Chris Chandler further defines Lamaism

This post will conclude an interesting exchange with TB/Lamaist member, who is very unsure about her involvement. She has already responded to this post but we thought fit to make Chris’s comment into a post as a kind of summary of this debate. Anonymous might feel she needs to reply to this new format and we welcome that.

Chris Chandler,

I would like to also address something you said about ‘tearing it down’ on the one side, Anonymous.

When I came completely out of my second ‘Cult of Lamaism’ that had about a 1/3 of the group composed of Old Trungpa students, (so the social group was like molasses to try and get ‘unstuck’ from.)

I would have had no problem at all letting it rest, after all people do have choices and it is their choice.

But what I saw (and you don’t see a bigger picture of anything until you leave your own mini lama group/cult, it is so all-consuming.) When I looked around me, I found that the Dalai Lama and his now Mafia/Lama cartel of all the other sects were massively converting people like you, Anonymous, into this sexually, physically, and spiritually abusive cult of Hindustani guru worshiping tantra that purposely makes mental slaves of devotees for perpetuating Lamaism, as I knew from experience over decades.


They weren’t happy to just have their own Tibetan Lama devotees. It was clear they wanted to convert the world and were actively doing it by all these deceptive means, ‘Feminism’ ‘Secular Ethics,’ Ecology, ‘Ecumenicism,’ ‘Scientific contributions to the nature of mind.”

That was horrific to me, people who were being massively programmed all over the world to think this was just a non-theistic, peace loving group, that was simply trying to bring messages of ‘peace’ and harmony to the world, and maybe steer them to some ‘mindfulness training’ to help with ‘stress’.

medium_Tony windswept_resizedTony Bates exponent of Mindfulness in Ireland.

Since I knew from both the cults of Lamaism that I  had been in, that everyone in it becomes thought controlled and a ‘recruiter’ consciously or not,   for the superiority of this form of  Tibetan Tantric ‘Buddhism’  has no idea of its Hindustani tantric  Brahministic roots, and is massively conditioned to give up their own social cultural values, western values and most all  critical reasoning and thinking , replacing it with myths and “magical” thinking , and superstitious beliefs.

Brahmin I saw that it had spread and infiltrated into western culture, with literally thousands of ‘cookie cutter,’ mass-produced Lama centers, all over the world, using deception and lying as the Vajrayana allows in the name of spreading this mass Lamaism, and the outright deceptions that were occurring made me sick at heart.


When I came on this site and became aware of Sogyal r and his egregious behaviors, and that my last ‘cult leader of lamaism’ Tsoknyi r, and all the other lamas that I knew , including the Dalai Lama were covering up for this terrible sexual exploitation in the name of the Dharma and the Buddha’s teachings, than I felt I had to say something, it was my duty to speak out.

Wikipedia SR

I couldn’t not speak out about it, that is just my type of personality. I wish I didn’t feel this way believe me. It is not that I am judging individual choices. If you want to stay in this group, it is your choice. I am judging the  results that I have witnessed in society up till now,  that developed while I was inside a cult, i.e. the passive nihilism, the confused younger generations who have been indirectly influenced by this tantric religion by stealth. These concepts  have infiltrated into Hindu-based yoga centers, and Lama centers, New Age groups. Even Christian New Age groups such as the Course in Miracles use these Hindu Tantric and Buddhist  concepts.

I knew that this was a terrible force that was being used purposely, hand in glove with corporatism now thanks to this infiltration of the Dalai Lama’s Mindlife Institute.


Mindfulness training, (a conglomerate of Tibetan Buddhism and Theravadin Buddhism,) to purposely  make people ‘stupid’ and thought controlled.  Mindfulness training can become a form of ‘Stupid Samatha’ that in the wrong hands, can lead to people becoming  ‘less aware’ and more stupefied not more awake.

“Peacefulness and quietism”  at the cost of critical thinking skills and reasoning is the result.

