The Archdiocese of Armagh and the total failure of Cardinal Brady to address the issues connected to the House of Prayer

Today With Sean O’Rourke had an interview with the Archbishop elect of Armagh Eamon Martin on Friday December 20. 2013. He had already been interviewed earlier on the RTE programme Beyond Belief which looked at the issue of the Church and the media.

Sean O’Rourke interview with the Archbishop elect of Armagh Eamon Martin can be heard here:

RTE does not seem to have understood the strategy the Catholic Church is pursuing in its selection of replacement Bishops. This approach seems to be that the Irish public suffers from amnesia in the religious sphere as it does in the political. Already even after throwing Fianna Fail out of office they are back with respectable poll figures. Cardinal Brady over the past few years has remained in place even after very serious issues have been raised about his record on child abuse and of elder abuse in the House of Prayer.


Much has been made about his role in regard to silencing children, but the general public in Ireland has not really been informed about his refusal to assist the victims of the House of Prayer.


No political representative, religious commentator from the conservative, or liberal perspective will touch this issue. We have requested people like David Quinn of the Iona Institute or those who themselves are the subject of ecclesiastical censure to support the victims, but no one wants to step up to the plate?

These issues were not addressed at all in the interview though an issue of great importance was, namely the reference to the Legion, but what relevance had it to Eamon Martin’s role as the future Archbishop of Armagh?


Surely the record of Cardinal Brady should have been addressed in the interview as Eamon Martin after all is going to have to pick up the pieces of the failure of the pastoral responses of the current Cardinal.

The plan seems to spin until Cardinal Brady leaves and then Eamon will say sorry I do not know anything about this, you should have asked the Cardinal when he was in office!

We will in a later post try to interpret the policy of RTE in regards to Religion in this state. Here it is significant that the opportunity to actually pose important issues for the Archbishop elect were missed.

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  1. And what was spam and unsavoury about my valid questions to Mike Garde, which were…………………………..

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  2. It would appear that the commenter/commenters are trying to divert from the topic, in an unsavoury manner. I find this a reason to dissect the topic in more detail. it appears to me that the church authorities are reluctant/ turning a blind eye, to something that seems wrong. The Lord calls all, poor, rich.. all equal in His eyes, yet, Our Lady is expecting people to give beyond their means. and, it appears this is not used appropriately.
    If this is a means to save people, would Our Lady not want the individuals involved to come out and explain, if they had nothing to hide, they would.
    I feel very much for the families of those who are attending, and it seems, still unaware of the facts, wanting to relying on blind faith, an excuse from living in reality. just worry about calamities from year to year.


  3. Oh dear F A you have gone and done it again.
    It was Ok to kick around Abundant Life church, Victory Church, Victory Outreach, Tony Quinn, and all those many people you named as cults and criminals…but this time pal you have seen fit to meddle with Medjugorjie….and that surely was done when you had too much Lidl cider in your little belly…You have meddled in something away beyond your small span of capacity and ..sadly pal it is you who will get roasted…I can smell burning fat!!!!


  4. dialogueireland, why have you deleted my questions. …………… Moved to Commenting due to its failure to address the thread and trying to spam our site.


  5. Aww dialogue ireland another year, ……………………..

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  6. dialogue ireland – if you have evidence of……………moved to Commenting


  7. I agree with the comments of ‘Elder Pilgrim’ ……………………….

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  8. dialogue ireland – if you have evidence………………..
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  9. Dear Patrick,
    We are not so much concerned about the theological processes that inform this Medjugorje claim.
    Have you are a hundred years to wait? We note that you can’t really evaluate apparitions till they cease.
    Here however, they are an industry. I assume you aware of the murder in the ’40’s of Serbian Orthodox behind the Hill of Visitation. It is no wonder that this hill produces spiritual phenomena as the souls of those buried alive are screaming out for justice. Having visited there in 2005 I was am concerned in the diversion of funds from Ireland to this site. It is a wasteful abuse of spirituality. If you have the time to produce a post on this we would be happy to add it to our categories and site. The site you linked to is excellent. Here in Ireland we have the see, hear and speak no evil leadership in place, except when it it involves discussions of married priests, women priests abortion and gay rights. Then the disciplinary agenda moves into 5 gear+.


  10. The inaction of the Church while lives are destroyed is not surprising. There is more concern for getting people interested in Catholicism at any cost than there is for protecting them from lies and nonsense. Take for example the apparitions of Medjugorje conclusively debunked – another charade the Church let get out of control.


  11. It would seem that there is truth in the fact that the Catholic Church is losing members either those who are attracted to cult groups or those who have lost faith due to abuse and how the church attempts to prevent exposure of abuse even, it would seem, to this very day. It is also said that the church do not cater for their needs which, it is argued, gives reason for the likes of the House of Prayer to attract members. At this time when we know that abusive techniques are used to prey on people it would appear essential that we take an active stand in educating about abusive cults rather than allow those who want to deepen their experience of spirituality to gravitate to cultic hypnotically induced fear based beliefs used by power/money hungry cult leaders who are hell bent on binding and influencing the ignorant/vulnerable into accepting occult practices; blinding them to the dangers of being abused spiritually. WAKE UP!!!

    Why is the Catholic Church showing reluctance to deal effectively with the House of Prayer? There would seem to be a softly softly response to dealing with abusive issues and this is not acceptable. Considering the approach used by the Archbishop elect of Armagh Eamon Martin I do not see this changing. If they are serious about retaining and gaining members to take the Christian message more seriously and apply it to their lives, they will need to heed the growing concern about abusive cults and, in particular, the abusive nature of what passes for Buddhism in today’s world and how it has infiltrated the catholic church.


  12. It is so good to have a normal response from the HOP that is not connected to fantasies about the Masons. I was about to move on….thinking we have more of that old stuff. However, of course the comments were relevant as we have had a large number of requests from persons who can’t obtain a response from the Archdiocese of Armagh, and consequently it was very relevant to bring this up
    with Eamon Martin. You obviously for self interested reasons do not want this to come up, but we will persist with this issue until it is addressed. Glad to have some normal discussion with you that actually addresses the blog post for a change.


  13. dialogueireland said; “Here it is significant that the opportunity to actually pose important issues for the Archbishop elect were missed.”

    Significant it is, and it points us to concluded that your so-called issues, Mike Garde, were not discussed because there is absolutely and utterly no grounds or evidence for the absurd allegations you make about the HofP.


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