Scientology New Year International Celebration – Dublin Mentioned

The Scientology organization held their 2014 New Year celebration in Clearwater, Florida. As usual the de-facto leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, continued his tradition of wowing his public with tales of success and some genuinely outrageous claims. Did you know that, according to Mr. Miscavige, the Scientology Mission of Dublin “accomplished an 85% drop in drug related crime“? No? Well neither, it seems, has anyone else. And there was much more in the New Year’s celebration video related to Dublin that is worth looking at, writes Dialogue Ireland’s Scientology consultant.

The tactic of using such claims of success is commonplace within Scientology, and has proven a highly effective method of encouraging event participants to part with large sums of cash. Before we get into the details of the 2014 event, I want to make reference to a highly insightful posting on the ‘Ask The Scientologist’ blog:

Contrary to what one might expect, Scientologists really do know there are problems in the Church of Scientology. They even talk about it with each other. While they don’t see the big picture, they see the local manifestations.

They see the local problems, but they believe that things are better elsewhere; things are better for other Scientologists.

This piece of context is important for understanding Scientology’s New Year event and its showcasing of the Dublin mission. Scientologists at such events are bombarded with success stories, all told through the medium of glitz and razzmatazz. They see shots and video tape of Scientology orgs and missions in other parts of the world all designed to portray an image of success. Those Scientologists are lead to believe that, elsewhere, things in Scientology are flourishing and prospering. In addition to this style over substance presentation, those same Scientologists will be later blamed for the lack of success of their own org or mission. They will be told that it is them who are failing and it is them who are not correctly applying the Scientology technology. A proverbial stick that will be used to make them work even harder in ‘getting the stats up’.

These types of events usually cover each of the different Scientology operations, and this year’s coverage of ‘Scientology Missions International’ featured the Dublin mission as their case story. The relevant video extract and transcript are below. Missions are smaller versions of the Scientology orgs, and can be established by any Scientologist ‘in good standing’ who purchases a mission starter kit (which are very expensive). Mission holders get 50% discount on advanced Scientology courses and auditing, so given the expense of such courses/auditing opening a mission may save them money in the long run.

Here is the relevant video and transcript (commentary follows):

If all you have seen thus far is about creating a climate in which mankind can survive, we now come to a life just beyond mere survival – namely infinite spiritual freedom. It is the province of front-line Scientology missions and field groups working under the banner of SMI and IHELP, working together to form a vast array of gateways to the bridge. Some at the rim of our orgs, some at the rim of the world. In totality, theirs is a story that plays out as follows. It all emanates from our organisations where Scientologists are sent out to start the cycle anew. They plant Scientology flags in communities, near and far, mobilising that perpetual rallying cry “I’m going to clear my zone”. Missions provide all introductory services, as well as auditing, up the lower grade chart to clear, while graduates move on to Orgs for training and higher case states. At which point the cycle continues with newly training auditors establishing new groups in ever farther frontiers until, with a burgeoning Scientology community, they expand into a full-fledged mission. And so those missions expand into full-fledged orgs. And so, we clear this planet.

An exemplary emphasis of how missions take root in cultural soil. Let us open with a tale from a land where the soil is exceedingly rich. In point of fact it is home to one of the finest literary traditions of the Western world, and a body of poetry extending back ten centuries. Well, if only for that extra touch of enchantment, let us call it a land of both enduring beauty and beautiful sadness. For this is the emerald Island and the Irish capital at Dublin. Notwithstanding a renown of gregarious wit and pride of identity, they will tell you that Ireland is not immune to decaying values of the 21st century. But that is precisely where enters Ger Collins and his Mission of Dublin. It’s stands just off O’Connell street in a primary thoroughfare drenched in Irish history, and hence it’s at the crossroads of working class Irish. As such it provides testing services for the mainstay of Dublin society, including housewives, shopkeepers, entrepreneurs, and professionals of every description. It also provides personal efficiency, originally piloted by LRH in Dublin through the mid-1950’s, and now assuming a second life among Ireland’s new salt of the earth. There’s still more with life improvement courses for everyone else across Dublin’s demographic pie-chart. But where this Mission of Dublin begins to assume a distinctly Irish profile is with a grassroots campaign to meet the LRH target by capturing 1% of the reading public with LRH basic books. Hence on any given weekend across any high-traffic zone out rolls the mission’s ‘Basics Books’ van. Onto Talbot street, once submerged in Irish nationalism and now a North-end shopping district. Onto Moore street, likewise at the North and filled with fresh produce market stalls. And at the Epicurean Hall filled with food courts and thus another kind of Dublin crossroads. Then back at O’Connell street rolls out a full-blown bookathon, a place where once a rose, a terrible beauty of Irish independence, and where now a new generation finds its feet. There is still more again on Henry street, off the main thoroughfare where Irish history likewise lives on. At which point all loops back to the General Post Office, where Irish political freedom was born and no emerges a new Ireland. And that, in a nutshell, is how this Mission of Dublin placed LRH books into the hands of not one, not two, but a full 3% of the Dublin reading public.

