Scientology Organisation: The Moment of Truth – John Duignan – Sunday 22nd of December, RTÉ One, 22.30pm

John Duignan was a fanatical member of the Church of Scientology for more than 22 years. As an officer in their elite Sea Org inner circle, his entire life revolved around the Church. But John gradually started to have doubts about the Church’s methods and he eventually came to the conclusion that everything he had believed in was a lie.

4 Responses

  1. I also want to say thank you to John Deignan for making this programme possible. In his account honesty shines through. It just shows you how even a kind caring person can get caught up in the meaninglessness of cultic influence when at a vulnerable stage of their lives.

    Intrinsically woven into an apology is a desire for change. If that is not evident then the apology is not felt as sincere and I believe he is. This seems to be a very important part of the process towards health.


  2. Congratulations to RTE. This is an excellent programme. John Guignan explains his experience of Scientology very clearly and having a member of his family explain what he was like when under influence of the cult was very informative. I would like to watch it again as it is so indicative of what a person goes through; physical, mental and spiritual changes; a roller coaster of destruction that leads to slavery of mind, body and soul. It proves how dangerous Scientology is and anyone who cannot see this has a serious mental blockage.

    The emphasis may change on each aspect, however, in Scientology they hold out the promise of ‘clarity of mind’ and yet their methods have the very opposite effect. What can be clearer than this?
    The government need to take note that the term ‘freedom of religion’ does not include destructive cultic groups, religious or otherwise.

    I hope to see many more programmes like this.


  3. How sad is that? The troll wastes his time making ridiculous untrue comments about Dialogue under a Scientology post that has nothing to do with the House of Prayer.

    Nice one Dialogue. Inside information is the best kind.


  4. i’m just wondering when will dialogue ireland be investigated for accepting bribes from charity trusts which have dubious sources of income .One of the biggest scammers in ireland dialogue ireland and mike garde the saga continues why would anyone give money to dialogue ireland we can read all info off net ourselves and a charity which doesnt pay tax come on dialogue ireland the game is up you can fool some of people some of time but not all people all of the time


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