Victory Outreach on Joe Duffy’s Liveline

It was clear from this programme that Victory Outreach who had been contacted and given the right of reply decided to brazen it out, but they were overwhelmed by the evidential case made by RTE. This is what I wrote yesterday before the programme went out and after the radio show Today with Sean O’Rourke as Dialogue Ireland  are totally familiar with this legal threat strategy from other groups we deal with….

” They have up till now not taken up this offer. It seems to be the mark of some groups that they use lawyers to stop the truth coming out, and when it does they say they were not given a right of reply. We can confirm that we have been concerned about VO and have received over the years at least 100 calls from distressed parents and family concerning this Church and its ministry and its operations.”

We should stress that it is not about the beliefs of VO, but rather about the methods used in their ministry to drug addicts. In other word we have no interest in the issue about what they believe but rather we have a duty of care to vulnerable adults and the breaching of their human rights by this ministry.

The defence that some have been helped by this ministry is not relevant to the facts presented last night. The programme never suggested that people had not been helped but rather they questioned the manner in which the help was given. We have for over a year invited VO to exercise their right to present us with a post to promote their views which would be published without censorship or editing… that invitation still stands. I found it unbelievable that the best they could offer was to offer 50 hampers to the needy? Talk about trying to divert from the subject.

Joe Duffy maintained a very balanced moderation during the programme, as it would have been very easy having seen the evidence the night before to be so one sided  so strong was the case RTE made last night. It is important to give them a belated right of reply.




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Liveline Wednesday 18 December 2013


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Joe Duffy

Tommy was upset after watching RTÉ Investigations Unit programme ‘Beggars Belief’ last night – he has donated money to Victory Outreach and is not happy with their methods of fundraising.     Tommy went through a detox programme in the eighties, worst thing for an addict to be out on the streets, they are vulnerable to temptation.   Stuart Murphy who works for Victory Outreach explained how the organization works.


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  1. Thank you Anthony for your comments. I assume you are referring to what is now called Freedom Ministries. If you have any evidence of criminality do report it to the Gardai.


  2. I am a recovering drug addict who has spent time in victory outreach on 2 occasions and I can assure you that there intentions is not to help addicts recover but to use them for financial gain “PERIOD” They are hypocritical to say the least… I could go on and on about these scammers but what’s the point, they will scam there way out of any situation believe me. They preach the bible how jesus walked miles and miles to help others and never wanted anything in return but yet the so called pastor andy and his family are driving new jeeps and cars and travel the world all paid for from addicts and there concerned family members who will do or give anything to help there loved ones and victory outreach are only to happy to except. I took seizures while in there lexlip home in there make shift dormatary out in the garden shed and I was literally taken to James ‘s hospital and left in the waiting room because they new if I didn’t come out of the seizures they would be in some major trouble.


  3. * out so late was because he made them get extra money to line his pockets. I spent 9 months with him and his wife and I could say a whe lot more but I don’t want to I would like to remain anonymous but yet keep you informed.


  4. Well Fiona it looks like you are seriously misinformed have u seen the programme. This lad abused people that where hurting and who needed proper care not someone screaming at them or tossing them on the street. I assure you Gary O’Toole made a lot of money from been a director of a home. He had lads going out to work everyday bringing in at least €100 a day. And I believe the reason the lads in his place where outdo late


  5. As far as I know he is not going to vo. I’m sure he is going nowhere near freedom because of the way he was treated by them after all that. I heard he wasn’t treated to well by them and didn’t get any help or support from them. But I have to say I wasn’t suprised when I heard that because the only one they tried to protect was andy and they were glad that gary was the one that was shown most on the show. They more or less turned their backs on him. My brother keeps in contact with gary from time to time and he told me that gary has had a very hard time over the last year because of all this. All he ever wanted to do was help people. His heart was always in the right place. But because he mad a mistake and lost his temper he has payed a high price for it. But andy and Stewy and the rest of freedom are still out there doing the same thing that they were doing before, fundraising and selling cupcakes and have not had any consequences for what they did. I heard they are fundraising in Waterford this weekend. Without permits or permission I’m sure.


  6. Fiona Gary O’Toole was the person who was caught on camera being abusive? Those are the facts.
    What is his current status? Is he part of the VOI which is now under the authority of Paul Lloyd?
    Has he left all the branches of VOI as clearly he is not part of Freedom? We would be happy for him to publish his own version of events here on the blog, if he sends us a mail. We are quite frustrated as we are waiting to hear back from Paul Lloyd in regard to events which culminated in the Prime Time documentary of 2013. This process is going on 6 months.
    What has become clear is that VOI is has set up some kind of home in Rathdrum, which is very close to Tiglin. I could not think of a worse place to set up if you are really serious about working with other Christians. Also it is clear that many of those who formerly worked with Valdez have not been sidelined but have been taken on without any proper process which addresses the abuses which came to light in 2013.
    Groups that stay independent and do not submit to others will repeat the exact same mistakes as in the past.


