victory.

We can assume that as taking a newspaper to court for defamation is the first public act of the Victory following their court appearance late last year that they are back to their usual practice of spending more time in the courts of law than in the courts of praise?

Pastors  Gerry Byrne, Sheila Hade and Brendan HadeBrian Hade 1Four CourtsPhoenix Defamation

7 Responses

  1. Your use of this word, diarrhea tells us more about you than your IP address. I am sure you know I have a good memory. Try to focus on the bridge.


  2. Not removed but moved due to not addressing the thread. Nothing more, nothing less. Furthermore what you call the truth is in reality verbal diarrhea. could you actually leave a comment that actually addresses the post instead of ad hominen attacks.


  3. interesting to note that when a post is too close to the bone for diarrhea Ireland and exposes some of the twisted views they present … the post gets removed ? i thought this was a free speech blog site but not so … why remove the truth di???


  4. well said js and you are spot on with your comments, moved to https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/commenting-policy


  5. The Hades are reaping what they have sown. Their so called church is no more and currently only attract a little over 120 people to the sunday service. They attack the truth whenever it hits them and the Sunday World article is a typical example of their greed.Money and property and their greedy accumalation of same will be their downfall.Rock on Jim.


  6. We note because you can’t really debate the facts as far as the House of Prayer is concerned you attach yourself to anyone who attacks Jim Gallagher or the Sunday World. You have such a visceral hatred that you just lose it.
    Just explain the acquisition of the City West property by Christina?
    Victory to the victims.


  7. What was reported by the dirty tabloid against the Pastors and Directors of Victory Church ….MAY have had validity…BUT…in the usual harangue which has repeateatedly not only attacked the key individuals in any campaign pursued by the sunday world newspaper and its reporter Jim Gallagher…a man who has a vocabularly of 400 words….(yes…check the articles…the exposees.. the defamations..the laughable similarity in this mans dirty little articles…..
    I’mhappy that the sons of Pastor B.Hade have taken defamation writs against this journalistic thug….and his dirty sadistic employer …the SW newspaper.
    I wish the sons of Pastor B.Hade all success in their action.

    I know the solicitors they employ…I have massive confidence in that team, which will equal and excel in crushing the brutality of this “extinct” comic-porn newspaper.
    I can sense J.Gallaghers tight pink little spinctre twitching and sweating…I can smell spinctres roasting…he he he he he
    Long live VICTORY


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