Matt Cooper and the North Korean Cult, (With Reference to the State of Scientology.)

We are all fascinated and repulsed at the same time by what North Korea represents. A cowed people with no hope surrounded by their criminal state with its total control. We in Dialogue Ireland would see North Korea as the nearest example of a Cult State. When you compare it with South Korea with all its freedoms and economic gains we see what happens when an ideology is imposed on a people. We also find it a helpful analogy when trying to describe a cult to people.

Matt Cooper ST0001

Matt Cooper ST0002Matt Cooper in the Sunday Times, Sunday January 12, 2013

In his article Matt shows he was very aware of the dangers he was putting himself in and the ethical dilemmas inherent in making the choice to go. I believe it is very important to get the stories out as to what is happening to the people there. We look forward to his book which will shine further light on the internal workings of this cult state. His article above gives us insights into the processes involved and how difficult it is to actually visit North Korea.

In an interview this morning on Today FM Matt referenced the work of John Sweeney of the BBC who like himself went to North Korea to get under its skin.
However, those of us who work in the cult field made a comparison to the controlled world of Scientology which Sweeney had investigated as well. In the case of Scientology Tom Cruise is its Goebbels. He  is free to move around the world. Here the conditioning is done not by having a security boundary to keep people in but rather happens in the conditioned mind. However, even though most people get this it is interesting to see that our State brings Cruise into Iveagh House and now asks him to be our cultural ambassador. In April last year the Gardai along with Tom Cruise’s security detail stopped any protests outside the Savoy Cinema at the premiere.

Earlier Sweeney was ambushed by Scientology in 2007


John came back in 2010 to revisit Scientology but this time he was prepared:

John Sweeney Radio4 interview – Secrets of Scientology 28/9/2010

The secrets of Scientology (Full Documentary)

We see the parallels and began to reference this connection about 5 years ago:

There have been some excellent programmes which we have tried to archive:

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