But there is another vector entirely along which Dublin advances in the name of clearing their zone, and it includes every one of our forth-dynamic salvage campaigns across an Ireland unravelling in this 21st century. It begins with The Way To Happiness along Parnell street comprising Dublin’s melting pot. It continues with the 21 precepts, yet again, at Grafton street amidst perennial leprechauns, and then over the Ha’penny bridge where flows so much Dublin tradition, and out along Gardiner street where booklets parallel the river Liffey. There’s another vein entirely along which flows human rights. This one follows an artistic trail across Dublin’s new cultural quarter, at which point again it winds back to the O’Connell bridge where young people affix signatures to human rights’ petitions. And finally, comes Truth About Drugs applied to new generation usage. It infuses Dublin from the Donegal Farmers’ market where booklets sprout from produce stands and so establishing a delivery pattern that replicates all over Ireland’s social arteries. At the health shop, the tea shop, the internet cafe, and local pubs. There’s still more again at the barbers’ shops, the butchers’, and wherever else streams Dublin’s lifeblood there advances truth about drugs even into Donegal’s county police stations until the Mission of Dublin placed no less than 110,000 booklets into Irish hands. But still that’s not the end of it because with Truth About Drugs’ spokesmen hitting national airwaves from Ocean FM to BBC Radio and thereby impacting no less than 270,000 listeners all while newspaper headlines reinforce the message. Well, that’s how this Mission of Dublin accomplished an 85% drop in drug related crime, while through it all they have now introduced more than 42,000 people to Dianetics and Scientology. And, yes, that’s Scientology Missions International planting their flag into the bedrock of a nation.

It is important to remember that the people of Dublin are not the target audience for this presentation – the target audience is Scientologists from around the world, and the hope is to convince them that Dublin is highly successful in order to help those Scientologists buy into the facade that Mr. Miscavige is trying to sell them. This can be seen in the deceptive editing at 2:48 in the video. Compare this screenshot taken from the video;


With this picture taken on December 31st:


The Scientology sign was put up only for the video, and in general the mission play down the fact they are Scientology. Staff are instructed to answer the phone as ‘Dianetics’ rather than Scientology. More overt was editing out the ‘House of Colour’ sign, and you can actually see the video overlaying used if you rewatch the video closely. Historically, the Mission of Dublin used to own a storefront before hitting financial difficulties (likely due to having to offer a settlement to Mary Johnston). With a little video editing magic and sticking a poster on a window, however, an international audience can be made believe Scientology still has a store front.

It was only in recent years that the mission was located above the Cruise Holidays/Tour America shop. A big deal within the mission was made regarding fundraising for a new building, with a lot of pressure being applied to members to buy courses in order to fund the move. One member, now an ex-member, was subjected to strong pressure to buy a €3,000 course with insinuations about disconnecting (cease contact) from her mother being used as a tool to try and leverage her into taking out a loan (this was one of the incidents that made her leave the organisation). After all the fundraising and pressure to buy courses I wonder what the Dublin Scientologists made of the eventual move to immediately next door above the House of Colour (which according to our source had cheaper rent). All of these difficulties are not communicated at the event, and all the participants get to see is this carefully crafted facade of expansion and success.

The history of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, in Ireland is quite interesting. There is a scarcity of materials unfortunately, but you can see some of what is available here. Anthony Phillips has written an interesting piece about his time working for Scientology in Ireland in the 50’s which you read here.

Much of the presentation is about the work of the Clear Expansion Committee (CEC) Ireland, and the video itself makes clear that this work is “in the name of clearing their zone” (i.e. making everyone in that zone into a Scientologist and free of their ‘reactive mind’). Handing out leaflets is the bulk of the activity, and it achieves two important points for Scientology. First, donation drives to fund the leaflets are a lucrative business model. Due to how the licensing arrangement works the vast majority of leaflets are bought from Scientology printers (for Europe that is usually the New Era Publications International based in Denmark) which in turn pays licensing fees to other Scientology enterprises, which has the net effect of funnelling money up the Scientology structure. Second, the activities are a source of low cost public relations which help in recruitment – particularly as using these sorts of front groups help circumnavigate the difficulties presented by Scientology’s negative reputation (in practice most people are unaware of the Scientology connection).

The purpose of ‘gung-ho’ groups (as they are known in Scientology) like the CEC Ireland is explained in Scientology’s internal policy booklet ‘Clear Expansion Committees’. The full booklet is available from Wikileaks here, but the most relevant page for this discussion is given thusly:

While each SCIENTOLOGY group has its own motivating purpose, we are all united under one goal – the Clearing of Planet Earth.