  7. Gary O’Toole was just trying to help people. He was never in it for money. The only people that made money out of it were the valdez’s and Stewy murphys family. Andy valdez and Stewy murphy were delighted when they seen that gary was the one on the program because it made him look like he was the one getting the money when it was them all along. The program didn’t show the boys driving over to tyrrellstown every night and giving the money to Stewy. Gary used to try protect them boys and ask for them to not go out fundraising but he was told they had to go. Even people who he told them were not ready to go out, they still sent them out. They never cared about the boys all the cared about was the money. They have a lot of blood on their hands. They think by changing their name that people won’t know who they are. They are not even pastors any more. Their ministers licences were taken off them. Just because they changed the name of their church doesn’t make them pastors. They have to be licensed by a recognised ministry and their not. Even the other Christian churches in Dublin don’t want anything to do with them. Andy valdez has a lot to answer for when he stands before God. He was a pastor that was supposed to look after people not use and abuse them for his own gain. Him and Stewy are two of the most greediest people ever. No matter how much money they had it still wasn’t enough for them. And their wives are just as bad, playing dumb that they didn’t know how much money was coming in. Where did they think the money was coming from for their trips to America and their shopping sprees and designer handbags while they sat around and gossiped about the people in their church. Always walking around thinking they were better than everyone.
    I don’t really know gary but I do have a family member that was in his home and gary helped him in many ways. Gary did everything he could to help him while he was in the home. He went to court with him, he collected him from prison and many more things. I can’t speak highly enough of gary. Even when we came to visit at the church he made us feel at home but the pastors or their wives never even said hello to us. They didn’t even know my brothers name and he was in the home for seven months. I’m not one for writing stuff on the Internet but I felt like I had to let people know what gary is really like.


  8. What about that low life Gary O’Toole. How could he carry on like that. He made thousands off the boys. Buying cars and his family iPads and phones. How he got away with what he did. I wonder if they checked his account.


  9. Stewy Murphy you call yourself a Christian. Your nothing but a dirty lying pice of crack? More like the biggest compromiseing Christian you and your wife Naimh Murphy oh who recently changed her name back to her maden name Naimh Doyle how deceiving are you. Shame on you and all that were using all those poor helpless people who came to that church for help and all you seeing were EURO SIGNS on them you use them all for money may the Lord have mercy on you and Donna Ennis and the so called click that used all those poor men and women to fundrais for you welfare. What ever comes your way all of you the Velez family as well you deserve it all. You were all quick enough to give out scriptures to those poor souls but failed to read and act on them yourselfs
    Esp the one were it says? You have turned my house of prayer into a den of thieves ( as both your ma”s used to sell rob stuff in the church. Also another scripture you failed to recognize was.
    All I can say to you all I hope someone is praying hard for you all coz the Lord knows you need it badly.


  10. Recent posts from our resident House of Prayer troll have been moved to here:


  11. Disclaimer: There is general confusion about Victory Church and Victory Outreach. To be clear there is no connection between them and never was.


  12. I find your response helpful, if I was an Evangelical leader I would call an immediate summit to address the moral collapse within Evangelicalism, including the ten year failure of Core to address the victims of their founder Willi Stewart, the Victory debacle and the clear abuse you have referenced concerning VO. All that is happening is that people move from one ministry to another, or hide in the corner in traditional churches.


  13. What a eye opener…. I’m disappointed for those needing help and support to come off drugs. For many years I have supported V.O. and many the time I would have put a person, who wanted to come off drugs, into a Taxi and paid the driver to take them to one of the ‘recovery’ houses. Also recently I have come in contact with a girl who ran away from one of the ‘recovery’ homes…she just couldn’t take the bullying and been forced out to collect money all the time, she is now getting counselling and with God’s help she will be free of addiction for good. I remember ‘Pastor Andy’ many years ago…he seemed to have a good heart then…. what happened?!


  14. I was in the home.every Thursday Fri Sat they go to pubs and some nights don’t get in til 3am. Some nights the hone directors drive the addicts around and send them in. They leave at 6 and get home at 12-2. You stand at a shoo from 7 in the freezing cold and fundraise until midnight. Sometimes you will be “disciplined” for taking a break.


  15. My blood was boiling listening to Pastor??? Stuart Murphy on liveline if he really thinks he’s a christian he would want to check himself with his bare face lying to the public on air, he said the clients don’t have to fundraise if they don’t want to that’s a lie, if you say you don’t wanna fundraise the home directer will tell you to get your bags and get out and then said the reason they would be in pubs so late was because they were passionate to the cause, what a joke!! the reason they are in pubs is because if they don’t make enough money during the day they are made do a pub round until they make the amount that’s sufficient for each recovery home which is 1000 euro per day
    per recovery home, nothing about being passionate, and if the boys don’t get they money the home directors pay on a Sunday morning will be cut so its the home directors who is the passionate one for his big wage on a Sunday morning on top of their social welfare, just like yourself Stuart who is on a nice tax free wage yourself and social welfare your no volunteer, volunteers don’t get paid, Oh and i taught gambling was against christian values, don’t you Stuart own at least
    five greyhounds and have a business called clampett greyhounds an race these greyounds in harolds cross everyweek

    Have a nice day trying to defend Pastor Andy who uses you as his gilly
    coz he thinks hes above the laws in ireland


  16. Nice language.! Is that the official opinion on VO from the H of P? Try reading your bible sometime. If you spent more time with God you might exhibit more Godly traits. Considering the traits that you currently exhibit on this site i dare not even comprehend the type of horrendous characters you consider your peers or leaders even.

    Proverbs 13:20 Keep company with the wise and you will become wise. If you make friends with stupid people, you will be ruined.

    I am almost ashamed myself to enter dialogue with such an ignorant and inarticulate person but as long as i don’t invoke friendship with you i won’t be ruined


  17. So JOE DUFFY/RTE/ IRISH INDEPENDENT ETC…what the fuck do you want?
    Would you perfer to see addicts mugging old ladies and living in alleyways shooting heroin and mixes?
    If the fucking alternative is 18hours a day collecting money….and I dont give a fuck for whom, as they stay clean and somehow kick the drug habit.
    In a land of corruption at the level of billions, who gives a fuck about a few thousand euro….
    but quite apart….aside from the political indignation and tut-tutting…what the fuck are you doing to address the problem where you are trying to kill those who are active…do me a big favour and just go and get fucked, until YOU come up with a plan.


  18. Pathetic PR spin from them to offer 100 hampers at the end. They can’t afford medical support onsite but they can spend money when they need a PR boost


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