So this is not a simple thing anymore of people just making a choice to be in a new religious movement. There are forces that are using these cults to ‘quell’ whole populations into silence, passivity and the acceptance of gross economic disparities and to produce a mass conformity in work situations. Google now has incorporated ‘mindfulness’ for it’s staff.  See a highly critical article of the corporate uses of Mindfulness training below. These practices are being introduced into elementary schools and  the U.S. Military now as well.  It will serve to create a very compliant population as I witnessed over my decades inside Tibetan Lamaist groups. The are the main proponents of “Mindfulness training” throughout the West now.

The teachings of the Buddha, and Buddhism as an individual spiritual path can  bring much benefit to the person who follows what is a highly disciplined and often esoteric path. Because many of the teachings can be misunderstood when having only a superficial knowledge of them, such as teachings on ’emptiness and non-duality’ and ‘karma.’  These teachings can and have been used, throughout history to create controlled and passive populations that retreat from the concerns of the ordinary world and Buddhist concepts in the hands of unscrupulous leaders can create repressive regimes. Every country that institutionalizes Buddhism as the state religion, in what ever form seems to often  become  a regime of repression and even tyranny. These Lamas had plans, for the whole world to be under their mass ‘monasticism.’  They are working surreptitiously and openly with a ‘corporate tyranny’ that wants to replace democratic processes.

People need to wake up because the world is being hypnotised by these ‘religious’ influences to go to sleep. A long and terrible sleep that I know can be induced by these Lamas and their influence. “Emotional Intelligence” for example, referred to in the  linked article in The New Republic about Google below and its use of Mindfulness training are drivers in this process.

By the way Dan Goleman’s work and book “Emotional Intelligence” is a key ingredient in this strategy. Dan Goleman is a fanatical Lama cult devotee of Sogyal Rinpoche who ignores his ‘Master Sogyal’s gross sexual exploitation of Western women in his cult of Lamaism.

Dan is also part of the Mind Life Institute and the Mindfulness and Keys to Happiness concepts created by the Dalai Lama to spread Tibetan Lamaism. So what Google is actually implementing is the spread of Hindu Tantric Yoga by stealth.

24 Responses

  1. Ecumenical Buddhist the voice of objectivity and reason, resorting to constant personal attacks. Still doing it even when I am absent. Amazing how you can’t extricate yourself from your ‘lama programming’ even though you think you are free of it. makes me feel all ‘warm and fuzzy’ particularly since you yourself expose the rage and nastiness underneath the patina of equanimity that these ‘buddhists’ pretend to be awash in.

    Frontal lobes can’t control anyones amygdala properly, when you have had a ‘mindfulness lobotomy”


    “Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein reinforce this emotion-phobic rhetoric of x-buddhism in their February 6 “Daily Dharma,” titled “Cutting Through Anger.” Their use of the word “cutting” also, of course, unintentionally creates a parallel to lobotomy. Like 1940s-era doctors, they, too, want to cut off vibrant, pulsing expressions of human being in the name of some utopian, and anodyne, “well-being.” They call their lobotomy “mental noting:”

    Of course, the legacy of Sharon and Joseph is the 969 machete wielding genocidal monks of Burma, that is literally their Theravadin lineage and whom they studied with, and whose ‘stream’ the Tibetan Lamas have merged the Mindfulness Institute. Lamas and the machete wielding Burmese monks. Nice combination. I guess the ‘mindfulness lobotomies’ only work when these ‘nice buddhists’ are with each other,


  2. She really got under your skin and instead of actually engaging with the site you, to quote the scripture are like roaring lion waiting to devour. Problem you have nothing in the tank


  3. I always though that chris’ frontal lobes weren’t controlling her amygdala properly, judging by the posts


  4. Chris, you said, “Dan Golman who is actively pushing emotional intelligence (to undermine critical intelligence and and reasoning…”

    This is wrong and you haven’t read the book. The book, Emotional Intelligence, is about using our intelligence, our brain’s frontal lobes, to inform our emotions so that the amygdala (the primitive, emotional part of the brain) doesn’t get out of control. That is the main point of that book. I have told you this before, but you continue to have not concern for the truth.