This is why the last statistic given in the video is of recruitment, that being the ultimate goal of all of this. This purpose is even more clearly stated in FPJO 1424 order (included in the Wikileaks download) thusly:


Grossly overstating media impact (and the nature of their events) is a common tactic of Scientology front groups, and it is a pattern that is very noticeable to anyone who follows the organisation for a period of time. One incident that springs to mind concerned their ‘Youth For Human Rights’ march which literally not a single people attended:


A media event doesn’t actually have to happen in order for Scientology to use it in their public relations materials. In the New Year event a clip of Ocean FM is featured as part of how the CEC was ‘hitting national airwaves:


When Pete Griffiths, an ex-Scientologist, contacted Ocean FM about the video Neil Delaney wrote “…that is not the Ocean FM studio, nor does the ‘presenter’ work here !! Totally made up, it’s a good yarn…“. Ocean FM have since stated on their website: “Management of Ocean FM Ireland have reacted with amazement after a bogus video purporting to show a Scientology broadcast from its studios was shown to a major Scientology Conference in Florida. The video, played live to a huge audience at the New Year’s Eve Scientology event in Clearwater, Florida, includes a clip of an ‘interview’ being conducted with a Scientologist in the Ocean FM studios. However, the studio is NOT that of Ocean FM, and the ‘presenter’ conducting the interview is not known to anyone at Ocean.” It would be interesting to hear from the other outlets and business that were also featured in the video to get their take.


Claims of how the “Mission of Dublin accomplished an 85% drop in drug related crime” may seem jaw-dropping farcical to those outside of Scientology, but it is important to realise that this is typical of the fantastic claims that are circulated within the Scientology organisations to boost fundraising from members. A person who believed such claims to be true would find it very hard to leave an organisation they genuinely believed was doing great good. Another taste of these types of outrageous claims can be seen in the following slides from a 2010 CEC presentation leaked by a Scientology member:







At this point, dear reader, you may be wondering how Dublin Scientologists could swallow these sorts of claims. Other Scientology event videos fare little better, with claims either being completely uncheckable or, where checkable, having an extremely poor track record in terms of truthfulness (with plenty of flat-out lies such as the Ocean FM claim).


But if you are wondering such then you have misunderstood the target audience and true purpose of the video – it is targeted at international Scientologists to help them to buy into Scientology’s claims of success. A person who can be made to believe that Scientology ‘works’ by convincing them that Dublin Scientologists accomplished an 85% drop in drug related crimes is a person who will open their wallet to fund the work. Individual Scientologists who find themselves in a mission/org that is struggling can ignore their local problems by buying into the tales of success stories elsewhere. When this context is grasped then the video makes a lot more sense.

Input for this article was provided by Pete Griffiths. Pete is an ex-Scientologist who works actively to raise awareness regarding the Scientology organisation, and he can be contacted by members of the media on 086 370 3811 or


– Upon further research into the quote attributed to an unnamed Dublin councillor, it seems likely that the councillor in question is Frank Godfrey. The crest featured on the letter seems to be that of Louth County Council, and Mr. Godfrey has form for being supportive of Scientology in the past:

– BBC Radio Foyle have stated that the scene presented as being in their studio is also a fake. (Source RadioNation): 64294c501da9bd1cd24a3ee4b4c5714e

– Ocean FM did a show covering Scientology’s misrepresentation of them. Listen here.

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  1. Protest Scientology in Ireland

    Saturday, January 25th 11am-5pm

    Dublin Org

    See: further details:

    January 25th, 2014 from 11am to 5pm – ‘Church’ of Scientology Mission of Dublin Ltd, 64 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

    Show them they are NOT welcome to use Ireland to promote their evil dangerous cult!!


  2. Very well done…cheers!


  3. Great article. Incredibly informative takedown of the Cult of Lies and Propaganda. Thanks also for the transcript of the David Miscavige nonsensical Word Salad. Some of the poorest grammar, syntax and word choice in history. I pity the poor sod who had to do the transcribing. Hope he doesn’t have nightmares!


  4. We are happy we have such a competent individual working with us. I feel they chose this location for their own internal propaganda as this year
    Tom Cruise was invited into our Foreign Affairs Minister and just a week ago he was invited to be a cultural ambassador for Ireland. I politicians like Sarkosy before just do not understand what a cult is. They are totally drawn by the nose by celebrity.
    Not only did the state aid and abet Cruise’s Security when he was here last April, they did not allow any protests as Pete Griffith who was manhandled off the street can attest.


  5. Congratulations Dialogue Ireland for the fantastic article exposing the lies of Scientology.

    I will be using this expose of the recent Scientology event to attempt to break through with a victim of Scientology. Hopefully, he’ll see the light.

    Thanks again – from America,


  6. Excellent Article!


  7. Thank you, Dialogue Ireland, for a superb debunking of the $cientology cult nonsense, lies, and deceit.



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