What really happened in Vatican, and why did world media LIE? Bishop Ralph Napierski in conversation with Sudevi

Ralph Napierski claims he had a meeting with his community in Ireland in a monastery . See youtube starting at 7 mins 39 seconds.

We note the detail which is clearly contradictory to anyone informed about the Catholic Church in Ireland.

congregation-of-our-lady-of-refugepriesthood-congregation-our-lady-of-refugeThis is the community called The Congregation Of Our Lady of Refuge which Ralph Napierski claims to have set up in Ireland and which is a branch of his religious order Corpus Dei. Here we will let the Bishop tell his story with his new spokesperson Sudevi.

Sudevi who was a Catholic who became a Hindu seems to have now made an alliance with Ralph Napierski and moved to Rome

Published on Mar 27, 2013

While the Catholic world watched in shock the departure of Pope Benedict XVI from his holy office, and awaited the conclave that would determine who would succeed him, the gaggle of media representatives covering events in Rome ran amok with their imaginations, and sold to corporate news stations all over the world an invented story of something that didn’t happen. Those who still trust the news (which I- Sudevi- have never recommended anyone should do, as those of you familiar with my ‘Free Yourself’ program will remember) were shown what the reporters claimed was a fake bishop, dressed up in a very poor fake cardinal costume, to try to sneak into pre-conclave meetings. We were told that he called himself Basilius of the Italian Orthodox Church, and that he made it into the pre-conclave meetings until he was finally spotted, then thrown out (or arrested) by the Swiss Guards. After a few days of spreading this nonsense, the media at last identified the alleged Catholic gatecrasher as Bishop Ralph Napierski, and spewed out their fake story all over again, peppered with occasional slams against Ralph’s character.

Since they’ve already done their best to silence him through scandal and fashion critiques, Bishop Ralph is now revealing the secrets the church doesn’t want him to reveal: the heresies of the bishops running the German diocese’s, the pressures put on the shoulders of Pope Benedict XVI that may have led to his resignation, and more!

To read his blog account of the events, and to see pictures of his meeting with members of the group newly joined to his Corpus Dei, the Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge

Here follows the reasons Sudevi now has joined up with Ralph.

Sudevi answers the question, “Why do you now believe in Jesus and work with Bishop Ralph?

One year ago, Bishop Ralph wrote to  Sudevi revealing prophetic information  about her life and mission. He told her  that her incarnation in this time is  meant to serve as a maternal figure  guiding humanity into Christ  Consciousness through the sacraments of  the Church, the holy technique shared by saints, mystics, prophets, and Eastern  Orthodox monks, called “Jesus Prayer,”  and to fulfill the scriptures outlining  Unity.

Just as many of her viewers  might have been initially skeptical  about all this, so, too, was Sudevi.  Still, the Bishop’s sincere and earnest  words had an impact on her, and finally, about a week after receiving his first  email, she prayed for clarity.

Just a  few of the signs, visions and  understandings that came to her as an  answer to that prayer are shared in this video. In future, she will share more-  including visions of Mother Mary,  Biblical understandings, Unity events  that have already successfully started  around the world, and steps you can take if you wish to join this great work.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of  One In God, please join us at:

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