    In the same way, how can you judge the work of the Mind and Life Institute when you have never read a book or viewed a conference?

    How can you judge Tibetan Buddhism when you have no understanding of this rich, religious tradition?

    And Chris, you say, “so thank you for that. and can watch you ans see how you are so completely controlled , your mind no longer able to even watch , or see anything negative about the Lamas, (I know this because I was one of you, you forget, so I know this very very well)”

    But you forget that I am the one who is seeing shades of grey, and looking at the whole picture– I am the one acknowledging that there are abuses occurring within TB culture, while not painting the entire picture black nor white. You are the black-and-white thinker, Chris, painting the entire picture with one color brush, accepting no information outside of your one simplistic story.

    I find it very odd that I am accused frequently here of having “changed” my point of view from the days when I wrote of abuses within Rigpa. Yet, I have never changed my point of view. I still have concerns about lama misbehaviors. I still voice concerns about the problems within Western TB culture and within communities such as Rigpa.

    It seems that there are only two kinds of people in Mike and Chris’s childlike view of the world– those for and those against their point of view. Add to that one-dimensional thinking their frequent cry of “cultist!” and “Lamaist!” and you have a lethal mix. Anti-cult cultism (which is actually not an uncommon phenomenon).

    The reality is that I am not a cult follower, but someone who sees the world as much more complex than either Mike or Chris do, not as an either/or, for-us/against-us, insider/outsider reality. I also have a particular fondness for the truth.


  5. I got a message from DL Joanne stop copying and pasting and engage. Doctrine over life. Just keep repeating the lama mantra and stop thinking. Just out from seeing movie on Mandela you seen the Taiwanese non communist video yet. By the way I am not keen on the NKT.


  6. DAvid wrote:

    The “illusion” part takes away the base of believers’ “cognition” confidence and makes them only have faith with their guru

    Yes, and then the only thing real and permanent becomes the gurus, who come back again and again, defying their own ‘teaching on impermanance’ we have their ‘word for this” and then one has such faith in the gurus, and believes everything they say, and ignores what is happening in the phemomenal world around them, the gross economic disparities the corruptions in the west, ‘it’s all an illusion’ and while they ‘drop out to drop into” the gurus they hate their own culture, reinforced by the gurus, who tell them all the time that they are too ‘materialistic’ as they give all their money to the Lamas that hoard it, and give up on their own western culture. , and look to the Lamas their gurus, now for everything , making them all-knowing and all good , and even when these Lamas say ‘we don’t make mistakes or do negative things” or say ‘some Lamas do bad things, but they are never called out for doing these bad things by the Lamas and by the Dalai Lama, and the faithfools , the western Tibetan lamaists, never notice this “They are told to call it out” when the Dalai Lama, that sneaky machiavellian misfit, who knows that it is impossible to call out, these ‘lama cult members are taught not to see anything bad in their Lamas none of them , no matter how bad, and the worst of them the most egregious in his behavior is honored by all the Lamas ,everyone of them, and that is the DOUBLE SPEAK and the DOUBLE BIND that they are expert in creating, and that makes mincemeat of their students, and who know also that the Lamas and their multimillion dollar empires and their lawyers will go after anyone that does call it out, and the cowered devotees also know this, and that the victims of abuse , particularly sexual abuse will be blamed and chastised and made to feel like dirt for calling it out, and the Dalai Lama knows this very well, as he knows these victims and the enablers, the latter being the whole sanghas of these Lamas, are told , in the double talk of Lamaism, at the same time, ‘it is YOUR impure perception that even sees faults” in these Lamas, and all the educated PhD,’s prostrating to them, believe this, and then go out and proselytise for their ‘masters and gurus” and will use their credentials like Dan Goleman does, the popular psychologist and writer about Emotional Intelligence” (better than cognitive intelligence purveyor) to recruit and enable sexual abuse happening right before his eyes, but he doesn’t report it, oh no his ‘overide’ mantra, is ” the Lama is perfect, the Lama is perfect, it is my imperfect perception that sees wrongdoing by the Lama” kicks in. and making millions on his book helps too, so he can buy a house in Martha’s Vineyard, and live like the rest of the plutocrats in the U.S. who also have a house on M.Vinyard. While fooling people , sitting up with Sogyal on the thrones, he has his own throne seat himself now, to pontificate from in the controlled and oh so ‘shinjanged” voice of his, so gentle , so calm, so peaceful, so ‘enabling of the abuses, but in such a soft and comfy way, , and . This is how they get everyone , rich or poor, educated or not, to give up their critical thinking and reasoning, and say everything is ‘all the same’ it’s all an illusion. And that is who is running the show at the Mind Life Insititute, the plutocrats, the Lamaists and the Lamas. What chance does anyone have to see through this in that venue? or any venue that these Kleptcrats of sexual exploitation, financial exploitation create to spread their mass monasticism again? Who will tell the truth , in those venues? Joanne? Who wrote a whole treatise on DI, about Sogyal’s abuse and has now gone back to Lamaism’s cocoon.

    So have you seen the film yet Joanne?


  7. And again, you can’t read , you cant comprehend anything said that implies negativity of the Lamas. Listen up Joanne, the belief that a ‘soul’ of a Lama , i.e. a stream of the same being, given the same title and name and coming back again and again to preside over a weathy trust fund of the lineage, is NOT the theory of ‘reincarnation” of Buddhism and it is contradicts “impermanence” , i.e. that ’causes and conditions come together, (karma) and then dissolve (impermanence) it is HINDUISM you are following Lamas, i.e. Hindu Gurus that are using Buddhism as another one of their deceits to pretend to be ‘compassionate’ and wise and nontheistic. I know you can’t hear this , but maybe others can hear it. The Dalai Lama was recently honored at the conservative national party of Hindus in India, as part of the Hindu culture and religion, because THEY know who he is and what he has been promoting even if you can’t..


  8. The “illusion” part takes away the base of believers’ “cognition” confidence and makes them only have faith with their gurus. Knowledge is kidnapped and stored in the Tulkus. While the Tulkus are like the lions in the circus, who is getting benefit from this system? The trainers, anyhow, those small lions are not the trainers’ children. They had all the say to the lions.
    The “illusion” part also takes away the communication base of human being, isolated the believers.
    This system has beneficiaries. Some of them are “educated ones”. They are not the ones that are not selfish. I heard that some old Tibetan nobles refused to give their boys to monasteries. Many of them failed. Western “free-minded” individuals have no advantage in dealing with such an organized group as those geographically isolated Tibetan/ Mongolian normans could not compete with the once foreign Lamaism. Luckily, westerners have not yet given their boys as hostages to the Lamas and confined the families or race to Lamaism.
    From the perspective of the Lamas, think about it, except to be a teacher of Lamaism, what else can they do? Teach, recruit, non-productive; feed and dump lies… No wander they say life is just suffering.


  9. And because they have fooled you and other ‘academics’ in the Mind Life Institute, which by the way, since you don’t know it, was started by an oil millionaire, a fanatic devotee of Tulku Urgyen and the Dalai Lama himself, i.e. the ‘corporate elite and the Lamaist and the Lama’, those are the founders of MLI and Dan Golman who is actively pushing emotional intelligence (to undermine critical intelligence and and reasoning, and who is working for the Dalai Lama in doing this, and who sits right up there teaching with Mr. Sexual Exploiter of women, and confuses and enables this sexual abuse which he has more than likely known about for 40 years! and considers Sogyal his “master, and his guru”, and yet goes to the Mind Life Institute and pretends with all the ‘scientists ‘ in the audience that that is “not who he really is” , a well-paid slave of Lamaism who lives now in Martha’s Vineyard with the rest of the plutocracy, or that he is an insanely devoted cult controlled Lamaist, 24/7 still pretending to be a psychologist, but has broken his oaths to report harm and instead is enabling Sogyal’s abuse, And I know nothing I say of these things will even penetrate you, but you give me a forum ,thank you, for all the people that might want to ‘come out of it’ or don’t want to get into it, or maybe have their doubts, so thank you for that. and can watch you ans see how you are so completely controlled , your mind no longer able to even watch , or see anything negative about the Lamas, (I know this because I was one of you, you forget, so I know this very very well) but what I didn’t do, ever ever, , once I saw the abuses as you did, run back into my cocoon with them and cover my mind with their cobwebs, and reinforce even deeper their conditioning. I bet you are watched as a ‘great success story’ of the lamas and their thought control. You are exceptional.


  10. Chris, you said,

    “Why don’t you raise your hand during the next ‘Dalai Lama” event you attend , and ask him how ‘impermanence’ doesn’t apply to all these Lamas coming back again and again on those thrones?”

    What on earth is that supposed to mean? I can’t fathom what you’re trying to say, except that you probably have no idea what impermanence is about, scientifically or within Buddhist philosophy. How does reincarnation infer a lack of impermanence?


  11. He says everything that is the OPPOSITE of what these Lamas are really doing, that is his doubletalk that you cannot and will not get. The DL and all the Lamas hoard all their money and are building massive monasteries all over the world, and their definition of giving to the poor is giving to their ‘poor monks and nuns” who in their own history they didn’t support financially. I suppported a monk in Tibet and later in the U.S. and he probably had several sponsors to be able to survive, and oh yes, the DL gave a million to the Mind Life Institute, his OWN public relations infiltration machine into western culture.

    And the $50,000 the Enlightened Heart Foundation shamed him into giving, (if you watched the film which you wont ) after coming and using the suffering of the Tawainese people , to fund raise for himself and his Lamastocracy?

    . He is leader of a bloated disgusting leech,called ,Lamaism, that dropped off their “host” , their own country Tibet, after strangling and killing it and draining it dry and then went out into the world looking for more hosts to suck off, That’s who they are. These ‘compassionate ones” .Bloated Leeches, that westerners have been idealizing thanks to a controlled media and western goverments filled with the same wealthy elite , just cleaner and more well dressed , that suppressed their true history from the public to use them as a religious arm to quell whole populations into ‘quietism.” That is clearly not happening in Tawain, who have a long, long history of Buddhism without these Lamas.


  12. And of course, his ‘negative emotions’ against the Chinese, and your ‘negative emotions” against anyone critical of Lamaism, and the Chinese are just fine.

    What about the film Joanne? You , who were not so long ago , so upset about the sexual abuse of Soygal? Here is a whole other part of a NATION, speaking out about the roots of the sexual abuse, i.e. Lamaism. So did you watch it?


  13. Oh so you avoided looking at the film on the roots of sexual abuse , i.e. Lamaism by the Taiwanese, and snuck over here , to get your “Lama’ memes by you expert in ‘unbiased’ self-promotion by, cutting and pasting the Dalai Lama ‘doubletalk” Why don’t you raise your hand during the next ‘Dalai Lama” event you attend , and ask him how ‘impermanence’ doesn’t apply to all these Lamas coming back again and again on those thrones? Oh, that’s right they are outside the ‘wheel of time” as “avatars” and living deities, and the Dalai Lama is back as Avalokitasavar, I forgot. And of course you couldn’t ask this important question , because all questions are ‘prescreened at these DL events’. That one would never , ever get through. Your improved culture to western “freedom of speech” , that you wish the world to embrace instead

    What about the Taiwanese film Joanne, about the roots of sexual abuse in Tibetan “Buddhism” i.e. Lamaism, a Hindu Tantric cult..


  14. Here is an example of HH Dalai Lama’s approach to meditation taken from a Q&A session, in his book, Transforming the Mind, p. 38:

    “Question. ‘What type of meditation would your Holiness suggest for beginners?

    HHDL. ‘Reflect on impermanence and if you have some wider knowledge then reflect on the nature of suffering. You could also contemplate the nature of cessation. Actually, contemplating on the Four Noble Truths is the foundation of Buddha Dharma, so begin by reflecting along these lines rather than visualizing yourself as a deity! Mantras only keep our lips busy; for a beginner, I think there is a certain limitation to mantra practice. A master from Amdo, in eastern Tibet, once said that when you recite mantras too much, while plying your rosary beads, instead of diminishing your negative emotions it might only serve to diminish your nails!”

    This advice is typical of his approach to Dharma in general.


  15. The only trouble, Chris, is that your opinions lack sufficient evidence. You are speaking about a problem that does exist within Western Tibetan Buddhist culture– yes, there are lamas who abuse tantricism. There are lamas who abuse the teachings on emptiness. But this problem is not all pervasive. That is fact. You will not find real evidence to support your view that it is all pervasive. Your view is superficial.

    For example, if you investigate the teachings of HH Dalai Lama– which you have never done– you will see that he advocates critical thinking and much study– and he warns against the dangers of meditation without the cultivation of wisdom. He compares meditators who don’t cultivate their critical faculty to rabbits.

    Also, if you know anything about the history of Tibetan Buddhism, you would know that there was a famous debate in Tibet many centuries ago between Chinese Buddhists and Indian Buddhists about whether enlightenment could be achieved simply through a meditative mind of no-thought. You might be interested to know that Kamalashila won this debate– and his teachings and writings on meditation became foundational in Tibetan Buddhist studies. HH Dalai Lama teaches from Kamalashila frequently– in this approach to meditation, analytical meditation is considered very important. So you’re wrong, Chris, about your mindfulness conspiracy theory– you’re wrong.

    I also wrote my thesis on mindfulness based cognitive therapy and I assure you that the mindfulness practices being brought into modern psychotherapy are not about thoughtlessness and hypnosis. They are conjoined with active therapeutical methods. You demonstrate an ignorance in this regard that makes me wonder about your claims of many years of academic study.

    Also, as I have said on many occasions, HH Dalai Lama is openly critical about Lama misbehaviors. Recently, to a crowd of thousands of monks, he spoke quite forcibly about this matter. His talk included the following points:

    1. That he cannot do anything to stop lamas from misbehaving– he made the point that if lamas ignore the instructions of Lord Buddha, what hope did he, the Dalai Lama, have in making them behave?

    2. That students needed to publicize misbehaviors and to even arrest lamas if necessary. He spoke about a recent case in the UK where a lama was brought to court.

    3. That just because someone is a tulku, that didn’t mean he/she was a great lama. Tibetans and Westerners needed to stop practicing out of blind faith.

    3. That Tibetans needed to stop building their grand temples in India without helping the poor.

    Here is a link to this talk. Listen to the afternoon session, about 10 minutes in to the teaching:—2013/4696

    If you listen to the hundreds of hours of teachings, public talks and conferences motivated by the Dalai Lama, Chris, you will find little evidence to support your view of a mass conspiracy.

    Particularly, if you were to investigate the work of the Mind and Life Institute, you would see that it is not based on any belief system, that Christian contemplatives as well as Buddhist scholars and contemplatives, as well as Jewish and atheist scientists all come together with many differing views. They argue, they analyze, they criticize, they study and research. It is an inspiring activity of collaboration, that we NEED IN THIS WORLD. In fact, you yourself would probably enjoy a conference!

    Here is a link to a recent conference:—craving-desire-and-addiction

    Unfortunately, Chris, you have never listened to a Mind and Life Conference, never read Emotional Intelligence and never investigated the work of the scientists and scholars and lamas that you malign. Shame on you. Shame on you.


  16. “Lamas’ selfish and irresponsible to the general public buried Tibet, Mongols, their own clans”.

    Yes I have felt this from my readings.

    Now the world is being fooled by them, the general public is easily fooled now everywhere, has been been ‘dumbed down ‘ everywhere, too stressed, made more frightened with ‘shock tactics’ and overwhelming ‘gloom and doom news” constantly, less”literate” even ‘educated’ people who are mostly trained to work for corporations, no longer a ‘liberal education’ that teaches critical thinking. and now the Lamas come in for the kill, with their ’emotional intelligence’ of the “psychologists” among them, convinced, in the Hindu view that the world is all an illusion anyway, and everything is all the same, that has been a purposeful conditioning through the vast network of these influences, and the pop psychology of Oprah, and the academically oriented psychologists turn a blind eye to the cult phenomenon that has exploded world wide, thanks to the ‘new religious moniker’ given by ‘one of them’ who has no experience herself with cults, just an ‘ivory tower’ view.which other academics ‘value’ more that the real experience of ex-cult members and anti-cult organizations, who have been purposely labelled as ‘virulent’ and too angry and too emotional to understand the phenomenon. This would be like saying that ex-prisoners of war, had no valid experience to offer to understand their prisoner keepers and how they kept them prisoners. People are too stressed and less literate , than they were ,even fifty years ago, they don’t read history, just tweet, and get they ‘news’ from controlled media from one of the corporate conglomerates, packaged news, particularly here in the U.S.


  17. Hinduism might designed for tribe conquer(or racism). Other tribes found the advantage of this system and sought superiority. “The Choosing One” is one of them. European tribes broke the barrier. New Testament,instead,put the “Choosing One” in an awkward position. Martin Luther’s religion reform got ride off any superiors in between human beings and God(or in between known and unknown). All the ones on earth became theoretically equal in the Christian world. Religion freedom_all the religions are equal, by another way, reached to the same equality of all races.
    But holding some kind of prestige is “wonderful”. Take advantage of others is the engine of Lamaism. Lamas’ selfish and irresponsible to the general public buried Tibet, Mongols, their own clans.
    Buddhism’s reason and effect course is working. But we do not want to see this course only works for suffering.


  18. Happy New Year Dave, whereever you are or are coming from, these Lamas even defeated the Khans in the long run, and now Mongolia is lamaist with a rapidly rising Neo Nazi culture there. They don’t find being Neo Nazi and Tibetan Lamaist incogruous at all after over a thousand years with the Dalais.


  19. Ecobuddhism: It must have been the psychology button for you.

    Maybe you could embrace Christians , who don’t think as you do , and I am not about to embrace sociopaths and narcissists and sexual abusers. I might feel sorry for them indeed , but I don’t think ONE BIG HUG is going to stop them. Nor is embracing the ‘academic and psychological ‘whitewashing of them in a neutral color going to stop them.


  20. Happy new year to Chris Chandler. You are not alone! I am totally from a different world/or path than you and find that we share some same kind of view.
    The disappearing of clans or civilizations in central Asia, the rapid falling of Mongols, and the caves full of Buddhism paintings in the desert is speaking to us… Those are not imagination.


  21. Ah, how a personal opinion can change over one Saturday afternoon!
    Good luck to you Chris, hope you can embrace people whether they think as you do or not.
    From one anti lamaist to another….


  22. Yes, Happy New year to you both. DI, and Ecumenical buddhist, and everyone else who is trying to stop these insidious cultic influences and their corporate backers who are determined to turn us into cogs only able to “tweet” and shop and smile “politely’ and ‘never offend.” Let’s hope 2014 demonstrates a more ‘awake’ and critically astute west ( and east) over the next year.


  23. Yes Ecumenical Buddhist same to you. We will be publishing a very important video on Tantra later today.


  24. A lot of hard work and critical thinking has gone into your summation of this Chris, thanks. I’m sure the buddha’s original work has personal value but has been hijacked not only by the tantrists but also the power mongers as well.
    Just goes to show how organised ‘religion’ operates the same way as corporate conglomerates…maybe we humans aren’t ready to really drop our primate behaviour, because we are still great (or not so great) apes after all and are hardwired to behave this way…pity, it would be fantastic if we could break out of these boring behaviour cycles.
    Happy New Year to you and everyone at DI


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